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It’s no secret: great customer support is rare. That is why digital and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook have long been integrated into the customer support strategy. Companies of all types and sizes actively use them in customer service. But what about Snapchat or Skype? How well can the instant messaging photo app be used in support? or Could a telecommunication app be effective in customer service?

Why Snapchat

Snapchat has enormous potential for your communication. However, to get all the benefits, as with any other social network, it will be important for you to put in place a real strategy. Snapchat allows you to create proximity with your customers, to share real experiences instantly.

Snapchat for Customer Support
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Incorporation of Snapchat Into Your Customer Support:

With the help of features including direct messaging and live video streaming, Snapchat could indeed be the answer to better customer care. Some companies have already discovered the power of Snapchat as a more private and personal customer care channel. 

Snapchat as a customer support tool sounds, we admit it, revolutionary, but we are convinced that this type of use has a future. Starting from:

1. Reassure Customers with Real Closeness

One of the reasons online marketing uses a lot of images is that images build trust and make customers feel comfortable. The problem with telephone-based customer service is that not only is there no way to see the item, but there is a media separation between the supervisor and the customer. Snapchat support makes it possible to show the customer that their problem is being worked on. That there is a real, concerned person on the other end of the line. Not just someone harassed while chewing their sandwiches.

2. Combination of Language and Images

Imagine using Snapchat support in the way outlined above and adding phone customer service into the mix. When he sees and hears what is going on, the customer service representative will understand problems even better and help customers find a solution quickly.

3. Instructional Videos and Tutorials with Snapchat

While neither of us appreciates the fact that customer service is becoming increasingly robotic, there are cases where self-service and automation come in handy. For this purpose, instruction videos and tutorials can be created and posted with Snapchat. This means that the customer does not have to work through a problem with the service employee, but simply receives the video or tutorial. So he gets what he needs as quickly as possible.

How to Use Skype

Skype is ideal for an entrepreneur when starting a business. If you already have time with your company and need a platform where you can talk to your customers and shorten distances, we assure you that this software is the right one.

Sometimes when we communicate in writing, things are not explained very well. If we have to talk by email, everything becomes very long. Let us remember that the speed with which we respond to our clients is essential to determine if they are going to stay with us or if, on the contrary, they will go with the competition. In this way, Skype ensures that you can carry a conversation in real-time with old and new customers. If someone does not understand very well, you can always opt for the call or video call. Following are the attributes which prove that skype is good for customer support:

Skype for Customer Support
Image Source: Skype

1. You Can Organize Meetings

You can schedule meetings with your work team or clients to finalize any topic you want to talk about. The nice thing about this feature is that it lets all participants know exactly what time the meeting will start. It is fascinating to see that even if you are at a distance, there can be a work environment using Skype. You can also use the tool to do remote interviews, allowing you to find talent around the world and recruit them for your company.

2. Share Ideas While You Are in a Meeting

Since you can share your computer screen while you are in a meeting, you can open other programs like PowerPoint at the same time to make graphs and flowcharts and discuss them altogether.

3. You Can Configure It According to What You Need

While you are in a meeting you will have the option to silence one or more participants of the same and transfer calls. Another point that is important to mention is that you can feel very safe when using Skype, as it has encryption that gives high security and privacy to all conversations, calls, and video calls that you make there, so you can deal with private and important issues without fear that someone can have access to this.

Snapchat VS Skype – Bottom Line

With the IoT industry mature and bustling, virtual reality systems and devices are just a step away from the mass market. Therefore, in the future, your customers will also demand a more efficient approach to support than the good old phone call. The video, photo, and text capabilities that Skype and Snapchat offer can drastically reduce the effort involved in explaining product problems and provide them with quick solutions in visual form.

Snapchat and Skype may not be the only customer support tools in your arsenal, but they are worth thinking about. Our suggestion here is to have either one, on top of your hotline, website chatbot, email channels and social media channels among others, which all have different functions and could serve multiple purposes and complement each other. Each tool will ultimately roll out new offerings as they mature. If you feel that your customer support team is running too many channels, consider an integrated ‘call centre’ platform such as Genesys, Slack or Zendesk.

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