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All businesses use reports in many ways. Sure, you may not be the one compiling the data, but you may be the one to present. So, if you find yourself in this situation, this article’s for you! Learn how this powerful design tool, Piktochart, can be used to make any professional and presentable reports. No prior skills required! Just sign up for a free account and you get unlimited usage of the full stock library for in-depth personalization and customisation! Too good to be true? Well, know it first before you try. Read on this article!

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  1. Intro to Piktochart
  2. What Can You Make with Piktochart?
  3. Pricing
  4. Templates Review
  5. Trying Out a Report Template
  6. Value-Added Features
  7. Our End Product vs Original

1. Intro to Piktochart

Piktochart is a cloud-based creative design tool that allows anyone to create all sorts of videos and graphics. Among its many design tools, its report-making tools are their signature. Users can use Piktochart to create professional-looking and data-rich graphics like reports, presentations and infographic, in the easiest way possible. Like many cloud design applications, you don’t need to have prior designing experience or training of some sort to be able to create ‘marketing-worthy’ designs. Piktochart has made things simple enough that you’ll learn to create quality designs in minutes, not hours. Moreover, it’s not just about creating infographics or reports, there is a lot more you can do with Piktochart!

2. What Can You Make with Piktochart?

Piktochart covers almost everything in the design field, from simple visual tools to video tools. With Piktochart, you can create not only Infographics, Resume, Reports & Presentations but also other forms of graphics like Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Graphs, Charts, Proposals, Newsletters, Social Media specific graphic content, etc.

In addition, Piktochart also comes with essential video tools such as Screen Recorder, Social Media Video Maker, Video Cropper, Video to Text Converter, etc., enlarging its comprehensive features further and more powerfully for quick video-making turn-around. Whether you are using Piktochart as an experienced user, or a complete newbie, you can be sure to get started really quickly with Piktochart. Just pick a template, or challenge yourself with a blank canvas!

3. Pricing

Piktochart offers specific solutions for individuals, small teams, enterprises, and educational and non-profit organizations. Therefore, they also have specific pricing plans for each of them. Although pricing is subject to change, below is a summary as of September 2022:

Piktochart pricing

Free (for starters): $0

Pro (for professionals and small teams): $14 /member/mo

Education (for students and educators): $39.99 /member/mo

Non-profit (for nonprofit purposes): $60 /member/yr

Enterprise (for organizations with 25+ members): Custom Pricing

For beginners starting to or just looking to try Piktochart, we’d recommend them to go with the free plan. Then, decide to upgrade or not after trying out. The Free plan includes almost all the basic features for you to get started with 1-4 team members, 5 projects, 100 MB of cloud storage, and unlimited access to stock library, etc. Another good thing that really encourage users to start is that your created designs would NOT have watermark stamped. Unlike other freemium cloud graphic makers, free use almost always come with watermark in the output.

Hence, would there be any reason to go for a paid subscription? Definitely! You get a lot more storage to support extensive design work, and can create unlimited projects. Moreover, you will get outputs in high quality, not just normal and medium, to support your professional work of any levels.

4. Templates Review

Piktochart offers a huge collection of over 1500 ready-made templates for easy customization and personalisation. By using those pre-made templates, anyone (literally) can create professional-looking beautiful design in just minutes! Basically, all the templates provided by Piktochart are so well pre-designed with different document standards! Like if you want to make a social media report, you just have to know what data you want to put in and find one with the closest match. Then, use that and import your data. Personalise the aesthetics aspects to match your brand feel. It’s as simple as that!

Piktochart templates to choose from

Want to know what templates are available in Piktochart? Just head over to the templates page. Here, you can see yourself the wide variety available for any creative design; from infographics, to proposals, reports, newsletters, presentations, and so much more! You can manually search for a particular template using the search bar at the top, or just browse with the filter on the left.

After you finding what seems like your ideal template, click on it to preview the full template pages and its different customizable segments. Then, next is to just start editing the template by clicking the ‘Start with this template’ button. This will bring you to Piktochart’s editor interface where you can review its many design tools. Alternatively, create a new design from scratch without using any templates (not recommended for beginners).

(Comment) Users own the copyright to their designs created in Piktochart. Each stock element may have its own usage license although most of them does not need to be attributed. So far, we have not encountered any big issue with licenses of any kind. Most notably, are licenses with audios when used in videos.

5. Trying Out a Report Template

Too much talk so let’s move to some action. After browsing around a bit, we found a really beautiful and professional report template called ‘Social Media Monthly Report’. So, we’ll just simulate and assume we’re using it to make a ‘Monthly Sales Report’.


From the first look, we can see Piktochart’s editor interface to be really neat and comprehensive. Basically, its main design preview in the center is surrounded by the various design tools at the sides, top and bottom.

Piktochart design interface

In terms of features, functionalities, and capabilities, we can find so many common design tools such as adding shapes, texts, colours and more that makes the learning curve literally flat! You are provided with a lot of options for Graphic elements to use in your design like shapes, icons, illustrations, photos, texts, etc. Moreover, you can edit every one of these elements to fit your design and usage. Again, free plan comes with unlimited stock photos and illustrations use! So, use these to personalize and design to your branding needs! If you need to add your own brand logo, you will find that most templates come with an area for it where you can just replace with your own.

Coming to this, we’d like to point out the most useful tab for making your reports; that is Design Components. Found in the left section, this tab lets you easily create lists, timelines and comparisons for professional visualizable reports!

Charts & Tables

In making any reports, charts and tables are key elements. From our experience with other design tools, we found Piktochart to be advanced and powerful! Not only it supports a large number of chart types like pie, scatter plot, bubble, doughnut, swatch, bar, etc., but it also comes with many other functions like color coding, tooltips, data labels, etc.

Piktochart chart and table tools

For the chart data, you can either enter data manually in the built-in spreadsheet or you can import from other data sources like spreadsheet files, Microsoft Excel documents, CSV, etc. Plus, you can also use dynamic data in the charts by using the Google Spreadsheet document link.

Piktochart data import tools


For any visualization of data in terms of geography, we can easily add maps in Piktochart. Here, we can color code specific countries or regions as we like and set certain data values for each of the sections. These maps add to the overall aesthetics of your reports, quality or presentation and professionalism of the presenting team.

Add maps in Piktochart

6. Value-Added Features

In this fast-paced economy, it is essential for any fast-turnaround. If you are your company’s designer, or brand agency, you had already been there and you know it. If the team including approval can work more closely, communicate and leave comments in each stage of the design, finalization can come so much faster. Work gets more enjoyable too! Who wants to be chased constantly anyway? Nonetheless, Piktochart offers the Team Workspace feature to enable team collaboration around a project. There can be team members, admins and owner within the workspace with each role having different access rights. Unfortunately, there is no real-time editing in Piktochart. That is, only one member can edit at any one time. In a way, this can make things less messy too! Invitation to the workspace is via email. In the free plan, a total of 4 team members are allowed including yourself.

Team Workspace in Piktochart

7. Our End Product vs Original

Our Final Report Made with PiktochartSample of a Piktochart Report Template
Our Created Report (Left) & Original Template (Right)

Final Comments

Piktochart has some really good templates for making reports such as monthly marketing reports, sales infographics, annual review, research study and more. To complement their report-making tools are their complete and user-friendly design features and full stock library access. Last but not least, Piktochart has a nice suite of team collaboration functionalities built in. Unfortunately, Piktochart isn’t a project management tool so we didn’t find any ‘approve’ function that allow admins or owners to approve and finalise work. Neither is there a ‘timeclock’ function to record hours spent on the work which both can be useful for the agencies.


Are there any reports you’re looking to make? Review Piktochart’s report templates and COMMENT which template fits your needs!

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