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Video content marketing has become the key strategic tool in the success of millions of businesses. Convenient and efficient video marketing provides marketers with a versatile and extremely effective medium to reach their customers. From traditional to contemporary marketing, videos have become a staple of our daily lives. Whether be it commercials on Cable TV, to Streaming Channels such as Roku and Netflix. Even Social Networks like YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook Live are unfamiliar to many.

How can video marketing help my ecommerce business?

Well, Human attention span is lesser than the attention span of the goldfish. Video content marketing can deliver business messages effectively within a span 4 seconds. The first second to be strategized to catch viewer’s attention immediately. Then, striking the emotional sentiment in the individual through visuals and auditory storytelling. Professionals believe that visuals are more compelling than the words.

As realised by Diode Digital, online video is 600% more compelling as a promotion tool than print and standard mail together. The result is an overall positive growth in traffic, lead and sales. For instance, videos had drove an 157% expansion in organic search engine traffic. Embedded videos in sites had expanded viewership by up to 55%. Video advertisements also generated 49% more income for those that use it. On the other hand, videos also increase landing page conversions by at least 80%.

In consideration of these, videos are the sure tool to use to convey your business intent to viewable and enjoyable content. Regardless of any enterprises’ size, it is a must to look for ways and techniques to develop your messages in way convenient and easily absorbable for your viewers.

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What is the Best Video Maker?

There are many video maker software in the market. For video content marketing, you really need to consider one with specialised features. To boost your end-to-end video marketing, or just for internal team presentations, you may consider Vidyard and StoryXpress. Let’s see why below.

i. Vidyard

The Many Interfaces of Vidyard for Video Content Marketing
Image Source: Vidyard

Video content creation is the enabler for your business ‘fort-building’ efforts in this fast-paced progressing world. Vidyard software empowers their users to use a conventional method of conveying messages in videos. The videos help in bridging the gap and connecting companies with each other. Videos made with Vidyard communicates its messages clearly which build a personalized customer experience for the viewers.

As a business software, Vidyard turns first-time viewers into loyal customers. It assists users in generating the sales figures for their business. Moreover, this platform helps users in managing and discovering the trends prevailing in their targeted viewers. This allows users to formulate their strategy accordingly. Users can also obtain an understanding of the impact of their videos on their customer. Such as what kind of video content had generated more engagement, feedbacks, even customer churn etc. Considering that the contemporary customers will always like personalized experience, this software becomes the essential go-to for that special exclusive delivery.

As briefly mentioned, Vidyard comes with its data analytics built-in. It allows users track their progress in their video campaigns and provide an idea of what content to implement next and what to change in their strategy. This data analytics feature is a great add-on to the embedded videos on any website. Moreover, users can add Call-to-Actions to all of their videos which will help greatly in driving to that business intent.

Quick Feature Overview

  • Webcam Recording
  • Screen Recording
  • Video Editing
  • Video CTAs
  • SEO Supported
  • Online Video Hosting
  • Social Sharing directly via integrations
  • Over 50+ integrations Available to Enhance its Usages
  • Analytics
  • Password and Single-Sign on Protection

ii. StoryXpress

Not Just for Video Content Marketing. Screen Record with StoryXpress.
Image Source: StoryXpress

StoryXpress software is another software for video content marketing, focusing on brand building. 

It is platform that could be used to produce videos at scale and in much lesser time with its user-friendly tools. This software literally enables enterprises to adopt video marketing. Videos are produced at least three times faster to drive marketing effectiveness. With a well strategized campaign, videos could be developed constantly to deliver brand stories. This creates brand alignment. When viewers engage in the video content, it creates lasting impressions. When viewers like the videos and hop on the trend of fun, they come up with their own version of the video and post it on their sites. Which potentially creates a ‘flash mob’!

StoryXpress also comes with its built-in analytics. Users could analyse the analytics to understand viewers’ thoughts through the resonation of engagement trends. Users can then introduce better ‘marketing hooks’, insert eye-catching annotations, and enhance their brand storyline with StoryXpress. Ultimately, whatever is done in marketing supports the Customer Service and Sales department. Good videos certainly embolden the relation between company and its customers! Certainly, StoryXpress could be the driving force if you allow yourself to try it!

Quick Feature Overview

  • Webcam Recording
  • Screen Recording
  • Video Editing via Drag-and-Drop (Can convert texts, images and GIF into Videos)
  • Video CTAs
  • SEO Supported
  • Online Video Hosting
  • Social Sharing directly via integrations
  • Over 20+ integrations Available to Enhance its Usages
  • Analytics
  • Password Protection

Comparison of Free Plans

Video recording up to 1 hourVideo recording up to 10 minutes
Vidyard enables embedment of 5 videosStoryXpress enables embedment of unlimited videos
Unlimited number of uploadsVideo recording up to 1 hour
No Video expiration optionVideo expiration option
Unlimited link sharing option availableUnlimited link sharing option available
Video editing featureNo Video editing
Custom thumbnails featureCustom thumbnails feature (Gif or Video frame)
Post video to social platformPost video to social platform
Shows video view countsShows video view counts
Notification whenever views of the video is recordedNotification whenever views of the video is recorded
File Protection via PasswordFile Protection via Password
Data AnalyticsData Analytics
NilRecord Videos Directly from Gmail to Embed in Other Emails
No priority support24/7 Live Chat Support

Our Advice

Marketing and video creation go hand in hand like bread and peanut butter. Because it is so convenient and enjoyable for viewers to consume videos than to read words. StoryXpress and Vidyard are well-positioned industry software for creating business-video content. Both software’s data analytics feature is testament. By adopting video content marketing, users will quickly realise the value of their company’s brand among their viewers and paves the way for further marketing. Furthermore, when companies internalize video creation instead of leaving to the digital agency, they cut so much on video production-related expenditures and the time spent for meetup and discussion etc.

We had reviewed the features of Vidyard and StoryExpress, as well as their free plans. If you are serious on this, do conduct your own comparison of their paid plans using our table. Last but not least, remember to take up free trial whenever possible to try out the more advanced features before buying. That’s all!

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Video Marketing Quick Tips

  1. Build Curiosity – Square videos are more effective and retain more customer experience. It even works without enabling the rotation feature. Nearly 50% of videos are watched on mobiles.
  2. Keep it Short – Videos up to 2 minutes are found to be more engaging among the viewers
  3. Optimize for Mobile Viewing – Leave the video on a cliffhanger, this will motivate the viewer to watch another video. Asking questions in a concise caption will generate more views.


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