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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an American software developer specialized in inbound marketing, sales and customer service. They are recognized as one of the best in the market for their easy to use interfaces and comprehensive range of resources available for any new users. HubSpot avails tools that are used in customer support, content management, and social media marketing among others to help sales personnel and marketers reach another level of effectiveness and efficiency. Best of all, their software provides integration with many of the most popular sales, marketing, customer service and finance software. However, isn’t that lots to pick up? Definitely not! In this article, we breakdown the many reasons any business should use and learn Hubspot CRM.

Everyone can Learn Hubspot CRM Free
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What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer relationship management. It is a software system that users, in particular sales and marketing personnel) can use to manage relationships with prospects consumers and customers. CRM in this way helps businesses to store information about their prospects, consumers and customers in one central place which makes it easy for the business to track and understand about the buyer’s journey. This allows the business to continually seek to higher standards by a provision of means to meet buyer’s expectations.

Traditionally, CRM is performed using spreadsheet (think Microsoft Excel) which you can understand it’s a really great product. However, still not the perfect product as you could probably relate to all the issues that you face in using. Some of it may include too much hassle in generating graphs and charts with datas, difficulty to remember all the functions, storage issues associated with naming folders, lack of ability to present charts in presentable manner etc.

HubSpot does better in many of these aspects and let’s discuss why it is best suited for anyone’s contemporary CRM.

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HubSpot CRM Review

1. HubSpot is Free to use

Firstly, HubSpot is free to use and any businesses can use and learn HubSpot CRM free of charge. With an account, you get HubSpot’s CRM tool which consisted of the capability of contact management, contact website activity tracking, customize support form fields, reporting dashboard, email tracking with notifications and many app integration (such as gmail and outlook) possibilities among many others. You will need almost a full month to explore!

All for free, HubSpot also provides Marketing tools (such as Custom Forms, Email Marketing, Contact List Segmentation, Ad Management etc.), Sales tools (such as Conversation Bots, Call function, Deal pipeline flow, Meeting Scheduling etc.) and Service Tools (such as Messenger integration, Live Chat, Team Email etc.). See the list of tools.

Add-ons are available separately for a fee which means businesses only pay for what they need.

2. Full-Suite Integration

No one can fully understand and achieve their top effectiveness and efficiency by looking at CRM from one angle. Whether you are in Sales, Marketing or Finance, each will provide their own perspective in customer relationship and all of it are true! But you will not fully understand why if you do not have one integrated system to show these data. An integrated central platform for your sales, marketing, finance and customer service will align departments to one understanding to achieve that one goal.

HubSpot excels in this with their capabilities to integrate with many business systems and applications. For sales, you may integrate with the very popular Salesforce, Slack, Stripe and even Linkedin Sales Navigator. If you are looking for marketing integration, do know about Facebook Ads, Instagram and Mailchimp, while HubSpot have their own plugin for WordPress as well! Oh, and for finance and accounting apps, HubSpot have integration with Xero, QuickBooks Online and NetSuite among many others. Other useful Integrations are such as with Zoom, Shopify and Canva. See the full list of apps HERE. Do note that while the integration is free, each app may still cost a fee to use.

3. Report Dashboard

Think about how long it may take to generate a chart from a traditional spreadsheet and then copy-paste them over to your presentation. What if you could generate presentation charts just with a few clicks, and save all the time for something else! No more burning the midnight oil for that report and rushing to the meeting late. Yes, its all possible with HubSpot’s dashboard capabilities.

Dashboard could be stored in the cloud so you no longer have to bring along your flash drive. No more panic when you forget!

With all the data from sales, marketing and customer support, your workplace will enjoy a huge boost in getting work done, the ability to recognize true performers, while the customers will Thank You for sending them only relevant materials they need to make their purchase decision! Sweet!

4. Friendly User Interface

HubSpot’s friendly interface means its easy to start doing whatever you need with a few clicks. You will be able to create workflows and automations leading to efficiency at the highest level. Think about your marketing campaigns. When you receive a subscriber to a certain a webpage, what happens after that? Send them an email! Not just to Thank them for trusting you with their data, but the chance to nurture them by sending them relevant materials that will move them down the next stage of their buyer’s journey. To learn more, read about the flywheel model.

For your ease of CRM anytime, bulk contacts can be imported or exported in a few clicks.

Contacts’ information is updated real-time.

Learn & Grow with Hubspot CRM
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5. Help Resources

If you are ever lost in your Free Plan of HubSpot, don’t worry. There are lots of resources readily available in HubSpot.

HubSpot Blog – Written not only by HubSpot’s own personnels, but of external writers as well who are versed in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Service and Website. Spolier Alert! Lots of tutorials and expert advice!

HubSpot’s ebooks and Guides – Here you will find lots of guides, ebooks, templates and kits from the HubSpot team all available free for download! 

HubSpot Academy – HubSpot’s own production of courses and certifications available for free. Yes, I said certifications. You complete and pass an exam and you get a certificate – all for free!

Final Comments

HubSpot is definitely one of the best CRM in the market. With their free plan and comprehensive number of features, it is definitely worthwhile for any sales, marketing and customer service personnels to try out. Businesses may then decide to scale up with add-ons by paying separate fees. Not only that, HubsSpot’s comprehensive number of features and integrations meant that first-time users would benefit greatly from learning a top-end CRM software which provides lots of ready resources to ensure one picks up quickly and is able to perform the things they need across situations. With HubSpot, businesses can begin or achieve more with their journey in data-driven decision making while employees could certainly achieve more with less.

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