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Envoy Visitor Management

If you are a Receptionist, Office Administrator, or a Supervisor in charge of staff movements, you really got to know about Envoy. Envoy is a SaaS software that helps streamline processes, reduce workloads and even security of the workplace, all these while ensuring organisations keep to regulatory compliance. The software is basically visitor management with a modern and innovative touch. Why do I say so, let’s read further below.

Envoy’s 4 Key Services

Envoy simply names their services with a single word in Protect, Visitors, Deliveries and Rooms. It is used by organisations of various sizes across 10,000 workplaces in 62 different countries. You may recall some of these organisations such as Zoom, MailChimp, Xero and BuzzFeed among many others. Detailed accounts of usage and customer testimonials can be found HERE. However, let’s go through the services first.

Visitor Management with Envoy Protect & Visitors
Image Source: Envoy

1. Envoy Protect

Is a feature that has perhaps gained notable notice and importance due to the 2019 COVID-19 Pandemic. The main function of Envoy Protect is to ensure that the workplace remains safe and healthy through employee screening, monitoring and notification to action.

It goes like this, employees going to work are required to complete a pre-questionnaire online before they report to office. Of course, the questionnaire can be tailored to the symptoms of the current outbreak. When the employee reach office, they are required to ‘check-in’ online again to record an instance of entry into the office. Here, it is possible to connect Envoy Protect to the office’s access control system to grant automatic entry into the office. Similarly, an exit ‘check-out’ can be implemented to support ‘contact tracing’ measures. With all this information, a central receptionist, or administrator can be tasked to monitor the numbers and react accordingly if overcrowding occur, making working with safe distancing impossible.

2. Envoy Visitors

Envoy Visitors is a feature that simply gives your visitors ‘that VIP feel’. Add-on to visitor screening and ‘check-in’ from Envoy Protect, Envoy Visitors makes hosting any visitors seamless with automation in preparation from pre-visit, during and post-visit.

Visitors can simply register themselves online and be provided with information and direction of their visit, be recognized and treated right right-away when they upload a photo of themselves, and even get their badges printed without any hassle. Any visit documentations can be signed readily and digitally via tablet, which all the more, is classy and fitting for your VIP! Post-visit, the user organization can export the list of visitors, their information and any analytics with a few clicks for their upwards reporting. If the visit is for attending events created with Eventbrite, you could even integrate Envoy Visitors to Eventbrite and be able to simply import the registration information. Attendees then only need to enter their name while Envoy automatically populates the rest of the information. No more long queues and paper sign-ins!

Visitor Management with Envoy Rooms & Deliveries
Image Source: Envoy

3. Envoy Deliveries

Side-track from the frontend visitor management, Envoy Deliveries is a neat feature and adds the complete touch to visitor management. The process for using Envoy Deliveries is three-step. First when a package arrives, they are scanned using Envoy Deliveries connected to the mobile. The scanned image automatically recognizes the package owner and sends a notification/reminders to pick up. The package owner arrives to pick up the package with ease and makes a digital signature. Simple! Yes, you read ‘reminders’ right. Not only does this feature serves notification but it also sends helpful reminders for the busy employees; meaning that no packages are left behind to stack up! Just neat!

4. Envoy Rooms

The last but not least feature is more about venue management than visitor management, but it also helps with co-working sharing. What it does is provision of a room booking platform where employees can see available meeting rooms within the office. Then book a suitable one for an occasion, and proceed to check-in during the day of meeting. Once the meeting is finished, employees can just check-out. All these updated real-time means that room usage could be maximized! Of course, with Envoy’s intelligent AI, room bookers receive notification reminding them about that meeting and a call-to-action to ‘check-in’. All these simply promotes a healthier culture in co-sharing – one of the keys to employee happiness!

Pricing (based on annual plan)


  • Free – 1 location and up to 50 employees
  • US$99 per location/month – Up to 5 locations and up to 50 employees per location
  • US$299 per location/month – Unlimited locations and Unlimited location


  • Free – Up to 100 deliveries across all locations
  • US$159 per location/month – Unlimited deliveries on a location


  • Free – Up to 10 rooms
  • US$18 per room/month – Full Rooms features including analytics, booking controls etc.

Introduction to Envoy Visitors (Video Source: Envoy)

Final Comments

With or without a virus pandemic, proper visitor management in any organization is essential in communicating a positive impression to company visitors. With comprehensive and specialized features, Envoy is a definite choice for any organization to add in their visitor management touch. What more, Envoy offers commit-less free plans across their 4 services. Whether you are a startup, SME, or MNC, it certainly does not hurt to manage your visitors with a software suite that has the potential to do more than just visitor management. With the capability to integrate with many commonly used apps such as Zoom, Eventbrite, Microsoft Teams, Skype and even Docusign, Envoy could represent much more value than what is in their offerings. Afterall, leaving a positive impression for your visiting clients could end up getting you deals! Your overseas-based visiting boss could even be impressed!

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