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Previously, we wrote an article about a complete EHS management software called Donesafe. We were met with exceptional feedbacks and comments! With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, workplace safety, as well as its similar like, had become topics of immense public attention.

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Hence, in this article, we bring to you another super EHS WorkTech. Actually, these are a suite of EH&S software solutions provided by the company, SFS Chemical Safety Inc. For ease of recognition, we shall refer to them as Chemical Safety (based on their website). Without further, here goes!

Introducing Chemical Safety’s EH&S Software

Chemical Safety EH&S Software Overview
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Chemical Safety’s EH&S software is a cloud-based web application hosted on Microsoft Azure. It has a 99.9% uptime reliability boosted by industry-grade data security. The software provides leading technologies for the management of facility, workplace, chemical, and hazardous waste management.

The company is a specialist in EHS management, having been in the business since 1988, and founded in California, USA. Their various EH&S software solutions are used all across industries such as life sciences, education, energy, aerospace, manufacturing and public sector. Some of their prominent client list includes the likes of NASA, US Navy, US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency, Stanford University, Loreal, and many others.

That said, there are many others EH&S solutions in the market. Hence, what value proposition does Chemical Safety’s EH&S software brings across? In fact, what are some of their key features? How is the software priced? We shall be discussing all of these in this article, specially written for readers of any levels!

Key Features

  • Chemical Inventory Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Facility Safety & Compliance
  • Workplace Safety
  • GHS Label Tracking, Display & Printing
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Chemical Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • Radioisotope Tracking
  • Mobile App

How Will Chemical Safety’s EH&S Software Help Your EHS Management?

1. Promote Ease of Compliance & Greater Regulatory Efficiency

Chemical Safety EH&S Software GHS
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GHS means Globally Harmonized System. With Chemical Safety’s EH&S software, users can print GHS compliant labels. The labels contain relevant and specific information. Such as signal words, pictograms, manufacturer information, precautionary statements, hazard statements, and product identifiers. Besides, the provision of a cloud-based Safety Data Sheets (SDS), which are OSHA and international standards compliant, makes access to any hazard information easy. Not forgetting, the sorting and archiving as well. Likewise for the tools provided under Chemical Inventory, Hazardous Waste, Chemical BOL, and Employee Workplace Safety. Ease of tracking/monitoring leads to ease of management. Which also means lesser mistakes, and accurate reporting. Hence, the ultimate outcome is effective follow-up actions (e.g. proper waste disposal, classification of chemicals etc.) and compliance.

2. Enhance Safety Productivity & Tasks Effectiveness

Chemical Safety EH&S Software Workflow
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The Facility Safety and Compliance feature allow users to build their desired workflows in collecting, monitoring and reporting information automatically. The application of workflows in Chemical Safety itself is diverse. In fact, limitless, as users are able to create new ones to fit their usage. Build workflows to support your work order management, audits, inspections, permit tracking, industrial hygiene, project management and reporting. Thus, eliminating time-consuming, low-priority routine tasks so you could focus on matters that matters. Furthermore, Chemical Safety’s mobile app for a number of essential features readily support work on-the-go. Work from home? Need to urgently check a report during commute? Not an issue! The mobile versions are available for Chemical Inventory, Hazardous Waste, SDS, GHS, and Employee Workplace Safety.

3. Better Bookkeeping Support Audits & Inspections, and Enable Improvements

Chemical Safety EH&S Software SDS
Image Source: Chemical Safety

Our bookkeeping here refers to all sorts of documentations relating to EH&S management. The use of SDS and GHS labelling are pretty explanatory in how they support better bookkeeping. However, what is Chemical BOL and Radioisotope tracking which we had mentioned? Well, Chemical BOL with Chemical Safety’s EH&S software generates the necessary documents for shipping, labelling, and SDS of their chemicals and hazardous materials. On the other hand, the radioisotope tracking provides a real-time view and information of their radioisotopes. Its user-centric interface is capable of sending notifications via email to inform of any statuses change, and thus heavily simplifying follow-up. Throughout, the processes are recorded, and could be exported into reports, both standard and custom. Where any part of the processes is problematic, it is readily revealed is such systematic documentation. Hence, taking actions to improve is just an eye’s view away!

4. High Compliance to Legal and Regulatory Standards

Chemical Inventory Management, Hazardous Waste, SDS, GHS labelling, Chemical BOL, and Radioisotope Tracking. Knowing what these features do are not hard to understand their role in keeping to high regulatory compliance. But what else are there in Chemical Safety’s EH&S software that support compliance to regulations? Environmental Regulatory Reporting, Facility Safety and even Employee Workplace Safety that is! Whether in environmental management, facility, or workplace, they all have their own regulations and standards. But what we need to know here is this. These features provide tools that first enable accurate documenting. Then, it enables ease of monitoring. Lastly, it enables reporting to support inspection and any audits.

5. Inculcate a Strong Safety Culture

Chemical Safety EH&S Software EMS Dashboard
Image Source: Chemical Safety

With a well-designed process for whole round EH&S management comprising documenting, monitoring, and reporting, your organisation could consistently deliver key safety objectives! Of course, the results are made possible only by well planned and executed actions, supported by a powerful EH&S software. Success breeds success. Continual safety success builds a strong safety culture. Then again, safety cannot be taken for granted! But know that you can always do this with Chemical Safety!


  • EHS Suite (by Quote only)

Includes Safety Data Sheets, Plus Everything in Chemical Inventory and Hazardous Waste Plan Subscription, With Workplace Safety, Regulatory Reporting, Audits, Inspections, Incidents, and Mobile Applications.

  • Separate Plans just for SDS software, Chemical Inventory software, and Hazardous Waste Software are available separately.
  • 30-Day Free Trial Available
EMS Overview (Video Source: Chemical Safety)

Buy Factor

  • Adopting this software means a transformation and tightening of current safety practices. The outcome is a stronger, more resilient safety system powered by enabled personnel.
  • The various app versions support work on-the-go, especially monitoring which may be needed regularly at times for chemicals or radioisotopes.
  • Likewise, able to work on-the-go support faster decision-making for situations requiring immediate response.
  • Keeping compliance to regulatory standards ensures business sustainability.
  • Systematic and simplified documentation, coupled with smart archiving, support ease of retrieval and audit trails.
  • Easy access to the system hosted in cloud anytime and anywhere with internet.

Things to Note

  • Pricing is by quote only and dependent on the features (modules) you need. That said, prices will increase for more modules needed.
  • Prices based on Chemical Safety’s website shows yearly or monthly subscription with no limitations on the number of users. Check on user limits and if there are any plans for more than 1-year subscription.
  • Chemical Safety’s EH&S software is a cloud-based web application. That said, there are no desktop app to download and install, except for the mobile version app for mobile devices. Any updates are done and performed on Chemical Safety’s end without any inconveniences to the users. Besides, this means that access to use in anywhere is possible as long as there is internet access. However, having important regulatory-compliant data stored in cloud poses a cyber security risk. Hence, is it possible to host storage locally instead? For your check.
  • Are there already some EH&S software, or office software you are currently using? Fret not, as custom third-party software integrations seem possible. Although taking up any new third-party may incur directly separate costs. Nonetheless, this is possible only via contact directly with Chemical Safety.
  • The online knowledge base is well developed with PDF guides, tutorials, and videos. There are even courses for current users although we are unable to view it. Users can also contact Chemical Safety via the separate sales and support hotline, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. No community forum which can be a useful self-help resource for users by users.

Our Advice

Safety in the workplace is important. That is why we wrote this second article on a top EHS management software. What Chemical Safety brings across uniquely are their features in chemical and hazardous waste management. Hence, if your organisation is in particularly the life science industry, energy, chemicals and even school labs, we urge you to explore Chemical Safety’s EH&S software deeper. With industries getting more and more regulated, adopting an EH&S software for your organisation can never be a wrong step. In fact, better to be early than late! Surely, don’t wait till the last minute!



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