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Well, the average employee sends and receives around 126 emails in any workday. If each email took just 5 minutes to read, and reply if necessary, the employee would had easily exceeded 10 hours of work, and have to work overtime just to clear off the days’ worth of email!

In Singapore, over 80% of its population uses smartphones; YES, the city-state has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world. So, what excuse do we have for not using a smartphone email app?


This post is NOT against work-life balance. It is precisely the reason that if we could increase our efficiency of replying to emails, then perhaps we could have the hours when it comes to the ‘life’ part. Furthermore, with each user easily having at least three email accounts, perhaps any free time is a good time to clear up emails, to free up so much called for ‘life’ hours.

Messenger Apps for Work?

Let’s see. According to We are Social and Hootsuite (2020), Whatsapp is the Messenger app with the greatest number of active users, followed by Facebook Messenger, then WeChat on the seventh spot. While all these 3 messenger apps could have taken some loads off emails, matters requiring formal proceedings are still much more preferred to be handled via email channels.

If you are considering a messenger app for your business communication, Read our review of Snapchat VS Skype for Customer Support and Communication.

Popular Email Clients

Then again, we have personal email accounts and the company’s domain name registered email accounts. Let’s look at the former. Arguably, the world’s share of personal email accounts could be attributed to three companies; Gmail from Google, Outlook from Microsoft, and Yahoo Mail owned by Verizon Media. If you are using any of these email accounts, you are quite fortunate as they have free and easy to use smartphone-compatible app version. If you are not using them on your smartphone now, don’t hesitate further. Try it! It is as easy as it is, and totally not quite indifferent from using them on your computer. Android/Samsung users can download from the Play Store while iOS/Apple users can download them from the App Store.

When it comes to company’s email accounts, we have a much larger issue, that is IT security. Some companies have strict policies, and enforce encryption for their outgoing and incoming emails. Others just simply would not allow their employees to access their emails outside of office unless connected to the company’s private network. Hence, do check with your company’s IT helpdesk on the Dos and Don’ts. There are too many worthy apps to mention, but only space to talk about one here.

BlueMail – Email Anywhere with Any Device

Henceforth, without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you, BlueMail!

Today Tech – BlueMail is Coolest App (Video Source: Blue Mail)

Just like its name, BlueMail is simple to use and stylish for all occasions. The setup does not even take 2 minutes. All you need is key in your company’s email address followed by the password. If you do not have the password, please consult your company’s IT helpdesk. BlueMail will automatically detect the server’s information and download the various emails in the various folders to your phone directly. After which, BlueMail is now fully configured for use! You can now reply emails using the company’s domain email address, move them to the respective folders, check your calendar for events, set to-do tasks, set notifications delivered to your phone when email comes in and so on and so forth.

You can even customize the theme to all sorts of colours in a light or dark interface! Do remember to set your email signatures as well, and decide the duration of the emails you will receive to sync; from 1 day to unlimited! It is just so simple and useful, and feels a crime not to try it! Did I forget to mention? Its free for personal use and Ad-free!

Final Comments

To reiterate, BlueMail have industry leading security built-in. If you are concerned about exposing your company to potential IT risk, do consult with your company’s IT helpdesk. Alternatively, consider a Mobile VPN. We hope the above helps in your emailing journey. The number of emails daily are only going to increase as the world gets more connected, with or without messengers, live-chats and chatbots. Try this Top Email App!

Microsoft365 for Business


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