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Instagram Marketing

We are in the 21st Century, and business marketing strategies had evolved from physical to virtual. Instagram is rated as one of the best marketing social media sites, and businesses have flocked to utilize the services offered there. However, if you are looking to engage in fruitful marketing, there are a few tips about marketing in Instagram that you must know before you start.

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First of all, let us walk you through a few reasons why you stand to gain by using Instagram as your marketing partner.

The site has over 800 million monthly users, which creates a wide customer base for the user. It also has over 60 million photos shared every day, and around 1.6 billion likes every day. This is more than enough reason for you to venture into Instagram marketing, and the following tips will ensure you waste no time right from the start.

How to Use Instagram for Marketing

1. Switch Your Profile on Instagram From Personal to Business

Having a business profile makes it easy for potential customers to contact you from the Instagram page. It is more like they are linked to your website through Instagram. The profile also gives you the power to create business ads without using Facebook’s advertising tools. You can also access insights on the impressions and reach of your posts. With these, you can assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy on the platform.

2. Utilize the Free Tools Offered on Instagram

Some of the tools offered on Instagram are statistics on impressions, engagement data, and a demographic data breakdown. Such information helps you analyze which audience is most attracted to your products, which ads are working, and which ones need to be changed or scrapped off. Such analytics is crucial for the success of your business. Remember, marketing campaigns are never stagnant. It is a constant work in progress.

3. Use Product Teasers to Woo Potential Clients

Instagram is all about attracting as much traffic to your page as possible. However, this does not mean being annoying to your followers because they are likely to ditch your page if you do. So, what is the trick? It is simple, use product teasers. These are simplified ways of talking about your product, spur excitement in your followers, and give them a nudge towards buying from you. Here is a link to Nike’s Instagram business page that should give you an idea of making this game-changing move. There are never right or wrong, but engaging will always be engaging. Static image? No Sound? No Colours? It has got to mean something for some audience group in order to create engagement!

4. Use Sponsored Ads as Much as Possible

Sponsored ads are a sure way for you to get your target audience’s attention, and the best thing about them is that you do not have to break your bank to use them. You can set aside an ad budget that guide you on how much you can spend on ads daily. Your brand then has unlimited ability to reach more clients than when you had to rely on your followers to see your updates. Some of the sponsored ads you can use include photos, videos, carousels, stories, and stories canvas. People always have this concern on how to know if a campaign is successful. Well, it got to start with a goal and end with a measurement. Even if you do not get good metrics, you definitely gain insights! We say go for it!

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5. Make Use of Instagram Influencers

The most assured way of getting a huge following on Instagram is using influencers who already have a large following on the site. People are likely to purchase products supported and promoted by influential people such as celebrities and social media influencers because they trust them. Identify a few influencers, partner with them, and watch your sales grow as your brand gains popularity. Huge brands such as Starbucks use influencers such as Alyssa Lenore, Will Taylor, and Chelsea as of Late to market its products.

Final Comments

The bottom line in Instagram Marketing is knowing what you wish to achieve with it and how to do it. While the complete ways of Instagram Marketing can never be documented anywhere, we hope our suggestions have been a good starting point for your Instagram Marketing. It is most important to inculcate a learning mindset, to be open to new knowledge and to always explore.


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