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My name is Lucas Tan, and I am the Founder, Writer and Editor-in-Chief of this Site.

(never mind the title, I just want to let you know what I do here)

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By profession, I am an Event Producer and Planner. With a background minoring in marketing and a natural entrepreneurial spirit, I strive to be adept in business management as well as strategies. My ‘stay home’ hobbies consisted of reading and learning anything online related to digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Website Development, Creative Design and the many WorkTech available today.

This bring us to why I started Donut Atwork.

WAIT, did I say ‘DONUT’?!

That sounds like the favourite cursing word of Gordon Ramsey.

(Gordon Ramsey is notorious for scolding someone ‘Donut’ to refer someone for being foolish)

Well, ‘Donut’ (by Gordon Ramsey’s definition) at work is not the reason we are here. In fact, quite the opposite.

During one of my days trying to learn a certain WorkTech online (can’t remember that Tech), I realised that I was spending unnecessary amount of time; opening links, speed-reading for quality content, closing windows and repeating, just in an attempt to find what I was looking for. That is when I started keying in ‘worktech’ and ‘work technology’ into Google Search hoping to find a central platform.


Got a whole bunch of links with irrelevant content. Certainly not what I was looking for!

Sure we have news, media and review sites about technology, about softwares (of all sorts like IT, Telecom, Gadgets etc.), and all, or websites about that Tech Ware.

There is just NO ONE Platform that talk WorkTech!

If there is anything more essential in the contribution of advancement to humanity is perhaps the greater embracement of technology for work, or what it should be easily understood as WorkTech. Since isn’t it better if an employee can do more with less, or perform better quality of work with greater ease?

Similar words which I had found are ‘Productivity Suite’ or ‘Office Suite’. A highly popular example of WorkTech then would be Microsoft Office. Although WorkTech had evolved to be much more than just another piece of software installed in the computer, we now have Big Data, Cloud Technology, SaaS, PaaS, Applets (and all sorts of associated cyber security issues that comes along) that are helping shape the next WorkTech today.

Not forgetting as well that the COVID-19 pandemic had swept through the world like a tsunami and forcing all work to stay indoors – shifting to telecommuting or hybrid working instead and calling for a whole new suite of WorkTechs in video conferencing and collaboration tools.

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Hence here, I bring to you DonutAtwork.com, founded with the purpose to be the central platform for WorkTech or any technology that could be used to boost work.

Here you will find Tutorials, Reviews as well as Tips. Overtime, I hope to bring you more than just another piece of article for your work.


Before I leave you to your reading….

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That’s all I ask!

Have a wonderful time reading. With all the knowledge about WorkTech, I hope you could go about using it, and eventually achieving wonderful things with it.

With WorkTech bringing your work to another level of effectiveness and efficiency, I am sure you could have a ‘Donut at Work’! (and Donut Atwork)

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