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Nowadays, Video production no longer require a video camera or camcorder. Neither does it need to be made with an advanced software like Adobe Premiere Pro where technical, design or IT skills are required. Sure, any one could take a video of themselves using their smartphone and post on their social media channels, but in making videos for business use, perhaps a slight touch of technicality would go a long mile.

If you are a business owner, you may recall from the challenges of the past from mass marketing. Even if there are no competitors, mass marketing involves advertising and advertising one way or another involves actively getting word out. A small venture typically goes for the flyer distribution which are static content. A larger venture could splash out on TV advertising which more often than not, involves video (with sound) and are much more effective in engaging audiences. Fast forward to the status quo, the age of smartphones, social media and user generated content. All the more video content had become essential and a requirement for any businesses to reach out to their targets.

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Toonly – Animated Explainer Video Maker Review

Toonly Review for Construction
Image Source: Toonly

We would like to review an online video maker software called Toonly. Toonly is the go-to tool for animated explainer videos because it is just specialized in that. With the help of this software, anyone can make conspicuous advertisement videos without any technical, design or IT skills. Technically speaking, attractive and engaging video could be made within a minute by pointing and clicking a mouse. Users will be pleased with the final product as they can always fine tune it, add in more stuffs, colours or characters.

Users could always ‘strategize’ it. Make it funny, add in emotional appeal, bring viewers in a journey to fantasy. Attractive and engaging videos will definitely affect the viewers to a positive action, whether be it a like, share or comment. Of course, most importantly, first impression counts and creates lasting memory. So, consider that in your video making. You would be able to engage and entertain them with these creative explainer videos. A great way to interact with the buyer in their awareness buyer journey!

How Does Toonly Work?

Toonly Review for Construction
Image Source: Toonly

Through our review of Toonly, we found that the videos produced are actually cartoons with characters against a backscene and voiceovers. You could customize the characters and choose a scene of your choice. This may sound easy, but it is not since users will be welcomed with waves of variegating backscenes. Even if you had strategized prior, you might decide to change things here and there a bit. That’s why I said fine tuning.

After deciding on a backscene, you will just need to customize the rest of the elements on the video. That is the characters, objects (in the form of images) and texts. It is a matter of drag and drop by the way, so it’s really easy. You could also conveniently test play along the way to see your results. Then, record your speech as the video progress. Without realizing, you would have your video ready for marketing and suitable for across channels!

Why Use Toonly?

Toonly is a superior ‘explainer’ video maker to others. Here is why:

No set skills are required.

  • Anyone can begin using this tool and learn along the way with Toonly’s online resources or community. Naturally, if you have just a little skill in design, you get an even better headstart.

Drag and Drop

  • It literally takes no time in creating new videos for your product or services once you get the hang of Toonly’s drag-and-drop design interface.

Personal References

  • Toonly consists of multi-variegating tools and templates that could help users make cool and animated videos of their cartoon self or ideal buyer. Somewhat like Snapchat’s use of Bitmoji to add personalization and emotional attraction.

Mac and PC Version Available

  • Toonly is available for Mac and PC Operating Systems, so users need not worry about which systems they use. The only requirements being a minimum of Windows 7 for PC and Mac OSX 10.10 for Mac. 

Choices in Video Resolution and Quality

  • Another beauty of Toonly is that it provides final export of the videos in different resolution and quality subject to the user’s preference. It supports resolutions from 360 pixels up to 4k. This also means that users need not use another editor software to re-size or compress video to fit the requirements of their advertising and social media channels, hence saving time.

Support Video Content Delivery

  • Videos are consumed so much in social media nowadays. In fact, in a study by Facebook, they found that majority of the people’s attention are attracted to videos compared to static images, and that it is just in human’s nature to binge on content they are attracted to. All the more, reinforcing the ability of videos over other forms of content for marketing. YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok are proven examples in delivery of video content. Toonly helps support that!

Support Social Media Marketing

  • Last but not least, Toonly is a great tool to support social media marketing for any levels of businesses due to their pricing plans. If you had been flashed their Facebook one-time payment lifetime deal, it is the best chance to grab it. If not, their most basic standard plan starts at US$20 per month when billed annually. Advanced users needing to make more videos would require more images, character animations, characters etc., and should choose their next tier at US$40 per month on annual payment. Oh, if anytime within the first 30 days of purchase that you would like to discontinue use, just contact them to ask for a refund.

Example of Explainer Video Made with Toonly (Video Source: IM and SEO Tools)

Final Comments

Producing marketing videos? Yes.

Producing marketing videos easily? Yes, Yes.

Producing marketing videos easily and at low costs? Yes, Yes, Yes.

Say good bye to expensive video maker software and huge time spent for it. Toonly is a great tool for producing that engaging explainer video that is attractive, highly shareable and highly convertible. We love the idea of Toonly and had review it. Then again, this toonly review is never meant to be pushy. We urge you to have a look yourselves and decide.


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