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Seen any awe-inspiring video ads lately? What if we tell you, you can make it too with video ad maker?

Making videos is no longer a job for the designer scientist. Of course, you will benefit if you have design skills, but no. Not a necessity now. Anyone can make videos with a video ad maker. The contemporary video ad maker uses templates to make creating any videos easy. Often in 3 to 5 minutes, and in a few clicks! Yes, it’s possible, technically, although unlikely because you always need to customise.

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The world wide web is huge, and yet you had stumbled on my site looking for something. I hope you find it as we had taken huge efforts to create them. Best of all, its FREE! Hence, some of our content may include affiliate links (i.e. whenever you click on the links and purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra costs to you!). No worries! Some of these links may look like phishing, but I assure you they are not! Lastly, the affiliation does not affect my reviews towards them. Enjoy!

What are some video ad maker you ask? Let us introduce some of these industry brands to you. We will highlight why they standout and so forth. For the marketers and designers, here goes.

  1. CreateStudio
  2. Animaker
  3. Vyond
  4. Renderforest
  5. InVideo
  6. Animoto
  7. Sparkol
  8. OFFEO
  9. FlexClip

1. CreateStudio

Video Ad Maker: CreateStudio
Image Source: CreateStudio

CreateStudio is a desktop video creation software built for users of any levels. It is a product of Vidello Limited, a company based in UK, and is used by over 15k users worldwide. It has a store of ready home-built templates and characters to enable creation of videos for different purposes.

Key Features

  • 2D and 3D Explainer Videos
  • Doodle Sketch Videos
  • Social Media Optimised Sizes
  • Desktop Version Only for Windows and Mac

Buy Factor:

  • Explainer videos are just so in nowadays because it works! Craft your script. Then, add in the animations, recordings, audios and effects with the full-range of customization functions from CreateStudio.
  • Doodle are cute and fun to watch for the viewers. Suitable for marketing stuffs that does not require a ‘serious’ tone to it.
  • Advertising with Social Media? CreateStudio has pre-set sizes that will optimize for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube so that the video ads will show nicely in whichever devices for these networks.
  • Work offline possible. No need the internet with the Desktop version installed on your PC.

Things to Note:

  • The desktop version will need to be updated to stay functional whenever OS updates.
  • Characters and templates are limited in the Standard Plan. More can be purchased ad-hoc in their store at US$5 to US$27 each.
  • Learning resources available in their YouTube channel, Blog and Support pages only. No community, courses, or webinars etc.


  • 30-Days Moneyback
  • Standard (US$ 99/year) – All Features, Doodle Creator, 8 Free 3D Characters, 20x Free 2D Characters, and 50 Free Templates)
  • All Access Pass (US$ 299/year) – Everything in Standard plus All Templates, Characters, and Audios.

2. Animaker

Video Ad Maker: Animaker
Image Source: Animaker

Founded in 2014 in US, Animaker started as a creative agency making videos for companies of all sizes. Now, it is a highly popular Freemium SaaS with a userbase of 10 million users making over 20 million videos already. Some of its most renowned clients include Amazon, HP, Nokia and Unilever. Furthermore, Animaker boasts the world’s largest video asset library comprising as well images of over 100 million.

Key Features

  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Character Builder
  • Text-to-Speech
  • 100m+ Stock Library
  • Export to 100+ Social Channels

Buy Factor:

  • Whiteboard videos are actually explainer videos against a whiteboard background. They are effective because they further reinforce the setting for learning on top of being all senses appealing. Are you reaching out to students or anyone who is looking to learn? Whiteboard videos are made for you!
  • Think animations are unrealistic? Not quite. With Animaker, users can build that character they want to reflect their purpose. Customise from over 15 facial features and more than 10 accessory slots to build your ideal. Then, make your character talk with Animaker’s auto lip-sync!
  • Need a voiceover to explain things better? Use the built-in text-to-speech with over 50 voices and over 25 languages to create the human voice your audiences wish to connect with! All you need is type your speech in and customize. Pretty handy, huh?
  • Animaker’s stock asset library integrates with Getty Images and Giphy to provide the most extensive library ever to provide users the graphic asset they need for their video creation. Take your time to choose!
  • Working as a Social Media Manager in an MNC of agency, you are managing so many social networks at once. No more headaches with Animaker because it allows easy export to over 100 Social Channels. Some of which include Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Things to Note:

  • Require internet access.
  • Upload and download speed are dependent on internet speed, i.e. bandwidth. Likewise, when using whenever a function is used.
  • May have learning curve for such feature-packed tool.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Free – 5 Downloads with Watermark, HD Videos, 2 Custom Characters, 5 Premium Asset Credits, 10 Music Tracks, 5 Voice Downloads, and 10+ Premium Templates.
  • Basic (US$ 10/mth) – 5 Premium Downloads, HD Videos, 5 Custom Characters, 10 Premium Asset Credits, 50+ Music Tracks, 20 Voice Downloads, and 20+ Premium Templates.
  • Starter (US$ 19/mth) – 10 Premium Downloads, Full HD Videos, 15 Custom Characters, 20 Premium Asset Credits, 50+ Music Tracks, 40 Voice Downloads, and 50+ Premium Templates.
  • Pro (US$ 39/mth) – 20 Premium Downloads, 2k Videos, 30 Custom Characters, 45 Premium Asset Credits, 100+ Music Tracks, 100 Voice Downloads, and 100+ Premium Templates.
  • Enterprise (custom) – Unlimited Premium Downloads, 4k Videos, Unlimited Custom Characters, 75 Premium Asset Credits, 100+ Music Tracks, 1000 Voice Downloads, and 100+ Premium Templates.

3. Vyond

Video Ad Maker: Vyond
Image Source: Vyond

Every heard of GoAnimate? That is exactly Vyond when it was first founded in 2007 in US. With the mission to ‘put the power of video in the hands of everyone’, Vyond has already served over 12 million users worldwide. It has offices in US, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Thus, if you are new to design, or not even good with computers at all, you got to read on and learn why Vyond is perfect for you.

Key Features

  • Team Collaboration
  • Auto Lip-Sync
  • Version History
  • Extensive Self-Help Resources
  • Enterprise-Level Security

Buy Factor:

  • Easily collaborate with your team with access and permission-setting. Individual assets up to the whole library can be shared with specific members or members of a project. Hence, you skip the hassle of generating links and sending via emails or other channels.
  • A useful feature definitely to have auto lip-sync. Best of all, it can be done in one-click. Just get your voice audio ready in a MP3, or create with text-to-speech or record with your microphone.
  • Another useful feature in Version History. Actually, a life saver! Restore files to its saved version. As long as you save frequently, no worries on accidentally losing them or messing up your project.
  • Vyond trumps with its commitment to user empowerment. Its online help centre provides tutorials, webinars, blogs, case studies and a host of tips and tricks to help new users and beginner designers learn on-the-job. Users of its Premium Plan and above can also gain access and find support in its peer-to-peer community of Vyond users.
  • Can competitors hijack your projects? Certainly, but hard with Vyond. Vyond is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, a certification that recognizes information security management. It also uses various levels of protection via its hardware, software, third-party management, and user controls. It has also committed compliance to GDPR, CCPA, and EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks. Vyond protects your projects (and revenue) in style!

Things to Note:

  • Online Version means reliance on internet access with bandwidth limitations. 
  • Only 100+ Templates.
  • Limited Customisation with only 3 styles of each template, character and other animated assets.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Essential (US$ 299/year) – 720p Resolution Export, Colour Customisation, Business and Whiteboard Characters.
  • Premium (US$ 649/year) – Everything in Essential with 1080p and Animated GIF Export, Live Chat and Community Access.
  • Professional (US$ 999/year) – Everything in Premium with Video Collaboration, Shared Storage, User Management, Video Sharing, Font Import, Contemporary Characters, and Priority Phone Support.
  • Enterprise (custom) – Everything in Professional plus Security Features and Customised Training.

4. Renderforest

Video Ad Maker: Renderforest
Image Source: Renderforest

Next on our list is Renderforest, a company based in Armenia. Renderforest delivers on their mission to make ‘successful branding affordable and available for everyone’ by being easy-to-use and at decently priced subscription. It is well-supported by more than 10 million users working on over 30 million projects. Users can find a list of 130+ niche categories (branding tools) of their video, logo and website templates on their website. So, find the niche and select templates. Easy peasy way to start!

Key Features

  • Typography Video
  • Outro Maker
  • Music Visualisations
  • Logo Maker
  • Build Website

Buy Factor:

  • Typography videos are basically using texts on-screen with or without voiceovers to demonstrate something. This is a uncommon feature and opens up possibilities for designers and marketers.
  • Outro are the short end scenes to videos. They are a great way to close a video and leave a lasting impression. Similarly, Renderforest set users up with template to easily create this video type.
  • Again, another uncommon feature in Music visualization videos. These are commonly played in music parties to add ambience to the exciting adrenaline-packed dancefloor. A huge plus for the creative agency who can add a revenue stream or two.
  • Besides video-making tools, Renderforest also have tools for creating logos, mockups and websites. This is a nice add-on for the marketers who often work with more than videos. Renderforest’s logo maker is powered by AI and creates a logo in 3 steps. All users need is key in their business details into the AI system, then customize to their desired to generate an end logo. For mockups, use the ready-templates. Easy!
  • Likewise for all its tools, Renderforest’s website builder uses templates. Its simple to use as all elements are already in place for customization. Marketers can use it to create landing pages for one-off events. Entrepreneurs can use it full-time as its business website. Above all, it’s available in the free plan, hosted in Renderforest’s subdomain.

Things to Note:

  • Online version only.
  • Customisation is possible but limited to certain areas within the template.
  • Small template library of 800+ assets considering all-in of website, videos, slideshows, music visualisations etc.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Free – 300 MB Storage, Unlimited 360p Export, Max 3-Minute Videos, 200k+ Stock Videos, Limited Music Tracks, Unlimited Low-Quality Logo and Mockups, Limited Designs, and Limited Colour Customisation.
  • Lite (US$ 6.99/mth) – 10 GB Storage, 7x 720p Export, Max 5-Minute Videos, 200k+ Stock Videos, 50+ Commercial Music Tracks, Unlimited Low-Quality Logo and Mockups, Premium Designs, Full Colour Customisation, and Link Sharing.
  • Amateur (US$ 9.99/mth) – 20 GB Storage, 6x 1080p Export, Max 15-Minute Videos, 500k+ Stock Videos, 100+ Commercial Music Tracks, 1 Font Upload, Unlimited High-Quality Logo and 10 HQ Mockups, Premium Designs, Full Colour Customisation, and Link Sharing.
  • Pro (US$ 19.99/mth) – 40 GB Storage, 30x 1080p Export, Max 30-Minute Videos, 500k+ Stock Videos, 200+ Commercial Music Tracks, 5 Font Uploads, Unlimited High-Quality Logo and 50 HQ Mockups, Advanced Marketing Tools, Premium Designs, Full Colour Customisation, and Link Sharing.
  • Agency (US$ 49.99/mth) – 80 GB Storage, Unlimited 1080p Export, Max 60-Minute Videos, 500k+ Stock Videos, 200+ Commercial Music Tracks, 10 Font Uploads, Unlimited High-Quality Logo and Mockups, Advanced Marketing Tools, Premium Designs, Full Colour Customisation, and Link Sharing.
  • Discounts for students available via contact.

5. InVideo

Video Ad Maker: InVideo
Image Source: InVideo

InVideo is a relatively new offering in the market, having started in 2017. It is based in US but have over 100k customers based in 150+ countries. Like others in our list, designing with InVideo is ‘template-led’ which it has over 4,000 videos of. InVideo empowers their users to ‘make professional videos in 5 minutes’. How do InVideo stand out? Read on.

Key Features

  • Meme Generator
  • Review / Testimonial Videos
  • Social Media Ads Videos
  • Article-to-Video
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

Buy Factor:

  • Meme are graphics with short words. It is often created to be funny, but it can also be inspiring. Companies looking to social media marketing can include meme as part of their calendar to create diversity in content types. Hence, InVideo stands out with Meme templates.
  • Video testimonials and reviews are often flashed in online marketplaces or company websites. They serve to use moving images rather than static ones to create impressions because moving images catches attention more readily. On top of, these videos can make use of sounds to create the desired perception. This is another uncommon feature which can be very useful.
  • InVideo supports Social Media advertising with specialized templates for these channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Especially if you are into Snapchat or LinkIn, you can look no further now with InVideo!
  • Used to converting slideshows to video? You no longer need to with InVideo because you could key in the content and header from an article, and InVideo automatically converts it to a video. You can always customize after that, but all the work before that gets done more or less. The smart feature is very useful, and really make designing work more fun and convenient!
  • 24/7 support! How good is that! Anytime you are stuck, you know support is quite round the corner. Although as professionals ourselves, we need to get good with what we do, and to get good, we got to learn the ropes. Keep this to the last resort as much as possible.

Things to Note:

  • No desktop version. Need to work within bandwidth and internet limitations.
  • Video upload is possible but up to 20 minutes only. Any file upload is restricted to 200 or 800 MB only depending on subscription.
  • Lacks animation type video formats such as self-built characters, whiteboard and doodle.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • 14-Days Free Trial
  • Free – 3.5k Templates, 3M+ Media, 60 Video Exports, Max 15-Minute Video, 720p Resolution, Text-to-Speech, Multi-Language, Social Media Calendar, Team Sharing and 1 GB Storage.
  • Business (US$ 10/mth) – Everything in Free with Premium Templates, 10 iStock Media, Unlimited Premium Media, 1080p Resolution, 20 Background Removal, 10 GB Storage, and Priority Support.
  • Unlimited (US$ 30/mth) – Everything in Business with 120 iStock Media, Unlimited Video Export, 40 Background Removal, and 100 GB Storage.

6. Animoto

Video Ad Maker: Animoto
Image Source: Animoto

Animoto is another US company with a good history, having founded in 2006. It continually upgrades to bring users features for making social media optimized videos. It is also the only one in our list with its own App version. Users will like Animoto for its non-cartoon templates and own licensed music library.

Key Features

  • Tutorial Videos
  • Getty-Powered Stock Library
  • Music Library
  • Embed Video on Website
  • Social Video Creator App for Apple

Buy Factor:

  • Tutorial videos are moving scenes consisting of one scene per instruction which serve to teach. It is slightly different from explainer videos which can be long-winded and heavily narrated. If you are in the arts & crafts or F&B industry, tutorial videos can serve very well to showcase your expertise.
  • Stocks are the more the merrier. Animoto’s stock library is integrated with Getty Images to bring users millions of high-quality royalty-free stock images and videos. More choice means more ways to customize. Above all, it could end up a Hollywood worthy video. You never know!
  • Each template in Animoto comes with its licensed track. Users can change from Animoto’s own music library nonetheless or upload one from their personal album. It’s the complete package to making videos that are elevating and worth sharing.
  • Each video created with Animoto can be embedded directly in your website via a generated link. All you need next is paste this link in your webpage. The best thing is that the video will be hosted from Animoto, so this would not slow down your page loading speed.
  • The last buy factor is an interesting one that suits perfectly for the Apple device users who markets on Facebook and Instagram. Animoto have its own ‘mini-Apple’ version that allows users to quickly and easily create videos optimized for Facebook and Instagram. The creation process is the same. So, if the above fits you, why wait on Animoto?

Things to Note:

  • Again, Cloud-based tool require internet access and bandwidth.
  • Any customization is limited to the template.
  • No status quo video templates such as doodle, whiteboard and character animations.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Free – Unlimited Video Creation and Downloads, 720p Resolution, 50 Music Tracks, 3 Standard Fonts, and 30 Colour Swatches.
  • Professional (SGD$ 11/mth) – Everything in Free with 1080p Resolution, 1m+ Stocks from Getty Images, 3k Music Tracks, and 40+ Pro Fonts.
  • Team (SGD$ 25/mth) – Everything in Professional with 3 Users, 30-Minute Consultation.

7. Sparkol

Video Ad Maker: Sparkol
Image Source: Sparkol

Sparkol, the UK company behind VideoScribe and Scribely. It is founded in 2008 with the mission to ‘give everyone the tools to create captivating content quickly and easily, no matter their technical ability, design skills or budget’. Sparkol’s main product, VideoScribe, is used by over 2 million users in over 160 countries, making 4,000 videos daily. VideoScribe can be used to create whiteboard videos while Scribely to make Social Media Ads. Subscription is available separately. Both are freemium by the way!

Key Features

  • Whiteboard Videos (VideoScribe)
  • Working in Offline Possible (VideoScribe)
  • Social Media Optimised Videos (Scribely)
  • Google Font Library (Scribely)
  • Community Support (Both)

Buy Factor:

  • VideoScribe is a specialised Whiteboard video maker with thousands of templates. It is also powered by a drag and drop editor, so customization is easy and takes almost no effort to do.
  • VideoScribe is a desktop software. Users need to install it in their PC in order to use. By default, VideoScribe need internet to access, however users can tweak the settings to make it work offline. Honestly speaking, if it can work both ways, why not?
  • Almost every businesses use Social Media nowadays because it is free. If you are looking to stand out, then you must ensure you only use optimized videos. That is, videos with specific sizes that fit nicely for browsing in different Social Media Channels. Scribely contains a number of canvas size to allow users to quickly create the animated GIFs and videos for their campaign.
  • The integration with Google Fonts unleashes Scribely’s users’ text creativity. The online library contains thousands of open-source fonts. Whether you need a serious tone, a funky one, or even a scary one, you can surely find one that will fit the mood of your social media audiences.
  • We cannot stress how important P2P community support is. Any answers faced by one can be faced by another. So, getting help from the community helps one another to grow. If you have any suggestions to improve, you may also post in the community! Likewise, for bugs etc. The feedbacks will help product development!

Things to Note:

  • Scribely is available on Cloud only.
  • Only whiteboard and certain Social Media format videos can be created.
  • Not all areas within the template can be customized.

Pricing (VideoScribe)

  • 7-Days Free Trial
  • Free – Video Templates, 7.3k+ Images Library, 190+ Royalty-Free Music, Record Voiceover, and Unlimited MOV & WMV.
  • Pro (US$ 14/mth based on annual subscription OR One-Off US$ 800) – Everything in Free with HD Videos, Unlimited MP4 & AVI, Unlimited PNG & JPEG Sequencing, and Work Offline.
  • Nonprofit Based in US and UK Receive Discounts of 50% via Request.

Pricing (Scribely)

  • Free – 7k+ Images Library, Voiceover Record, MP3 Import, 3 Projects, and Max 15 Elements/project.
  • Creator (US$ 4/mth) – Everything in Free with Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Elements/project, Download in MP4 and GIF.


Video Ad Maker: OFFEO
Image Source: OFFEO

Made by a motion design agency, OFFEO is a product by specialist for specialist. The Social Media Video Ad Maker is launched in 2017 in Singapore and used by over 300k businesses. Some of its clients include Twitter, Pinterest, Ford, and United Overseas Bank among others. Thus, for those looking to make social media ads, you are in luck to be looking at a specialist. How good is OFFEO? Read on, then check out their designer templates.

Key Features

  • Social Media Ads
  • Designer Templates
  • License-Free Music Library
  • Advanced Edit Possible

Buy Factor:

  • OFFEO is made for Social Media Advertising. That is, paid ads. Taking up paid ads in social media is a cost-effective way to complement social media marketing efforts. With OFFEO, users can create video in sizes optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and even TikTok and Whatsapp. In addition, all its templates are made specifically to cater to Social Media trends.
  • Get a strong headstart to your social media advertising with designer templates. OFFEO boasts over 1,000 templates by their designers. With over 1,000 graphic elements to go along, you can customize to create the ‘stroll stopper’ ads your audiences deserve.
  • Having sounds to go along with your ads is definitely desired regardless of what you are advertising. OFFEO offers 1,000 license-free tracks for users to choose from. Choose, preview and confirm. That’s all you need. No need to buy one elsewhere.
  • OFFEO truly stands out with more controls over their video edits. Similarly, any customization is limited by the template. But, OFFEO’s editor have more animation features, such as custom timing and style. These features itself widens the number of end result possibilities to make every ad different. Companies in the creative and entertainment industry will find this highly beneficial for brand building and reinforcement. It also means users can continually A/B test and learn from their advertising campaigns.

Things to Note:

  • Cloud version only.
  • Videos created are limited to 3-minutes max.
  • Only videos for Social Media consumption. No explainer, whiteboards or any videos that are ideally more than 3-minutes.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • 14-Days Moneyback
  • Premium (US$ 12.42/mth) – Unlimited Hi-Res Video and Images, Unlimited Projects, Max 3-Minute Videos, Templates, 100k+ Stock Images, 20 GB Storage, 1k+ Animated Assets, 1k+ Music, 40 Background Removal, Unlimited Fonts and Colours.
  • One-Time Lifetime Deal (US$98) via our LINK only.

9. FlexClip

Video Ad Maker: FlexClip

Year Founded: 2006

Country: Hong Kong


  • Cloud-Based: Yes
  • Video Templates: 2k+
  • Asset Library: 4m+
  • Output Quality: Up to 1080p
  • Edit Own Videos: Yes
  • Max Filesize Upload: Unknown
  • Cloud Storage: Yes
  • Help Resources: Developed Help Center

Buy Factor

  1. Simple Video Maker & EditorFlexClip is one video ad maker that we had tried before to create YouTube outro and TikTok ads. The tutorial Here. With FlexClip, you can make all sorts of popular video formats up to 1, 3, 10 or 30 minutes. The whole online software is just so simple and comes with cloud storage. From our experience, we didn’t experience any lag or glitches. In fact, there’s no technical knowledge required to start! Well, if you need, just head over to our tutorial. Otherwise, FlexClip is just so easy to use and comes with many free tools like the screen recorder, video compressor, converter, slide show maker and more for a complete video-making experience!
  2. Direct Video Hosting – Similar to uploading your created videos on YouTube or Vimeo, and then generating an embeddable URL to host the videos on your website. Instead, any paid subscription to FlexClip gets you a certain amount of hosting space (from 50 GB) for greater content rights retention. Afterall, hosting your videos (large files) in another domain spares your website the bandwidth for more visitors. Well, usage terms vary between hosting providers, but for YouTube, you still own your work except that you now grant YouTube and their users the rights to use and distribute it too! To know more about this, read this Post.
  3. Photo Background Removal – An exceptionally useful tool for many designs work. Limited by the number of credits per plan. Above all, this is one-click auto removal!


  • Free Plan: Yes, for 480p Downloads with Watermark
  • Paid Plans: fr US$ 5.99/mo for 720p Downloads & 10 GB Storage
  • Moneyback: 7 Days

Our Advice

Video content or animation should be included in marketing efforts. Need not matter if the campaign is big or small, but to move in the desired direction. Videos are engaging and captivating. Whether you are marketing, or for enrichment purposes, picking one of these video ad maker will go a long way to any future video marketing possibilities. Go for a freemium one. Try it and learn as you go. This will take you in the desired direction.


Try a hand with video making using templates. Let us know your experiences in the COMMENTS below.

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