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What is CMMS

CMMS stands for computerised maintenance management software. They are software or systems built to assist users in their maintenance management. More specifically, users of CMMS include those in the management of facilities, maintenance, inventory, asset and infrastructure.

That said, the features of CMMS vary, along with their usability, ease-of-use, technical support, and pricing etc. Nonetheless, we can agree that a good CMMS would provide sufficiently for maintenance management whether it is available for free or not. Henceforth, a CMMS is often equipped with features for labour management, asset inventory, work order management, preventive maintenance, and of course, reporting.

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Then again, what are these features? How can CMMS value-add and support in your daily maintenance management work? Thus, we are going to review 3 important CMMS that had been used so much by industry corporate users. Each of these CMMS value-add differently, yet all can make a huge impact in your work. So, take it light. Scroll down and find out!

  1. FacilityBot
  2. Fiix
  3. InnoMaint

1. FacilityBot

CMMS: FacilityBot
Image Source: FacilityBot

FacilityBot is a Singapore company founded in 2018. The AI-powered chatbot software helps organisations digitise their facility management, using the capabilities of AI such as workflow automations, and natural language processing. Although a relatively new company, FacilityBot had been deployed in over 500k sqm of workspaces and assisted their users to resolve 18k faults! The company is proud to work with established organisations such as Engie, Sodexo, and CBRE among many others. A chatbot software you say? Read on and find out more what chatbot can offer.

Key Features & Buy Factor

1. Supports Over 109 Languages

FacilityBot recognises over 109 languages! Your requestors can report a fault, or as and when they communicate with you via FacilityBot, the system automatically detects the language and translate to your preferred language. Then, you can reply in your language, and it will automatically translate to the requestor’s preferred language! Thus, no more language barrier!

2. Mobile & AI-Powered Fault Reporting

Any users of your facilities can report a fault to you in a channel convenient to them (e.g. Whatsapp, SMS, Telegram, FB Messenger, Line etc.)! They can send in photos, and even videos. There is no need to install the FacilityBot app on their mobile. Thereafter, respond to them via the mobile app on-the-go! Above all, FacilityBot’s AI automatically tags high priority faults to notify the respective party for remedy action. Of course, the automation needs to be pre-set. But the effort is one-time, and the rewards are forever!

3. Asset Linking & Management with QR Codes

Asset Management are always a headache. But what if you could import your existing list? After that, all you need is group them (for analytics purposes), and link any requests, reports or checklists. Oh, did we not mention you can link via the asset’s QR code with the app scanner? Any maintenance work can only get easier!

4. Custom Service Requests

The information required and associated workflows for requests are pre-built. However, you can still customise it to meet your protocols or just create new ones with FacilityBot’s form builder. Once again, tremendous hours saved with some efforts!

5. Facility Booking with Real-Time Statuses

Likewise, users can book rooms and facilities via their preferred channel. FacilityBot provides a URL link for users to check real-time availability. Then, it only takes another one or two clicks to confirm the booking! Totally easy and friendly!

6. Secure & Safe Visitor Management

Safe distancing is so important nowadays and so is safe visitor management. Visitors request entry by sending a request for review. Once approved, they receive an official email with entry details to facilitate their smooth entry. The outcome is safer premises for all.

Things to Note

  • Users need to have some knowledge in workflow building even though the built-in form builder may not have any codes. The process is usually time consuming as it involves conceptualising, creating, implementation, feedback and continual development. Requires long-term commitment, but is extremely rewarding.
  • The popular communication channel, Whatsapp, is available via add-on at an additional fee of SG$ 300 per month for 1,000 messages. Nonetheless, users can opt to use other popular channels such as Telegram, FB Messenger, FB Workplace, and Web browsers.
  • Users who report requests do not need an account with FacilityBot. Conversely, users who need to respond to requests will need an account provided under the paid plans. For instance, the ‘Small Facilities’ plan only provides 3 accounts.

Pricing (annual basis)

  • Small Facilities (SG$ 300/mth) – 3 Manager & Technicians. Unlimited Work Requests & Orders. Chat Support.
  • Mid-Sized Facilities (SG$ 500/mth) – 10 Managers & Technicians. Unlimited Work Requests & Orders. 500 SMS/mth. Chat Support.
  • Large Facilities (SG$ 1,000/mth) – 25 Managers & Technicians. Unlimited Work Requests & Orders. 1,000 SMS/mth. Chat Support & Dedicated Account Manager. On-Site Training. Access to API.
  • Add-On for all plans for 1,000 Whatsapp Messages Available at SG$ 300/mth.
  • Add-On for Large Facilities Plan for additional Managers and Technicians Available at SG$ 40 per account/mth.
  • 14-Day Free Trial Available.

2. Fiix        

CMMS: Fiix
Image Source: Fiix

This Canada-based company has a mission to ‘make maintenance teams successful’. Founded in 2008, Fiix is a freemium software used by presently over 3000 teams across the world. The Cloud software prides themselves on their modern technologies, which also have a reliability uptime of 99.5%. Perhaps, this allows them to record a stat of over 6 million work orders managed by Fiix teams every year, with over 2 million assets managed every day! Not just being excellent in what they do, but Fiix also believes in having a social and sustainable impact on the world. For that, Fiix certainly deserves our thumbs up and support! Check them out!

Key Features & Buy Factor

1. Unlimited Work Orders & Requests Across All Plans (Even in Free!)

Fiix is just inspiring and tempting. Its Free plan provides most of the required features for facilities work. Except that users will almost wish for more advanced features once they start using it. Being able to create work orders and requests are the core of any facilities work, but for unlimited? You got to try it! Not only that, the creation process only requires a few taps. Likewise to FacilityBot, if you need a custom request, you can always design your own forms!

2. Unlimited Assets & More for Asset Management (Even in Free!)

Well, unlimited assets to support your asset management? How good can Fiix get? Furthermore, users of any plans also get downtime tracking, QR and barcode scanning, and meter readings. Fiix really fits right in for the zero-experience CMMS users!

3. Hosted in Cloud

Cloud is disruptive in this age and there is no argument. Compared to hosting on-premises, Cloud has the same level of functionality, yet with plenty more! Being hosted in the Cloud means that users need not maintain their on-premises hardware. So, this means time and costs savings, along with all the hassle associated with it. Also, Fiix will take care of all the updates, improvements in hardware, software upgrades, and more. Above all, Cloud infrastructures have a reliability of 99.5% uptime! That means it nearly ever stops functioning enabling you the work you need with it anytime.

4. All Device Supported with Web & Mobile Version

The mobile version works seamlessly with portable devices for a smooth usage experience. It also supports work on-the-go, although users should be careful to only work when in a safe environment! The mobile version is never meant to be a reduced version! In fact, it has all the core features required for facility management, and should be used interchangeably with the web version, as and where more ideal. The web version is accessed using any browser. So, no worries of needing any special devices, or a buggy system.

5. Offline Mode

Best of all, Fiix can work in offline mode too! Even though some features requiring syncing and communication with the server will not work, users can still access key data and perform other work while they wait for the internet. Yes, offline mode works for both web and mobile. With Fiix, it will support your facility team to highly effectiveness, productivity, and performance levels!

6. Integrations Including with Industrial Solutions

Fiix integrates with over 15 third-party solutions for your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), industrial control, fleet management, CRM and more! Above all, these integrations can be done easily in a few clicks! No coding skills required, unless you wish to integrate beyond these 15 software using Fiix’s APIs. Regardless, integrations are useful to built a single platform for all related-work needs. Need a hand? Contact Fiix customer support.

Things to Note

  • The Database export feature is available only for Enterprise plans. That is, users on any other plans will not be able to export their databases for regular backup or perform other work such as analysis. Hence, does Fiix perform backup for you? Also, only you decide to cease subscription, will Fiix return your data back to you? Please check!
  • Fiix Foresight, which is Fiix’s AI system, is only available for ‘Professional’ and above plans. Therefore, without Fiix Foresight, users will not have access to AI-powered data analysis which is capable of forecasting orders, and trend-spotting for improvements. However, users do have access to standard reports for any paid plans which they can always use for analysis on their own.
  • Integrations are available in the Enterprise plan only, including any API access. Additionally, any integrations might incur extra costs for using the third-party software. Take note.

Pricing (annual basis)

  • Free – Up to 3 Users. Unlimited Work Requests & Orders. Scheduler & Calendar, Email & Push Notifications to App, Tasks List. Unlimited Asset Management, Downtime Tracking, Code Scanning, and Meter Readings. Unlimited Inventory Management, Basic Dashboard, and Email Support.
  • Basic (US$ 45/User/mth) – Everything in Free Plus Inspection Tasks, Standard Reports, and Phone Support.
  • Professional (US$ 75/User/mth) – Everything in Basic Plus AI-Insights, Nested Scheduler, Multi-Asst Work Orders, and Advanced Notifications. Rotating Assets & Multi-Site Management. Inventory Cycle & RFQs. Custom Report Builder, and Custom Branding.
  • Enterprise (Custom) – Everything in Professional Plus E-Signatures, Trigger Maintenance, Third-Party Integrations & APIs. Custom Interface, Audit Log, SSO, and Database Export.

3. InnoMaint

CMMS: InnoMaint
Image Source: InnoMaint

Founded and based in Chennai, India, InnoMaint boasts a history of nearly one and a half decade. It has been serving corporate clients across various industry verticals since 2006. To name a few, their clients include Kuehne+Nagel, Aurolab, EverZinc, and Medtec among many others. Moreover, their rich experience in this field had seen them continually develop their suite into a range of software catered for different facility and maintenance management work. We say, it’s a loss not to check them out. Read on!

Key Features & Buy Factor

1. Specialised Software for Facility Management, Asset Management or Field Service

InnoMaint is not just one software, but a suite comprising several that are available separately. Each specialised software comes with its own set of tools to support the respective group of users in their daily work operations. Hence, users can choose from their facility management, asset management or field service software that are packaged only with the tools for their job!

2. Location Tracking & Management

The smart Cloud AI software makes use of GPS to track service users for work assigning. In addition, the software is multi-location supported, enabling optimised operations across locations. Users can setup a geo-fence as demarcation. Likewise, this helps in location management while enabling greater efficiency. Very useful for large workspaces, or multiple-story workplaces.

3. Supports SLA & Contract Compliance

For each work request ticket, users can attach SLA or Contract documents for reference or include notes. They can also set about reminders to ensure execution before the timeframe and escalations to the right users for further follow-up. This feature will serve well for any Facility Managers who often need to juggle multiple tasks at hand on a daily basis. This brings to the next point.

4. Push Notifications & Email Alerts

Users get notified via push notifications on their mobile app and also via email. So, they can be away from their desk, and not worry about missing a deadline, or deliverable expected of a contract. The outcome is higher productivity, greater effectiveness, and a stronger performance!

5. Real-Time Dashboard & Reports

Talking about performance, InnoMaint supports this by enabling data-driven decision-making. That is, their smart AI-powered system is capable of monitoring and measuring any work done with the system. In particular, this includes any scheduled maintenance work, work request ticket, and performance KPI of technicians etc. Above all, their dashboard is synced real-time to support quick and decisive decision-making!

6. Web & Full Version Mobile App

Like others in this list, InnoMaint understands the importance of work on-the-go for the Facility Managers. Their web app is Cloud-powered, while their Mobile App version is built to function like the web app. Create work request ticket, edit work order, send for approval etc., all these could be done from the palm!

Things to Note

  • InnoMaint’s software are packed full of tools, so choose a software carefully. Will there be tools that you need that are not available in the chosen software? Quite likely. Check with InnoMaint on customisation if you need.
  •  No Asset Management tool is offered under the ‘Facility Maintenance’ Plan. This may be a huge limitation since Facility Managers often need to manage assets in cleaning reagents, fire extinguishers, chairs, tables, lifts, and even security alarm bells!
  • The very useful custom report tool is offered only in ‘Enterprise’ Plans only. Although, users can still obtain whichever standard reports offered under specific plan. 

Pricing (by Quote only)

  • Choice of 3 Categories; Facility Management, Equipment Maintenance, or Field Service Solution. Each Category has a choice of 3 Plans for selection; Basic, Professional & Enterprise. Click the Pricing Link to learn more.
  • Request for ‘Free Trial’ and ‘Live Demo’ available.

Final Comments

As you would have realised, the contemporary CMMS are feature-packed. Each of them offers certain similarities, but they all value-add in ways differently. So, always know what you want. If you are a first-time user, do not be shy to ask for a demo try out! Ask about their current customer experiences. If they have any actual stats to show for increased work performances, greater work enjoyment, higher productivity etc. After all, the ROI potential for CMMS is huge! That is, only if you take the effort to dig deeper, find out, and put your newfound knowledge to work! Hard to get management buy-in? Well, your preferred CMMS provider may have the answer. Go dig!



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