Donut Atwork Certification Quiz

This is a 30-question quiz that test upon readers’ knowledge in WorkTech.

The quiz is free to attempt and there are no costs to receive the Certification.

There is no time limit or limit on attempts.

The passing points in order to achieve the Certificate of Achievement is 27 points with each question weighing 1 point.

Upon submitting this quiz, you can view your marks obtained by clicking the button ‘View Score’.

You will also receive the e-Certification by email should you scored 27 points and above.

Should you encounter any issue while attempting this quiz, please contact [email protected].

Certification Quiz 2020

Th Certification Quiz 2020 will be open for completion till 30 June 2021.

Thereafter, a 2021 edition will become available. Please take this Quiz as soon as possible.

Click this link to enter the Quiz page:

WorkTech Domains to be tested:

Creative Development | Cloud Technology | Data Management | Digital Marketing | Email Marketing | HR Tech | Machine Learning | Office Management | Personal Productivity | Process Automation | Search Engines | SEO | SEM | Social Media | Video Conferencing | VPN | Website Development