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It seems that no-code app building tools have given the power of creation to everyone. Instead of being consumers of technology, people are easily putting it together themselves. This will unleash enormous economic potential, as people now no need programming skills to build new applications. Many ‘Tech’ companies will catapult. Companies will benefit from a leaner and cleaner workforce due to the daily hand-in-hand work with artificial intelligence. It will also help create new jobs and opportunities for more people. Most importantly, it will empower people to create their own solutions to their own problems. That’s why making no-code or low-code app development to the masses is an unbelievable opportunity. We say ‘don’t miss it’!

There are many choices out there on the market when it comes to no-code app development. There are reasons why we like Betty Blocks and Glideapps. Read on for our comparison.

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What is Betty Blocks?

Design Interface of Betty Blocks
Image Source: Betty Blocks
  • Betty Blocks is an enterprise-focused no-code application development tool, that focuses on “citizen developers”. Certainly, companies’ IT departments can also use them or be the support to other non-IT personnel to create useful ‘work boosting’ applications.
  • Betty Blocks’ editor enable users to build both web and native applications, via their web browser on any operating system.
  • The application can be built with integrations to some of the most useful enterprise-level software to enhance its features. Betty Blocks could equip third-party API integration with tools and platforms such as Google Documents, Messagebird, Salesforce, Slack, and Stripe.

What is Glide app?

Glideapps Spreadsheets on Mobile
Image Source: Glideapps
  • Glideapps also known as Glide is another no-code platform that enable users to create apps from a Google sheet in five minutes at zero costs. This no-code tool basically transforms your Google Sheet into a user-friendly mobile app with a simple user interface.
  • With Glide, users build their app by customising the data on the Google Sheet, which operates as the database. However, this no-code platform only allow users to CRUD, that is: create, read, update and delete their interactions on that connected Google Sheet.
  • The Glide Dashboard acts as a control centre, where users have an easy overview of useful resources. This could be customised subject to users’ requirements. The dashboard could include links to video tutorials with instructions, next step in the project, browse templates etc.
  • Some free readymade apps are available to be use as templates for creating a wide range of apps. This could include apps for employee directory, tasks management, asset management, CRM, invoicing, conference management etc.

Betty Blocks VS Glideapps

 Betty BlocksGlideapps
SuitabilityFor business users in the following industries: Engineering, Construction, Finance, Government, Insurance and Legal.  

Organisations who wishes to quickly build useful apps either to use internally, or sell.
A user-friendly no-code platform for people who want to make apps for all sorts of purposes not limited to work.

The apps made could be a city guide app, personal budget tracker, daily quiz etc.

Due to its wide functions and simplicity, anyone could use Glideapps if the apps help them in any way. Tour guides, housewife, teachers etc.
Cost and PricingUsers can choose from 3 packages (Single, Standard and Enterprise).

Each package has different categories of pricing structure based on user needs.

Prices are dependent on a 3-year agreement and starts from EUR 1,425 annually.

Companies that choose the Enterprise Package will be given full-suite support from the Betty Blocks team to aid users with the app development, design and launch.

On the other hand, users of the Single package will only receive web-based support and online service assistance that lets them access the technical team from 9am-5pm on business days only.

10GB of storage is included with the Single and Standard plans.

100GB of storage is included with the Enterprise plan.

Any additional storage can be add-on separately.

Single Package:
– The Single Package is a great choice for SMBs or freelancers that need only 1 application.
– It supports up to 500 internal users and 100 external users.
– Include 10GB storage.

Standard Package:
– SMBs or MNCs who are looking to build between unlimited number of apps may choose this package.
– It also supports unlimited internal users and 100 external users.
– Include 10GB storage.

Enterprise Package:
– Includes more storage and higher level of customer support on top of the Single and Standard package.
Availability of individual and business app plans with the business app plan supporting more than 1 users.

Each plan type differs base on the features such as storage space, number of data rows (more data rows means able to build more complicated app), private domain, no Glideapps branding etc.

Users can also choose to achieve 25% cost savings with annual instead of monthly plans.

Individual Plan:
– Begins at US$0 up to US$32 monthly on a monthly subscription basis.
– One downside of an individual free plan is that Glide branding will be featured in the final app, which may not make the app look professional.
– Free users get 500 rows of data, 100MB of file & image storage, and other basic but crucial features.

Business Plan:
– Begins at US$6 per month per active user on a monthly subscription basis up to US$24 per month per user.
– A Small Business Plan supports building up to 4 apps for up to 5,000 users.
– Unlimited number of collaborators can be added.
– A subscription is possible with a minimum commitment of 10 users.

Custom Plan is possible.
UsabilityReady-to-use Templates that are user-centric and industry relevant.

Users can customise further as they need.

Although Betty Blocks may lack a little on the number of customisation users could make.

Clean and neat drag-and-drop interface.
A decently huge list of templates is available both for free and paid.

Apps can be created in minutes and launched!

No drag-and-drop interface
ResourcesAny users can access Betty Blocks technical team from 9am-5pm on business days.

Videos on tutorials are available although are very introductory.

Academy offering online courses.

Forum of community for current users but seem to be under-utilised.
Glideapps’ support team only answers account, billing, and security-related questions.

List of Video tutorials are comprehensive, but seems a little too short-cut.

Guides and documentation available mostly through videos which are easier to absorb.

Lots of discussion in the online community forum.

Alternatives to App Development

We decided that this section is too important to miss out. Many users may look to apps, but there might be better options which may be easier to pick up. Consider the below:

  • Other no-code app development tool for enterprises is Unqork and Retool.
  • If you are looking to build mobile app, look at specilised platforms like Adalo or Thunkable.
  • If you are looking to build workflows to automate your routine tasks, consider QuickBase or Workato which are both low-code and easy to pick up.
  • Drag-and-drop website builders such as Shopify, Weebly or Wix are good alternatives for building a personal website or a small e-commerce business. There is no need to use app development tools which may still be rather primitive.
  • Also check out WordPress if you are considering launching a blog or an e-commerce site and require an open-source CMS platform which can always be enhanced further with plugins.

Our Advice

No-code doesn’t mean zero code. There will always be a place for developers and their technical know-how to excel, even in no-code tools. But being unable to code shouldn’t stop consumers from being adept to launch their app ideas, shape businesses, or pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. It’s exhilarating to see so many no code development platforms opening up possibilities for the non-developer to explore.



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