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Workato never fail to disappoint with their catchy tone, innovative feel and modern offerings on their website. As a practitioner of simplicity, Workato definitely propels themself to the top of pack by effectively describing their offering in just this one-liner: ‘Easily turn your to-do’s into ta-da’s ‘. Shoosh! Does this not catch your soul?

Workato is the workflow master specialized in intelligent business process automation. They had perfected the art of workflow to three strokes; First is that workflow should be simple to implement. Second, is to be intelligent enough to bring one flow from one to the next with ease and accuracy. Third, is to be powerful in executing follow up actions to expectations. In the IT definition, I had just described the flow of trigger, actions and conditions.

If you are looking for solutions in workplace productivity, or open to exploring one, you had come to the right place. Read what we say about Workato in this easy to digest article for the laymen to find out!

Business Process Automation in Workato for Sales
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What is Workato?

Workato is a low-code/no-code iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) leader used by over 21,000 organizations. It boasts over 500,000 ready-to-use ‘recipes’ to help automate and build workflows for any processes in a business. Whether be it in HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support, IT or Embedding Product, Workato’s comprehensive library of ‘recipes’ is sure to be able to power them all. In fact, some of the world’s renowned brands including Grab, Slack, HubSpot, MGM and Logitech among others, entrusted their business flows to them. Why is that so?

Why Workato for Workflow and Business Process Automation?

1. Next-Gen Technologies:

The Workato platform itself Is foundationally built on next-gen technology. That is, it has integrations to Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, modern security features in authentication and authorization methods etc. This means that it has a whole lot of potential to go further as these technologies’ advances. Full list of Workato’s features HERE.

2. Multi-Integrations:

That said, Workato’s capability cannot be under estimated as it could integrate with thousands of on-premise and Cloud applications and databases; potentially covering many companies. Whether you are using Shopify, Zoom, QuickBase, Linkedin, Instagram, FreshBooks or any other apps, as long as you are using one with your organization, Workato is right there with you, ready to integrate seamlessly for use straight away! Think of your jobscope. Would you be keen in automating your recruitment which will ensure your job postings are always kept up-to-date? Alternatively, would you be keen in having a 360-degree view of your customer in the entire customer journey? How about having your AP and procurement automated so your vendor data is always synced and updated – No errors, No confusion, 100% accuracy.

3. Low-Code/No-Code

As mentioned previously, Workato’s platform is low-code/no-code. That means you do not need to leave any parts of finetuning or correction to your developers. You could do it yourself! While of course you could get help by contacting Workato Customer Support, your ‘First Aid plan’ could always be useful in an emergency. What do you mean? While you wait for help, you could always scour the online resources readily available in Workato’s website. Even if you are not a user of Workato, we suggest you to ‘Subscribe’ to their mailing list as they always provide free ebooks, whitepapers, videos and even webinars! If you are a total automation geek, follow their Blog to always stay up to date with their offerings.

Here we save the best for the last >>> Recipe Collections and Recipes from the Community

Business Process Automation in Workato for HR
Image Source: Workato

Things You Should Know Before Using Workato

Well, here at Donut Atwork, we have faith in people that they will do wonderful things with WorkTech. However again, no technology, in fact, no tools are made for every situation. We curate these review sites as our suggestions for your further reading below:

  1. Black Lives Matter
  2. Trust Radius
  3. GetApp
Create Workflow Easily with Workato (Video Source: Workato)

Final Comments

With a pricing plan starting at US$10,000 per year, this suite is priced nicely for the serious businesses given its leading status in workflow and business process automation. Going with this platform for your automation transformation will not be wrong, however to truly maximise use, research carefully and thread your usage against pricing. Contact the Workato team if you had read enough and considering. With the ability of next-gen technology at the core of this suite, much remains to be offered and shared.



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