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Animoto is an online video maker that allows anyone to create attractive videos easily and quickly. By anyone, we mean anyone from elementary student to the silver generation. Best of all, Animoto is free to use! Limitations applies for free plan of course, but you do get a bunch of features to kickstart your video […]
We know what a top tool SEMrush is, and how it could be used free of fees. We also wrote our strategies that will bring your SEO efforts much more further with SEMrush free. The world wide web is huge, and yet you had stumbled on my site looking for something. I hope you find […]
Placeit by Envato is an easy-to-use, template-based online platform for creating designs and mockups. It is used to create social media posts, banners, logos, videos and other gaming-related design work. However, there’s lots of online tools for these such as Canva and FlexClip. So, for this article, we’ll only be using Placeit Free to make […]
Canva is the world’s most recognized online tool for design work. It is easy to use, in fact free to use, and helps create beautiful designs. Content creators and even Digital Marketers loved it! So, if you are looking to start, this Canva tutorial is here for you! This Canva tutorial provide answers and step-by-step […]
Explainer videos are very popular due to its effectiveness for marketing, education, and many other business-related purposes. In the current generation, you don’t need prior design skills to create explainers. All you need is a superb video creator! Hence, in this article, we are going to show how anyone can create quality explainer videos using […]
Videos are now commonly made for the purpose of social media and digital advertising. Yet videos are entertaining and effective medium with viewers retaining as much as 95% of the video message! So, in the workplace, can you have a video communication strategy too? Definitely! In this tutorial article, we are going to make a […]
Educators and Subject Matter Experts, heads up! Are you looking to sell courses or conduct one FOC? How about promoting your courses and webinars with whiteboard videos? For the early childhood educators, why not try whiteboard explainer videos to bring complicated concept across in a simple yet effective way? The world wide web is huge, […]
The Rise of NoSQL Internet and technology have been evolving continuously. Every day, hundreds and thousands of new applications and software are launched in the market. All these applications and software need to be hosted in a database for storage, retrieve, use, analytics etc. Traditionally, common databases were designed to support storage of structured data, […]
Hey You, Graphic Designer! Or not? Whatever! How is your image editing work coming along? It’s hard in this age, we know. Especially when you are a Social Media Manager. Nonetheless, whether you are using Movavi Photo Editor aka Picverse or not, this tutorial could perhaps shed light into how many photo editors work! By […]

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