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Fleet Management

Fleet management concerns the optimised use of fleets, maintenance, profit maximisation and costs control. Modern fleet management is even more complicated due to being highly regulated, and the ever-moving industries that call for the adoption of next-gen technologies in order to meet challenges.

Hence, we are going to discuss this one software that will support the Fleet Managers in their everyday task. If you are a Fleet Manager, or anyone involved with managing fleets, you are in luck! We present KeepTruckin and its many features such as ELD, GPS, and many more in this easy-to-read article for the laymen. Ready carefully and jot down notes as you go. You will definitely learn something! Here we go!

What is KeepTruckin ELD?

KeepTruckin ELD Devices
Image Source: KeepTruckin

KeepTruckin ELD stands for Electronic Logging Devices. It is a hardware that when attached to a vehicle allows it to record driving time accordingly. There are other brands of ELD around. But for KeepTruckin ELD, it performs in compliances with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) rules while adhering to the US government’s regulation of having ELD in every commercial fleet.

That said, KeepTruckin ELD is a recognised product of the US government, and trusted by more than 85k fleets and 400k drivers worldwide. Its clients boast names in industries in logistics, shipping, oil & gas, construction, F&Bs and many more.

If you are not convinced, the company’s nearly three decades of speciality in fleet management (having founded in 2013), is testament to great products that constantly meet industry demands. Besides, it has also developed itself to stay-to-date with current technologies by utilising GPS, AI, and the features of data analytics and automation. Oh, did we not mention that it also has a mobile App version? Absolutely!

The pros to fleet management software including using ELD are many. Thus, what other features are there? How exactly can organisations benefit? Stay tune and read on to find out more!

KeepTruckin ELD for GPS
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Key Features

  • AI-Powered Dashcam
  • Built-In Inspection & Custom Forms
  • FMCSA Registered to ELD Compliance
  • Instant Messaging
  • Live Tracking via GPS
  • Lots of Industry-Relevant Third-Party Integrations
  • Mobile App Version for Android & Apple
  • Process Workflow
  • Fuel & Mileage Reports
  • Solar-Powered Asset Gateway
  • Vehicle Gateway

KeepTruckin ELD-Powered Dashboard
Image Source: KeepTruckin

How Will KeepTruckin ELD Help in Your Fleet Management?

1. Keeping to ELD Compliance

For those operating fleets in the United States, you should not be unfamiliar with ELD compliance. However, for those who are external to the United States, compliance to the ELD is a regulation mandated by the US government. The regulation requires fleet operators to use ELDs in order for the accurate tracking, and record keeping while ensuring a safe work environment for drivers alike.

KeepTruckin is FMCSA-registered. That it, the software had met the high standards and regulatory requirements for fleet operators use in compliance with ELD. In short, KeepTruckin is quality. Whether you need to keep to ELD compliance or not, KeepTruckin is a safe and quality choice worthy for fleet operators of any size!

Image Source: KeepTruckin

2. Greater Operational Efficiency Leads to Better Fleet Performance & Business Profitability

KeepTruckin helps with everything for your fleet management. If you are inspecting your fleets, you can use the built-in checklist. If it does not meet your need, you can customise to make it work for you! While you work on the forms, think about the workflow too! After checking the inspection, what next? Is it to notify maintenance, send to the relevant driver for job, or storage? Whatever it is, KeepTruckin’s workflow capabilities slim lines operations.

Talking about fleet management can never do without telematics. KeepTruckin is of course, GPS powered. You can track your vehicles with pinpoint accuracy and this is very important. It will support your quality service delivery and aid in customer Servicing. The software will help you know where your vehicles are, and if they are on schedule. When your customers enquire, you will be able to check and give a proper reply accordingly. Need to check with your driver? You can always do it via the instant messaging! Besides, all these data will automatically be recorded on the backend for any data-driven decision-making immediately or future. Would these result in lesser customer churn? Most likely!

3. Support All-Round Improvements Including Driver Performance

We mentioned before that KeepTruckin record analytics. Best of all, they also have AI-Powered Dashcam. That is, the dashcam is capable of recording the driver’s view and analysing on its own to reveal negative driving behaviour and other road insights. This could provide evidences in instances of accidents and protect reputation. Secondly, it could also be used for coaching and training purposes which will prevent future accidents. Lastly, organisations may also use these insights to set organisation-wide standards for long-term practice.

Then again, there are negative behaviour and also positive behaviour. Organisation can come up with reward and punishment programs. All these for a stronger, and resilient fleet operations performance! We say, go for it!

Image Source: KeepTruckin

4. Cuts Down Costs from Theft, Misuse & Idling

KeepTruckin works with solar-powered asset gateway which are small installations on your assets (not just limited to your fleets). The powerful asset gateway tracks usage and location via geofencing capabilities. Thus, is able to alert you when the asset crosses outside without authorisation. The outcome is as you guessed! A complete stop to asset theft and misuse!

Similarly, think a driver is idling too much Or driving home without approval? All these can be tracked via the Vehicle Gateway. Users can obtain an idling report with start time, duration, location and fuel consumption. Once again, use these to coach your drivers to proper conduct. Therefore, ensuring a high-performance and optimised fleet operations!

5. Ease of Tax Reporting & Audit

Another outcome made possible by the vehicle gateway. KeepTruckin makes tax reporting and audit easy. It automatically records and calculates the distances travelled against fuel costs. That’s not all! If required, drivers can upload fuel receipts which makes reporting even more accurate! For the users, they no longer need to calculate on their own, which cuts human errors and reduce audit mistakes. Thereafter, users only need to export out the report for tax filing; heavily simplifying the whole filing process! Although KeepTruckin does not automate IFTA filing!

Image Source: KeepTruckin

6. One Single Platform for More Than Fleet Management

We mentioned before that KeepTruckin is quality. That is because their features are powerful and plenty. Here, you will be pleased to know that KeepTruckin can be even more powerful! An all-in-one platform for everything fleet operations management. How does that sound?

KeepTruckin provides an open API, that readily integrates with several other apps. Whether you need another maintenance boost, TMS, safety or even insurance, you can find it in their App Marketplace! Just for your reference here, you can find Uber Freight, Convoy, McLeod, Fleetio and so many others ready to sync with KeepTruckin. Thus, KeepTruckin is not just viable for long-term use, but will surely become a key asset for any fleet management!


The pricing for KeepTruckin depends on which features you want and the number of fleets and assets you operate. In other words, the subscription plan you want is fully customisable. You may click on the Pricing Link to be directed to the page for more information. Although do take note that you have to leave your contact details in order for them to revert to you with the costs. Another thing to note is that there may be both hardware and monthly subscription costs. Such as the KeepTruckin ELD, would require separate purchase at US$ 149.99 each.

Let’s Build a Better Way to Work (Video Source: KeepTruckin)

Buy Factor

  • Support in Building High Performance Fleet Operations Management
  • Aids in Driver Development & Standard Building Could Potentially Boost Company Reputation with Constantly Good Records
  • Contributes to Customer Support and Servicing Means Lesser Customer Churn, and Revenue Retention
  • Enables Data-Driven Decision-Making Culture in the Department
  • Adoption of Powerful Technologies (i.e. those of KeepTruckin’s and its third-party integrations) Provides the Competitive Edge in Any Businesses and Keeps it Sustainable

Things to Note

  • KeepTruckin is able to support anywhere from 1 to over 500 fleets and assets. So, even if you only have 2 fleets but need KeepTruckin ELD to keep compliant with ELD regulations, no worry. You can go ahead and use.
  • Price varies according to the requested features. If you need a powerful boost to your fleet management, then you have to choose the full package.
  • There will be slight set up to do in terms of customisation of forms, workflows and geofencing. Check with KeepTruckin on Provision of Training.
  • KeepTruckin’s API is able to integrate with other software. Is there any collaboration tool, data analytics, or even facility management software that you are using now? Enquire about how they can integrate to make a single platform for ease of use and access.
  • The knowledgebase of KeepTruckin is well developed. There are video tutorials for the most commonly asked questions, starting guide, and even installation overview all categorised for easy search. Nonetheless, there are 24/7 email and phone support.
  • How secure are data stored with KeepTruckin? Do they have any accreditation? Compliance to local or international cyber security and privacy standards? For you to check!

Our Advice

Modern fleet management is no easy task when your organisation’s reputation is at stake! Its not just about being fast, neat and safe. Whether you need KeepTruckin for its ELD, or other features, as long as you are operating fleets, it is worth to check them out. Since the software does more than fleet management with its many possible integrations. Then again, taking up such a software is an organisation-wide decision. In fact, it can be game changing! So, ensure that you get your organisations’ (i.e. all concerned departments) buy-in prior as well.

Below, we highlight several other pointers for your note:



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