Modern Recruitment: 5 Best ATS – Applicant Tracking Systems


What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Previously, hiring teams of companies would have to invest a lot of time and resources in recruitment. The procedure would include advertising the job vacancies, outlining the work experiences and other skills expected from the candidates and manually setting up interviews. These seemingly simple steps nonetheless would consume several hours.

Fortunately, several well-known companies have developed recruitment software with Applicant Tracking System (ATS) features to help recruiters by reducing the time and effort throughout the recruiting process. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), these new software technologies had forged a new tactical and practical approach towards Human Resource Management. Though the features vary from software to software, most of them offer similar basic functionality.

Impact of ATS

ATS facilitates workforce planning and provides an all-in-one platform for posting jobs, filtering suitable candidates based on the requirements posted, and organizational socialization. These digital databases streamline an entire spectrum of information, such as job requirements and resumes of the applicants through customizable analytics.

The shift from the traditional hiring methods to the digital framework had alleviated many problems. For instance, recruiting managers can now rely on ATS recruitment software to manage the technical complexities of the recruitment process resulting in a smoother all-round flow and an enjoyable experience for interviewing candidates. According to a recent survey, an astonishingly high rate of 97% of the talent managers and recruiters find recruitment software beneficial.

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Hence, we present our comparative analysis of five ATS recruitment software that are widely considered as the best among recruiters and HR Managers across the globe.  Like all our articles, they are simplified and written for casual reading. So, read as you take a break. Hop on, and read on!

  1. GoHire
  2. BambooHR
  3. Freshteam
  4. Staff Squared HR
  5. Breezy HR

1. GoHire

Best ATS-GoHire
Image Source: GoHire

As a multifaceted hiring platform that offers a variety of features, GoHire is specially designed for small and mid-size enterprises. The founder, Chris Smith, developed this software with ATS on his vision of a technologically advanced yet easy-to-use hiring system. It aims to offer maximum control to the recruiter through customizable features, like hundreds of templates and auto-generated suggestions for relevant questions. Simultaneously, it seeks to reduce the workload by undertaking the arduous tasks and performing them swiftly.

Key Features

  • Effective data organization in a single platform making analytics and data-driven decision possible.
  • Library of Customizable screening questionnaires, job templates, emails among others.
  • Use of automation including email notification, interview scheduling, bulk postings etc. to save time and increase efficiency.

Buy Factor:

  • This platform provides recruiters with an impressive degree of control to manage the procedure and share access with other members according to their preferences.
  • It has integrations with several popular job advertising platforms such as Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor etc., to help recruiters broadcast their positions further and reach suitable talents.
  • It functions well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile, which increases the accessibility for job candidates and the hiring team.
  • The support team is 24/7 available, so you can directly talk to them in case of any problems.

Things to Note:

  • On using the older versions of the software, some people complained that many important features like auto-generated emailing service were missing in this software. One can, however, get rid of this glitch by updating to the latest software version.
  • There are no intermediate categories between hired and denied when it comes to candidates, and some people find the absence of a waitlist a big miss on the part of the software development team.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Starter (US$ 62/mth) – Standard Features, 3 Active Jobs, 3 Active Pools, Unlimited Members.
  • Growth (US$ 125/mth) – Standard Features, Unlimited Active Jobs, Unlimited Active Pools, Unlimited Members, Bulk importing etc.
  • Pro (US$ 214/mth) – Everything in Growth plus advanced reports, questionnaires and evaluations.

2. BambooHR

Best ATS-BambooHR
Image Source: BambooHR

As a HR Management tool, BambooHR stays true to its name by recognizing candidates as invaluable assets. It ranks high at accessibility, compatibility, and ease of use. Above all, there are currently over 19,000 client organizations that actively refer to BambooHR for recruitment. Additionally, small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups find this platform affordable and easy to navigate.

Key Features

  • It offers a smart HR Information System to collect, evaluate, categorize, and implement data.
  • The integration of an effective ATS organizes, analyzes, and communicates with the candidates effectively.
  • It enables collaboration among the hiring team by sharing controls and dividing the tasks.

Buy Factor:

  • The excellent graphics with high-resolution images, the trademark panda icon, and the integration of vivid colors make it a visually pleasing platform to use.
  • Rather than robotic operations, BambooHR utilizes human values and culture. It evaluates the pool of candidates to find the best matches for a firm, facilitates the organizational socialization for recruits, and provides data on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • The inculcation of auto-generated smart reminders speeds up the hiring procedure by inspiring the members and the candidates to stay on track.
  • Is a complete suite for HR Management with feature like payroll, time tracking, employee engagement, and performance management.

Things to Note:

  • Though it has a reporting system, many employers find that it is not comprehensive and detailed.
  • The mobile app does not yield the same high functionality and lacks some features that the software claims to offer.
  • It may suffer from crashes and require time to reload, which slows down proceedings when there is poor internet connectivity.

Pricing (by Quote only)

  • Essentials – HR Management, Employee Self-Service, and Customer Support.
  • Advantage – Everything in Essentials plus Hiring & Onboarding, Advanced Components, Integrations, and Employee Satisfactions.
  • Add-ons – Payroll, Time Tracking, and Performance Management.

3. Freshteam

Best ATS-Freshteam
Image Source: Freshteam

As one of the products of leading business software provider, Freshworks, Freshteam offers an entire range of practical and strategic options that facilitate the hiring process. Together with an effective ATS for hiring suitable candidates, Freshteam provides advanced features for smooth onboarding and employee management. It timely completes the arduous organizational tasks, like assimilating the employee data and tracking patterns.

Key Features

  • Freshteam has been designed to facilitate a smooth onboarding experience. i.e. form filling, documents submission, tasks tracking, real-time reminders to task, welcome kit etc.
  • Social channels integrations allowing job postings on popular networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.
  • Specialised Vendor Portal allowing users to add their preferred vendors for that recruitment work.

Buy Factor:

  • Recruiters can benefit from a wide variety of options at each recruitment stage. For instance, parsing candidate resumes, quick scheduling of interviews, and easy integration with other tools.
  • Freshteam allows the management of a talent pool as a waitlist for potential recruits, while supporting employee referrals.
  • It has a candidate engagement software in-built that already begin nurturing potential recruits with email conversations at the right time, notification to keep them up-to-date, and a task system to ensure all the steps for the best hiring experience are ensured.

Things to Note:

  • Some users did not rate the Freshteam customer support very highly and considered it dissatisfying.
  • Using some of the features was still found to be time-consuming, such as generating keywords for job descriptions.
  • The regular development and update had caused some users to experience bugs and crashes.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Free (up to 50 staffs) – 3 Job Postings, Basic Career Site, Team Collaboration, Employee Information System, Basic Time Off Management etc.
  • Blossom (US$ 50/mth per 50 staffs) – Everything in Free with 10 Job Postings, plus Interview Kits, Custom Hiring Pipelines, Vendor Management, Recruiting Automations, Job Board Integrations etc.
  • Garden (US$ 100/mth per 50 staffs) – Everything in Blossom with unlimited Job Postings plus Social Recruiting, Talent Pool Management, Multiple Language Support, Onboarding and Offboarding etc.
  • Estate (US$ 200/mth per 50 staffs) – Everything in Garden plus Custom User Roles, Access Restrictions based on IPs, custom URL and SSL, and a dedicated Account Manager.

4. Staff Squared HR

HR Management-Staff Squared HR
Image Source: Staff Squared HR

The founders, Dean and Simon, initially created Staff Squared HR for personal ease in Human Resource Management. However, it soon became popular and was developed for enterprises later. It uses the latest software and ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. This software is unlike the others mentioned which are recruitment based. This software does not have ATS, but it does support the everyday HR management. They have features to support in new hire onboarding, employee document sharing, performance management, time tracking, expense management and so forth. Oh, surely, it has analytics reporting as well to support data culture.

Key Features

  • High Data Security. Data are stored in compliance with GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 among other international and industry standards.
  • Reliability in data infrastructures with backups every 15 minutes to various servers ensure minimal data loss in rare instances of failures.
  • It is specialized and developed to help small businesses in their HR Management. How is this a key feature? Read on.

Buy Factor:

  • Complete and easy to use HR Management Suite without recruiting features.
  • High level of security via 2FA, 128-bit bank level SSL Encryption, protected data centres and real-time backups.
  • Cheap. Yes! Look at the pricing below to know why. Their pricing is based on per head which small businesses up to 100 pax may only need at most 5 HR staffs. This comes to a total of just half the costs of the other we mentioned here.

Things to Note:

  • No ATS, so no recruitment features, although small businesses would likely not have huge hiring plans.
  • Gets pricey if there are more than 5 HR staffs on a paid plan.


  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Monthly (GBP 3.5/staff) – Full Features
  • Yearly (20% Discount) – Full Features

5. Breezy HR

Best ATS-Breezy
Image Source: Breezy HR

As a modern recruitment software with ATS, Breezy HR offers a refreshing experience to not just recruiters but also job seekers. It offers several useful features for applicant tracking, job postings, candidates shortlisting, and interview scheduling. As a recruiter, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by assigning tasks digitally instead of manually going through each stage of the process. Besides, this software generates accurate reports and other analytical data to keep the users up-to-date. It might be more suitable for established enterprises. Find out why below.

Key Features

  • Tech-enabled software with a Chrome extension that allows easy prospect viewing on supported platforms such as LinkedIn, Github and Dribbble etc. Breezy HR also have a website embeddable chatbot called ‘Hello Messenger’ which allow users to engage prospects and increase conversion possibilities.
  • Availability of Ready Talent Pool to search millions of candidates with a few clicks.
  • Mobile Apps Version available.
  • Huge range of other HR software integrations possible to extend its features.

Buy Factor:

  • Employers can complete several recruitment stages through minimal manual efforts because this ATS software can send automated emails and follow-ups, compare the availability of the hiring teams to schedule interviews, and set online meetings.
  • You can advertise openings across over 50 job boards. Breezy HR also allows users to track the responsiveness, engagement, and ranking of their job posts via analytics.
  • Beginners can quickly learn to adjust and manage this platform, and consistent customer support is also available.

Things to Note:

  • Breezy HR can be a bit on the higher price side.
  • The free plan is too limited in features. as it only provides 1 job advertisement each time. Thus making even small startups inconvenient to use.
  • Some users had found the platform to be laggy at times.

Pricing (annual subscription. Comes with 2 months free and unlimited users)

  • Free – 1 Active Job Ad, Resume Parsing, Interview Self-Scheduling, and Branded Career Site etc.
  • Startup (US$ 143/mth) – Everything in Free plus customizable pipeline, candidate automations, tasks management, video assessments, screening questionnaires, analytics etc.
  • Business (US$ 399/mth) – Everything in Startup plus Custom Roles, Scorecards, eSignatures, Offer Management, Automated Reference Checking, Employee Referrals, Vendor Portal etc.
  • Pro (custom) – Full features including Single Sign-on, Phone Support, Setup and Training and Dedicated Account Manager.

Our Advice

The five software discussed above provide the advanced touch to HR Management and recruiting in particular with ATS. Prior to adoption, always understand your needs. Perhaps gather a brainstorming session with the relevant parties to understand further. Then, closely evaluate the features and pricing. The world of HR powered by technology is just at the tip of the iceberg. Much can be explored in how HR can be managed efficiently and effectively in the organization. It is left to you to decide to adopt or be left out. Your call.


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