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What is HireVue?

HireVue is a HR Software for hiring that supports organization in their recruiting and talent hiring process.  It does this through their smart algorithms and artificial intelligence. In short, this next-gen platform simplifies the complexities in hiring to bring up essential data which supports the hiring manager in his recruiting decision.

The SaaS platform does this through three main functions in video interviewing, talent assessments and interview scheduling.

Report Interface of this Software for Hiring, HireVue
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How does HireVue work?

1. AI-Powered Video Interviews

Video interviews with HireVue is carried out like a normal job interview except that it is in front of a camera ‘live’ or recorded. The platform basically screens candidates with questions. As candidates respond, the platform notes thousands of tiny, almost invisible signals such as changes in position, facial expressions, changes in tone of voice, and choice of words etc.

Then, this mountain of collected data is compared with the algorithm of a model employee to ultimately derive at a score. The idea here is that a future good employee should ‘look’ like a current good worker. This is done seamlessly and swiftly on the backend automatically without the human candidate noticing any change or ‘feedback’. This in this case, might be a little too ‘harsh’ since the candidate would not be able to correct or reinforce his stand.

However, this represents a tradeoff when hirers could instead use the platform to do the interviewing while they focus efforts on other areas of work. Meaning that more candidates could be interviewed with a larger pool of quality candidates shortlisted. The shortlisted candidates could then be further assessed via the hiring managers, and relevant department heads by looking at the scores, assessment from the platform and the recorded interview. Yes, again, the interviews could be recorded, so that means candidates are required to be informed that the session is recorded and how the recording will be used (This is just ethics and respect to personal and privacy data). On the other hand, candidates get to interview at their own place and time where they are most comfortable.

2. AI-Powered Assessment

In the AI-powered assessment, what we need to point out here is this: That prior to interviewing, it is required to work with HireVue’s IO Psychologists to obtain a common understanding in that job requirements, which then provides the information for the IO Psychologists to turn that information into algorithm codes. That means that, this step is crucial. Without sufficient time and effort, there is no way a good ‘model’ can be obtained for assessment.

It is also perhaps in the responsibility of the hirer to also think of the possible biases in certain positions such as when a certain job positions are more suitable for a certain gender, or if even certain gender speaks quicker, which can all affect the algorithm and hence the final score. In fact, we suggest that users of HireVue, or any other similar platforms, to question their IO Psychologists critically of biases hiding among the codes. Likewise, users should ask the IO Psychologists on the success factors that could result in higher scores in order to understand results of assessment better. If even over mentioning a word could be penalized, then perhaps its good to know the ‘AI’s’ definition of too many. Users can also work with IO Psychologists to ‘select games’ as an assessment tool.

Gamify with this Software for Hiring, HireVue
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3. Interview Scheduling

The last point here is pretty much about efficiency. HireVue’s automated interview scheduling tool saves time by eliminating manual interview scheduling. In fact, candidate could schedule themselves while the platform’s central interface provides a neat overview with a real-time calendar. With workflow automation, all users need is notify candidates via email or SMS about an upcoming recruitment exercise. Then let the power of workflow to facilitate the scheduling. The candidates can then self-schedule their interview time.

Further Resources

HireVue’s current customers included brands such as Cathay Pacific, Vodafone, Unilever, Maxis and a lot more. A list of some of their customer’s case studies are HERE. We would also like to encourage you to try out their free ROI calculator with your own data. It is always interesting to have a casual understanding of your own ROI. For those keen on anything more hiring resources, have a look at their Blog and Resource Library.

Overview of HireVue Platform (Video Source: HireVue)

Final Comments

The world of HR technology is huge! What more to be AI-powered! Recruitment is definitely a big portfolio for any HR professional and an important role for any organisation. Being updated about hiring technology is a must in order for companies’ HR to move even quicker and more effectively to secure the top candidate! In AI, it seems the usage in recruitment is still relatively new without much concrete evidence on ROI. In the ROI here, we mean in terms of time and money savings vs quality of recruits. Although again, it could be argued that contemporary methods are just not the correct way.

One thing we know here is that HireVue is one of the most recognized software for hiring in the market with their innovative approach in using AI. Keep an eye out for them as recruitment technology develops. You never know, because AI learns fast, and fully capable of learning on their own!


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