Sync WP Plugins to Automate Tasks: Uncanny Automator or AutomatorWP


Sync Your WP Plugins for Automation: Uncanny Automator or AutomatorWP

Progressive businesses are always trying to do more. Doesn’t matter if you’re using a WordPress site or not! We tell you now that your WordPress site is core to your business. By connecting WordPress plugins together, you can automate their functions to perform tasks automatically. Well, all you need is another automation/integration plugin! We review and compare Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP in this article to tell you all about them and their impact they can have on your WordPress site (and business)!

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  1. Why Sync Your WordPress Plugins Together?
  2. Common Features of WordPress Automation Plugins
  3. Uncanny Automator
  4. AutomatorWP
  5. Final Comments

1. Why Sync Your WordPress Plugins Together?

A business website with e-commerce features can easily runs between 20 to 30 plugins. Sure, the more plugins installed on your WordPress site, the likelihood to slow the site’s loading and for crashes due to plugin glitches are higher. However, this is a totally different concern for another day.

You can have any number of plugins, that is if you truly need them. Automation/Integration plugins like Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP comes in as a connector between plugins to make them work better for you. So, the first question to ask is; what plugins are you using? How do they work together?

Very important here, as what Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP are, is really supporting your tech stack building for the purposes of fast and smooth delivery of routine tasks performed by plugins. Consider a case scenario here; you have an e-commerce WordPress site with WooCommerce installed. You are also using the Formidable Forms plugin to collect customer details. Here, can you connect both plugins together such that after the completion of forms in Formidable Forms, your customer will automatically receive a coupon initiated from WooCommerce? Definitely!

Alternatively, would you want your WordPress posts to be automatically shared to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media channels too? You can, with Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP. In a way, if you’re familiar with Zapier or other integration platforms like Integromat, Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP works the same way, only that specifically for WordPress!

2. Common Features of WordPress Automation Plugins

1. No-Code: WordPress gains its popularity due to its no-code platform that enables and inspires millions of users globally to build their own website. And that applies to Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP too! With a few simple clicks, users can build automation-powered WordPress sites that runs on trigger-action workflows.

2. Ready Recipes from Plugins: Like templates, automation plugins come with their own recipes (i.e. both triggers and actions) all well-documented for users to kickstart. Hence again, know the plugins you’re using in order to know which automation plugins are viable. Then, look through the triggers and actions that can be performed with each to decide your ideal!

3. Integrates to External Apps: Needing a third-party platform in this regard such as Zapier (most popular), Integromat and many others. So, if you haven’t yet know about these integration platforms yet, head over to our article Here to learn more. Otherwise, by being able to connect your WordPress site to external apps, not just internally within your plugins now, your site becomes a powerful business tool to enable all sorts of necessities. Such as proper CRM, data analytics collection, real-time data update, and inventory sync etc. Perhaps you haven’t heard about automation and integration much, but if your business is going to move with utmost efficiency, then start your own automation/integration journey. Why wait? Next, presenting our review of Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP!

3. Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator

Year Founded: 2018

Country of Origin: Canada

Active Installations: 10k+


  • Integrable Plugins: 80+
  • Triggers & Actions: 400+
  • Zapier Supported: Yes
  • Integromat Supported: Yes
  • No-Code Workflow Builder: Yes

Why Choose Uncanny Automator?

  1. More Popular, Wider User Base – Founded 2 years earlier than AutomatorWP, Uncanny Automator had built a real name for themselves as the foremost automation WordPress plugin. Moreover, it had also been installed as much as two times against AutomatorWP. Hence, their larger userbase and earlier headstart gives them the competitive edge for continual development which we are sure to be looking forward to.
  2. Cheaper for 1-Year Unlimited Sites – If you compare both plugins, Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP, you’d realised both are rather competitive. Ultimately, it boils down to the plugins you intend to use and if they have the recipes for it. Nonetheless, if you’re the agency in the market for annual plans for unlimited sites, Uncanny Automator saves you back by as much as 25% (USD 100)!
  3. 14-Day Moneyback – Buy and try all you want within 14 days! With Uncanny Automator, you get ‘no question’ asked moneyback as long as within 14 days. It’s a superb assurance and huge call for all WordPress users to try. So, what’s stopping?


  • Free Use: Yes, with 100+ Recipes Only
  • Paid Plan: fr US$ 149/year for 1 Site & Unlimited Recipes
  • Moneyback: 14 Days

4. AutomatorWP

Uncanny Automator Alternative: AutomatorWP

Year Founded: 2020

Country of Origin: Spain

Active Installations: 4k+


  • Integrable Plugins: 90+
  • Triggers & Actions: 1,300+
  • Zapier Supported: Yes
  • Integromat Supported: Yes
  • No-Code Workflow Builder: Yes

Why Choose AutomatorWP?

  1. Power Value 5-Year Plans – Uncanny Automator may be a deal sealer for their 1-year plans, but if you’re going long (you definitely deserve to!), then AutomatorWP is jolly well your choice! Offering 3-year and 5-year plan, AutomatorWP drives powerful business transformation at super value! Users save between 20 and 40% respectively whether you need for 2 sites, 10 or unlimited!
  2. More Integrable Plugins – Not so much difference between the two, but certain plugins may be available for one but not the other. Click our link in ‘Essentials’ and look through the respective lists for your plugins. Then, click to see the possible triggers and actions associated with each.
  3. More Triggers & Actions – At more than 3 times the recipes available for AutomatorWP than Uncanny Automator. Nevertheless, its not the numbers that counts, but what you can do with each recipe. Look through them carefully. Make your own notes what you can do with Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP to see which can stretch your dollars further!


  • Free Use: Yes, for Limited Integrations
  • Paid Plan: fr US$ 149/year for 2 Sites & All Add-Ons
  • Moneyback: No

5. Final Comments

There aren’t much options for automation/integration WordPress plugins available. The two we reviewed are quality options that will be sure to gain even more popularity in time to come. Sure, plugins and even external software (including cloud ones) have their own native integrations. But, using an automation plugin serves as a central hub and an extension to the available functionalities. For a faction of costs, your business can undergo a whole transformation that enables your team to work better and easier. Is it worth it? We certainly think so!

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