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What is CMMS?

Forward-looking businesses need computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to help manage assets, schedule maintenance, and track their work orders. While operational excellence does not always equate to business success, there is definitely a positive co-relation especially when a company uses CMMS. This is why CMMS software such as Hippo CMMS is so important in managing facility management operations. You must be wondering what is Hippo CMMS and how is it better than all the other software in the market. Let us discuss further about the what, how, and why of Hippo CMMS.

Manage Facilities Anywhere On The Go with Hippo CMMS
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Introduction to Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS can be defined as the one-stop-shop software for almost all industries. The software is a user-friendly, feature-packed web-based CMMS that can be used in manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, food & beverages, and retail among others. It is currently used by over 1,300 companies consisting of over 32,000 users. The software is fully equipped with tools that help manage work orders, preventive maintenance, equipment maintenance, facility management and inventory management. The beauty in this software is that it is built to be consumer-friendly that users of any level of technical skills can comfortably use it.

The software trends in the last year should be something to consider when making your decision. Hippo CMMS garnered 85/100 points in the CMMS category in the Top 3 in CMMS. The points were averaged based on positive user feedback, media publicity, and user trends collected from around the web. In a nutshell, Hippo CMMS offers an innovation coupled functionality that will transform maintenance operations work to ‘take less toll’ and be more fulfilling for the users.

Hippo CMMS Key Features

With only a device, login information and internet access, a user can easily access the Hippo CMMS interface which provides an overall graphical interface required for a certain maintenance operation. These might include a customizable dashboard (called Hippo Advanced Dash), interactive maps, floor plans, upcoming deadlines, user logs and other useful features. Some of the key features of the software are:

  • Ability to customize accounts, manage assets and equipment virtually and import drawings, blueprints, and floor maps for external work
  • The Hippo Standard Dash provides access to important maintenance information allowing businesses a preliminary step into data-driven decision making
  • The Hippo Calendar Dash support users in planning and formulating their workflow which helps in resource planning and allocation. The result is more efficiency, and less wastage.
  • Free training sessions and on-demand video tutorials for you to maximize the use of the product
  • Get more done with less effort with work order automation, which also comes with fully traceable analytics!
  • Full ease in scheduling and editing of preventive maintenance order. This notify the respective users of that order so that no parts or process is missed out in a fast-moving workplace
  • Tracking and monitoring of equipment ensures servicing, better accountability and smoother overall transaction with suppliers
  • A mobile application allowing users to use on the go, even at home!
  • Using of the mobile application in a device with camera function allows photos to be taken uploaded. QR and Barcode can also be scanned which is updated in the system real-time.
  • A support team that prides on a guaranteed reply within 24 hours with lifetime support. In addition, lots of free resources are provided via trainings, e-books and videos.

The Complete Facility Management Software
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ROI and Pricing

Of course, knowing how good a software can be is useless if you do not know what kind of ROI it could bring. Hippo CMMS readily provides a ROI calculator which any users could use upon providing their email address. In the ROI calculator, it basically asks questions relevant to your company’s labor, inventory, downtime and asset life. After keying in some sample data, our team were surprised to learn that we were able to obtain infinity ROI (%) with the minimum annual CMMS benefit of around US$80k and maximum of US$170k. According to Hippo CMMS, the maximum and minimum ROI is based on 20% and 10% savings respectively. The ROI is also subject to the quality of implementation and usage. Here, we recommend our readers to give a try HERE.

Hippo CMMS for Tablets and Smart Phones (Video Source Hippo CMMS)

Final Comments

Hippos CMMS’s plans is affordable and start from US$39 per month for an annual plan for a minimum of 2 users. Companies who require more features may choose from two other standard plans or use their Price Calculator to get a customized quote. Keen users may also obtain a 14-day free trial to try out their features before buying or schedule a demo.

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