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What is AppSumo

AppSumo, ever heard of it? If you are interested in marketing, social media management, graphic design, site development, lead generation, HR and much more, on AppSumo you will find some of the most useful and contemporary tools at incredible prices that can be purchased on a “Lifetime License”. With a philosophy that ‘the tools you need to grow your business shouldn’t put you out of business’, AppSumo deals is software heaven for the many SMEs (SMBs) owners.

The AppSumo digital marketplace has been around since 2010 and only offers current deals. Over the decade, AppSumo had ran over 1,600 deals, and generated over US$5m in revenue for over 2,000 partners. Most importantly, the deals had helped companies saved over US$500m in total. What exactly is AppSumo’s formula? Let’s read deeper.

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How AppSumo Deals Works
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AppSumo Review

You can think of AppSumo as Groupon but providing deals for SaaS instead of all kinds of end user products. You can find software for growing your business such as improving your website, managing your various social media accounts, for video and graphics collateral development, HR management, accounting, and many more at prices starting from US$39 – and, listen, with the package of “Lifetime Deal”. Since sales of any type are transient, you can expect most of the offers to change frequently.

Software Lifetime Offers and Discounts

There are several types of deals offered through AppSumo, the most notable of which are Lifetime deals. This means that purchasing this software or service through the Platform is a one-time expense and you can use it forever. Although take note, that different plans carry different features, so while the plan is a lifetime deal, it should provide the features you need for your work. The other types are annual deal, subscription and even freebie deal.

The various software on offer is categorized into a wide range based on the business function. From what we could see so far, the ‘Marketing’ category carried the most products followed by ‘Productivity’. That said, if you are in the vicinity of shopping for business software, there is no need to browse too far. AppSumo should be one of the stops. With everything on offer, it means that you do not have to wait for Black Friday, Singles Day, or Christmas to solve that work pain.

BONUS >>> Lots of Free Templates and Guides for all sorts of business needs offered by AppSumo HERE. If you like what you see, Bookmark and check back regularly! We will.

What does AppSumo Lifetime Deal mean?

I’m sure you’ve already known what it is. What we wish to point out here a little deeper is that buying the software with the Lifetime Deal license means that you will have access to that software, and to all future updates, forever, without having to pay a cent more. Although again, take note on the features provided, as when you may one day need to scale up or scale down, with the latter being more difficult subject to the software company’s terms of purchase. Also, a lifetime deal typically ties itself to that specific website domain (s), so there is no chance to use it on other websites except those registered on the lifetime license.

Hence if you have multiple websites for whatever reasons, it might be worthwhile to plan now to have a ‘group’ domain which is neutral and to host that license there for the other websites to use it. NOTE that whether this is feasible or not is fully subjective as there are often reasons for integrating that software to websites such as branding and analytics.   

How to buy on AppSumo?

Buying is as simple as in any other e-commerce. Visit the AppSumo website, select the product you want to buy by filtering the categories or using the search, add it to your cart, create an account if you don’t have it yet, and pay for it by credit card or PayPal. Once done you will be provided with a coupon code and all the instructions to use it. But be careful though. Before you buy, check Ratings and Reviews on that software, as well as FAQs on the most commonly asked questions about refund policies and contacting product support.

Why AppSumo Deals
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Our Advice before buying

  1. When you find an item that might interest you, ask yourself if it’s really required and if it’s suitable for the business. Based on personal experiences, many companies do not use enough of their software purchased. In fact, some software is just hard to pick up, that past one generation, new hires do not used it anymore. Hence, doing a calculation of ROI in this case would not serve well to justify the decision as it is based on current. So again, watch your real needs and consider carefully.
  2. The promotions last at least a couple of weeks. So, take all the time you need to understand the products and consider how they fit in with current workplace processes and protocols. Always consult with the potential users or employees of the software. Go to that website of the software and see if they have more videos and ready resources to find out more. If that software is well documented and a vast amount of help resources including a community of users (Forum) online, it means you could more easily get self-service help if you need which is good, as not all companies could dedicate to one day reply. Even if they have, would you take the chance and at not being able to do a first aid in the mean time?
  3. If you had performed point 1 and 2, then you should be very confident on your decision. So, make it! Buy now or skip totally, but not come back later as no deals last forever. There is no guarantee that deals will return anyway. In any case, we trust you could always try your luck at contacting customer support on any missed deal.

A Quick 1-Minute Introduction to AppSumo (Video Source: AppSumo)

Final Comments

Regardless, as a WorkTech enthusiasts and believer of work productivity ourselves, we find the platform of AppSumo very useful. Of course, if you are a WorkTech provider, you could be a partner and offer your deal as well. Subscribers of the website could receive news on the latest deals and useful work-related resources at no costs. You could also read their Blog and follow their Instagram. But before doing so, subscribe to Donut Atwork. If it is anything work boosting, then it is worth it!


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