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Digital advertisers have long debated whether paid advertising from Facebook, Instagram or Google offers a bigger revenue for their product. Snapchat and Skype are the ones being out of the competition, but still dominate reach statistics over young audience. Here, we pin Snapchat VS Skype to learn about both!

Despite what you hear about Snapchat, it is far from being dead. Since Q1 2020, the network gained over 9 million active users with 90% of them being 13 to 24 years old in the United States.

Microsoft’s peer-to-peer social network Skype still manages to, no matter competition, hold its number one position on ranking lists. It has been around for over 15 years and they still constantly record around 40 million active users every day.

Snapchat for Business

Snapchat Business Comunication

When it comes down to business usage comparison, Snapchat holds a young crowd in one place, meaning it is an excellent opportunity for those who are looking to expand their brand publicly to the youth market.

“People use Snapchat to communicate with friends, build relationships, play and learn. Inspire action with full-screen, digital ads that boost awareness, drive conversions, and generate actual results for businesses of all sizes.”

Why Snapchat for Business
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In 2019, Snap announced partnerships with Photomath and Giphy. The three companies developed abilities to solve math problems and detect objects using Snapchat’s Smart Scan technology. This Smart Scan AI also powers Bitmoji to let users design their own avatar, despite one could also start from scratch. Users might use Bitmoji with their default keyboard application, as a web-browser add-on, or so with almost every social networking app.

In terms of Snapchat as a business communication tool, it readily rides the wave of fun trend in social media. In addition to, its call, messaging and video conferencing tools are just as good as any other for your customer support.

Snapchat Business Advertising

Snapchat has introduced its own Business account option that allows users to create their own advertisements and meet their marketing goals. After a review, we believe using Snapchat Ads could form an outstanding consideration for most businesses, even for startups! According to the website, any businesses can launch advertising campaigns with budget as low as $5 a day. If you are familiar with digital advertising, you will be pleased to know that Snapchat is more than well positioned with their targeting and analytics tools. It’s a neat complete package!

Skype for Business

Skype Business Communication

Sometime in 2007, Microsoft released Office Communicator. In 2010, it got rebranded to Lync. Then in 2015, Lync became Skype for Business. Skype for Business paired with Office 365 seamlessly to present users with a replacement for their entire enterprise phone system. This enterprise suite features call routing, response groups, auto attendants, team call groups. Unlike consumer Skype, which has none of these tools.

Features of Skype for Business aka MS Teams
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Today, Skype for Business is officially Microsoft Teams which represents an even complete and specialized video conferencing suite. Much like the popular Zoom. Top off the usual calling, messaging and video conferencing tool, Teams is built for telecommuting and ease of collaboration with file sharing, screen sharing and the ability to integrate with a range of office communication devices (e.g. Desk phones, Speakerphones and collaboration bars). However, but equally to Snapchat, Skype’s suitability for customer support could certainly be explored.

Skype Business Advertising

In consideration of Skype for advertising, the formats are Display ads which Skype presents them through a 3rd party provider. That said, it is not possible to only advertise on Skype for it is not hard to understand that Skype is a more user-to-user tool (with a certain degree of privacy) and not a social media. Launching ads is done with Microsoft’s ‘advertising arm’ called Bing Ads which presents the Ads across a network consisting of Bing, partner sites and third-party platforms (among one of it is Skype!).

In Bing Ads, a user could start advertising with any budget and presents their offerings across a network. All while being targeted, segmented, and the possibility to retarget etc. Although it is not possible to advertise only on Skype, the comprehensive network and intelligent Bing advertising platform means that ads could reach widely across and according to your audience all within set budget.

Our Advice: Snapchat or Skype

We had explored Snapchat and Skype’s possibilities as a business communication tool and as an advertising platform. Snapchat certainly comes out on top for their potential as one of the hottest social media platforms available today. The ability to use Artificial Reality which is still a relatively novel technology taps on the curiosity of humans to use and explore. Anything interesting or ‘worth sharing’ could be shared with fellow peers in a few clicks. Viral campaign are then created and potentially generate millions in PR value without spending any costs. However, any social media campaigns should be strategized and managed properly with a need to constantly develop new contents.

For Business Communication

With Snapchat’s messaging, video conferencing and call function, it represents a tool suitable for customer support. Although much can be argued against the possibility of data breach or call hacking, unlike Skype which have industry grade encryption. Here, we feel that Skype triumphs with its communication tool and certainly should be explored for business usage. For Skype for Business, also known as Teams, is a good video conferencing tool as well and suitable for office use. Teams have a commitment-free plan which any one could try out before fully adapting.

For Advertising

In terms of advertising, both Snapchat and Skype are worth a shot for this very simple reason: Objective. Here, we suggest to use Snapchat if you are targeting the youth crowd and is strong with video contents. For all other objectives, consider Skype (I mean Bing Ads) which is much more powerful with their all comprehensive range of functions and network. Before doing so, we suggest to have a read about their advertising policies, as from our personal experience, they could be very strict! We also recommend all who wish to start Bing Ads to learn more by taking their free courses.

Final Comments

That’s it! We hope this article sheds more light on Skype and Snapchat for your business usage.



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