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Environmental health and safety (EHS) management is no easy task. The contemporary EHS management, calls for strict compliances to regulatory requirements, adherence to industry standards, as well as, corporate governing laws. Hence, any individual tasked with the responsibility of EHS management need to be well-equipped with the skills and tools to make things happen. Or organisations risk hefty fines, industry fall-out, and a host of other damages.

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Here is where an EHS software can be extremely helpful, while making the job of EHS management enjoyable! Good EHS software are capable of performing a range of functions. For instance, incident reporting, inventory tracking, risks assessment, audit planning and inspections, record-keeping, data analysis and report generation among others. Sounds too good to be true? No.

In fact, a good EHS software does more than lend a hand to the everyday EHS management tasks. It can enable a safe environment culture and empower individuals to excel in their EHS management. If you are a EHS professional (sometimes also called HSE, QEHS, WSH etc,), or tasked with the jobscope of EHS/safety management, or even COVID-19 safe management in your organisation, you got to read on for our review of this EHS software. All the more if your organisation belongs to a highly-regulated industry, such as chemicals, energy, manufacturing and construction!

What is Donesafe?

EHS Software: Safety With Donesafe
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Donesafe is an online safety management platform. It has a broad range of functions that serves to support the professional in their everyday safety management. Fulfill compliances, meet industry standards, and adhere to corporate requirements! That is, Donesafe is built to cater to rigorous demands in all these aspects!

Donesafe calls themselves the ‘People’s Safety Software’. And it is no surprise why as the EHS software is capable of connecting to 30 ready-made apps on-demand. The apps are actually workflows that enable the automations of repetitive processes. Customise each app further or users can build one from scratch with their no-code drag-and-drop builder. Besides, the platform collects data from the processes performed to allow external analysis for insights.

That said, Donesafe is not only powerful, but user-friendly as well. It works with any devices, browsers, and both with and without internet access. It has already empowered millions of users worldwide from some of the most popular brands in the world. This includes McDonald’s, Audi, Telstra, and Vodafone among many others.

With safety being highly regulated in many industries, will your organisation benefit from an EHS software? Read on while we discuss about the features of Donesafe and what it can do for your EHS management.

Key Features

  • Make One Complete EHS Management Platform by Selecting From 30 Ready Apps (aka workflows)
  • Examples of Apps – Audits, Risk Management, Compliance Obligations, Mental Health, PPE Register, Injury & Claims, Safety Data Sheets, and More!
  • Each of the 30 Apps are Individually Customisable
  • Create Own EHS Management App
  • No-Code Drag-and-Drop Workflow Builder
  • Mobile-Supported App Version
  • Works in Both Online & Offline
  • ISO 27001 Certified Security

How Will Donesafe Help in Your EHS Management?

EHS Software: Interface of Donesafe
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1. Supports Safety Compliances and Practices

Donesafe’s lists of apps are ready to be deployed. All users need is determine the one they need and connect it to their Donesafe platform. Each app is also customisable to support any compliances and requirements. If no one app is suitable, don’t fret. Because Donesafe allows users to build their app from scratch with its built-in no-code drag-and-drop builder. Thereafter, with these settings keyed in, the platform can then perform its various work. Such as in audit, inspection, tracking etc., to perfect results. Humans may forget a step or two, but machines never. Good working condition machine that is. Hence, expect overall performance increase in safety compliances and practices! Organisation may set performance metrics in order to determine real results.

2. Greater Process Efficiency via Automation

Pretty self-explanatory if you had read point 1. The apps perform individually but integrated within one platform. Each app may perform a number of workflows, and they do so automatically as per the settings set. Users can say goodbye to the tedious repetitive work, while they focus others that may require their attention. This for instance, the analysis and reporting of insights from data which we will talk more about in the next point, point 3. That said, EHS management becomes more enjoyable when it is not all ‘hands-on’ and fulfilling when you can actually derive greater impacts from actions.

3. Data-Driven Decision-Making

As a professional, have you ever felt it hard to obtain management buy-in at times? With Donesafe, the apps record every workflow performed to provide real-time data analytics. And data are arguably the only reliable source worth basing business decision on. We believe that every organisation will benefit from a strong data-driven decision-making culture. So, Donesafe users are next-gen enabled, as they tap on data to support their future safety initiatives.

4. Enable Work On-The-Go

Whatever safety work you need done, you can do it via Donesafe. Its app works with all devices, i.e. PC, smartphones and tablets, both online and offline. Of course, offline features are limited. But they do help get things up to speed prior to having internet access. Saw a safety lapse? Wait no more. Report it via the app on your phone or tablet. On the transport home but management called asking about audit status? Open the app and report back with data. This is technically productivity at the maximum!

5. Safe Management of COVID-19

Since the discovery of the Coronavirus in 2019, aka COVID-19, new sets of laws and requirements had been put in place for its safe management. The compliance not only helps keep workers safe, but helps the workforce to re-open and gradually moves to normal function. Donesafe keeps up to time with two apps; the Infectious Disease app and Work from Home app. The former helps with confirmed case management, communication and self-monitoring while the latter support employee tracking, ergonomic assessment and reporting when working from home. Additionally, other established apps such as the visitor and document management app will come in handy to support safe distancing measures, and contact tracing respectively. Then again, there are many more apps which might work for your COVID-19 safe management subject to your local requirements. Hence, you must certainly explore on your own!

EHS Software: Donesafe Dashboard
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EHS Software: Audit with Donesafe
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  • Custom (based on number of workers and number of apps required)

The pricing of Donesafe is fully custom and available via quote only. The good thing is that it helps in cost-savings that you ‘only pay for what you need’. In addition, all paid plans come with the full Donesafe’s features and tools, unlimited dashboards and reports, enterprise-grade security and dedicated on-boarding support.

  • Free Trial

Unsure yet keen to find out more about Donesafe? Take a free trial with Donesafe! By all means, try it without commitment before buying.

What is Donesafe? (Video Source: Donesafe)

Buy Factor

  • Support Organisation-Wide Safety Culture When Every Employee Can Use the App Regardless of Devices
  • Increases All-Round Productivity, and Potentially in Safety Decision-Making with Work On-The-Go
  • Increases Efficiency of Safety Processes and Hence, Compliances with Automation
  • Supports Data-Driven Decision-Making with Data Analytics
  • Store Everything in the Cloud Electronically. Results in Better Archive Management & Ease of Retrieval Helps with Audit Trail.

Things to Note

  • Supports from 5 to 500k Workers Only.
  • Pricing is based on number of workers and number of apps connected.
  • Organisations with strict data security and IT security policies may wish to check hosting this locally on their hardware rather than on the Cloud.
  • Although there are no ready third-party integrations, Donesafe provides their API access. It is possible to integrate with other third-party software for an even richer platform. For instance, integrating with Google Workspace could enable notification via Gmail and a host of online collaboration capabilities etc.
  • Donesafe boasts a powerful knowledge base, although no ready online resources such as tutorials, videos or peer-to-peer forum are found in their website. These are very important especially for users starting out or for troubleshooting. Nonetheless, Donesafe renders assitance via their in-app chat support.

Our Advice

Safety cannot be taken for granted! Complying to safety is a big task and one that calls for organisation-level involvement. It should never be taken as a one-man task left for that professional, safety trained or not. Safety compliances are a continual work-in-progress. Can an EHS software help in this? Definitely! Can EHS software like Donesafe do everything? Definitely not! Donesafe is a tool meant to be operated. It can only perform as well as it is set to do. On-boarding with Donesafe should not be an issue as dedicated support comes with a paid subscription. However, what is needed is the mindset; that the readiness and will from the organisation to enable the tool to empower themselves to achieve the desired safety outcome.



What are some challenges faced in your EHS management you hope an EHS software can assist? Share them with a COMMENT below.

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