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In running a business, there are always processes. Whether you are looking at the HR department, Sales, Marketing, Operations etc. Different departments have different processes. Processes takes time to be done and that’s why you have manpower in employees. With employees, your business processes run. But it soon hit a roadblock because you see the need for your employees to do more. So, your employees started working harder and smarter. Still, time pass and employee’s capacity get maxed. You then look at productivity software, which has been the grease to work done for the past two to three decades. Still, software hits a block because more work needs to be done. There is only so much an employee can do to utilize that software everyday. Then you remember automation (if you are in the manufacturing or communication sector).

Then it comes to realization that automation can also be used for the routine tasks! Tink! Idea down, but where do we go from here?

When we talk about business processes, we are really talking about that daily routine and repeatable task which takes up the bulk of an employee’s time (and energy) everyday. In automation, we are trying to automate this portion by creating workflow and having the employee maintain it. Hence, we are going to review one powerful tool in this article called QuickBase, which is suitable for every business.

QuickBase for Project Management
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What Is QuickBase?

Quick Base is an efficient low-code database and application database platform. In simple terms, Quick Base provide businesses with software capabilities where ‘anyone’ could create their own workflow for their daily routine work – which improves work efficiency, and effectiveness. You could think from your supply chain process, sales and CRM process, customer service, project management and so forth. Whatever department you are in, the daily process which you are tasked on, you could start implementing a workflow for it. Why do we say effectiveness? It’s because the platform also possesses analytics capabilities, allowing users to monitor, improve and analyse the relative data collected from that workflow.

There might be many work collaboration tools in the market, but this one is different because it is low-code and easy to pick up for the non-IT developer. This means that there is almost zero concern for usability. Adopting this software will definitely not add a load on your IT employees.

Features and Benefits

Ease of Use

One of the most appealing factors about using QuickBase is its ease to use. As we had mentioned before. The SaaS platform is really designed for businesses, not developers. There is no need for any users to face barriers as there are almost no codes to deal with. Unlike the traditional database application, which will very often involve having knowledge of SQL. In fact, users can pick up quickly with ready sample apps from QuickBase Exchange, their community of apps made by other users.

Costs Savings

QuickBase provides a real opportunity to cut on costs. It is not hard to understand why. Since anyone can work with the tools provided by Quick Base, businesses do not have to hire as many IT experts as they would. This compared to if they were using other platforms. Employees also do not have to spend hours undergoing trainings and browsing through resources. By automating much of the routine work, it spares the workload of current staffs for other work, without the need to hire more. With processes that could be monitored and improved, it ensures working maintenance at all times and the costs of human errors eliminated.

QuickBase for Sales
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Central Platform

Quick Base also serves as a good collaboration and project management tool because of the centralized data repository. All departments in the business have a centralized source of data, ensuring that all stakeholders have a common platform for business data. This sort of analytics when paid attention to, has great potential in deriving and driving a top performing team. If this platform is used for the HR department, it could mean data about staff-turnovers, pace of promotion, pace of processing new hires etc. For sales and marketing department, it could mean the buyer behaviour prior to purchase, customer churn rates, customer satisfaction by geographics etc. Literally, any process in every department can be visualized, singled and improved. This henceforth means better all-round team performance and best business outcome.


A list of work tools could be integrated to Quick Base which extends its capabilities. If your business is using one of the work tools, then this integration is a huge bonus! If not, there is little cause for concern. The integration could allow businesses to connect their data, create automated workflows under one system logic within Quick Base. Some of these integrations include DocuSign, MailChimp, QuickBooks and Slack among several others.

Continual Development

May 2020, Quick Base implemented a drag-and-drop capability to its platform allowing users to more efficiently create workflows. In December 2018, Quick Base developed a new Quick Base Mobile App as part of global demands to access such solutions with Mobile and on-the-go. June 2018, Quick Base introduced tools to automate business activities such as sending notifications to team members and launching business processes. These tools are activated by triggers set in the system to promote collaboration among all the business departments.


Before we touch on the price of QuickBase, let’s check out some recognition that Quick Base had received over the years to understand better their journey and direction:

  • 2020 – 2020 Best Company for Professional Development
  • 2019 – November 2019 Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms
  • 2019 – Top Rated Award Winner in Low Code Development
  • 2017 – Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Low-Code Platforms
  • 2015 – CODiE Award Finalist for Best Construction Management Solution
  • 2015 – CODiE Award Finalist for Best Cloud Platform as a Service
  • 2014 – One of the Best Places to Work by Boston Business Journal
  • 2009 – BoSS Award – Best of SaaS Showplace Award
  • 2009 – Webware 100 Award for Best Web Productivity Tool
  • 2001 – PC Magazine i3 Award

QuickBase Reports
Image Source: Quick Base


Quick Base offers a 30-day free trial for interested companies. Their most basic plan (Premier) supports building up to 50 workflows. Companies needing even more features may choose from their standard ‘Platform’ plan or customizable ‘Enterprise’ plan at prices subject to quote.

What is Quick Base? (Video Source: Quick Base)

Final Comments

Every business would benefit from the adoption of automation and workflow in their daily routine processes. Again, it is routine processes, which are processes that are done stagnantly on a regular basis. Companies who fear that employees may not be able to pick up workflows or automation need not worry with Quick Base. Although as an added measure, it should be considered to start with small steps. Then scale up once a base of competency among departments had been built.



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