Forget Flash Drive. Top 10 Free Cloud Storage to Use


What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage simply means storing files in the internet in which file owners can obtain or access them any time they want. If you are always forgetting your Flash Drive for the important meeting, worry of your Flash Drive getting corrupted, or have concerns of viruses from common Flash Drive sharing, consider cloud storage which you can access anywhere with an internet connection, store multiple copies with different cloud storage providers and share files using links for third-party download. Best of all, many of these cloud storage are available for free today!

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Free Cloud Storage

Nonetheless, choosing a provider can be tricky, especially if you’re looking at free options. So today we’re going to explore some top free cloud storage providers which might fit your storage needs.

The world wide web is huge, and yet you had stumbled on my site looking for something. I hope you find it as we had taken huge efforts to create them. Best of all, its FREE! Hence, some of our content may include affiliate links (i.e. whenever you click on the links and purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra costs to you!). No worries! Some of these links may look like phishing, but I assure you they are not! Lastly, the affiliation does not affect my reviews towards them. Enjoy!

  1. Degoo
  2. Dropbox
  3. Google Drive
  4. Icedrive
  5. iCloud Drive
  6. MediaFire
  7. Mega
  8. OneDrive
  10. Yandex Disk

1. Degoo

Top Free Cloud Storage: Degoo

Year Founded: 2012

Country: Sweden

No. of Users: 50m+

Use Factor:

  • AI-Powered Photo Feed
  • Smart Sync Only with Wifi or Charging
  • Auto-Sync
  • Top Secret Storage
  • Mobile App

Things to Note:

  • Have to log in every 90 days to prevent account active
  • No Desktop App So Offline File Access is Possible Only with Mobile App
  • No file edit or creation tools
  • Free plan shows Ads
  • Largest plan provides up to 10TB


  • Free Cloud Storage: 100GB + 5GB/referred Up to 500GB
  • Plans fr: GBP 1.89/mth for 500GB

2. Dropbox

Top Free Cloud Storage: Dropbox

Year Founded: 2007

Country: USA

No. of Users: 600m+

Use Factor:

  • Dropbox Paper, an Editing Tool, Support Collaboration Around Files
  • Share Files or Whole Folder with Link & Permission Setting
  • Auto-Backup Files & Folders Up to Whole PC
  • 30-Days File Recovery & File Versioning
  • Integrates with Over 130 Office Suites
  • Desktop & Mobile App

Things to Note:

  • 2GB File Size Limit, Except for Certain Plans at 100GB
  • The largest plan have no space cap.


  • Free Cloud Storage: 2GB + 500MB/referred Up to 16GB
  • Plans fr: US$ 9.99/mth for 2TB

3. Google Drive

Top Free Cloud Storage: Google Drive

Year Founded: 1998

Country: USA

No. of Users: 1bn+

Use Factor:

  • Stores Over 100+ File Types
  • Integration with Docs, Sheets, and Slides Support Working on Cloud
  • AI-Powered Search & Suggestion Simplifies & Boosts Online File Working
  • Google VPN Included (USA only)
  • Integrates with Over 12+ Third-Party Office Tools
  • Desktop & Mobile App

Things to Note:

  • Google does not provide any subscription just for Google Drive. Users have to subscribe to the full suite or either Google One (for personal use), or Google Workspace (Business). Subscription for either one provides a bunch of other packaged Google office products.
  • Messages & attachments in Gmail counts into storage too. Likewise for photos and videos in your Google Photos.
  • Biggest plan provides up to 2TB only.

Pricing (Google Workspace)

  • Free Cloud Storage: 15GB
  • Plans fr: US$ 6/mth for 30GB/user

4. Icedrive

Top Free Cloud Storage: Icedrive

Year Founded: 2019

Country: UK

No. of Users: Unknown

Use Factor:

  • Mount the Cloud Storage Onto PC Drive for Easy PC Access
  • Cache Control Optimises Platform Performance
  • Built-In Media Player Enable Streaming Directly
  • Twofish Client-Side Encryption
  • Password-Protected Files
  • Windows, Mac & Linux-Compatible Desktop App & Mobile Version

Things to Note:

  • No file versioning or recovery features.
  • There are one-time payment lifetime plans too.
  • The largest plan provides up to 5TB storage and 8GB bandwidth.
  • Yes, there are monthly bandwidth limits per plan calculated every upload and download of files.


  • Free Cloud Storage: 10GB
  • Plans fr: US$ 1.67/mth for 150GB

5. iCloud Drive

Top Free Cloud Storage: iCloud

Year Founded: 1976 (Apple Inc.)

Country: USA

No. of Users: 850m+

Use Factor:

  • Includes a Number of Other Apple Office Suites Such as iWork, Mail, Photos etc.
  • Create & Edit Documents & Spreadsheets Directly via iWork
  • iMessages, Calendar, Reminders, & Notes are Automatically Synced
  • Offline Access Possible Which Are Synced with Internet
  • Back Up Whole Devices Including Your iPhone or iPad
  • Apps Available for All iOS Devices & PC

Things to Note:

  • Can’t purchase iCloud Drive only. Need to purchase iCloud which comes with other software tools.
  • The storage includes for any documents, emails, messages, calendars, and notes too.
  • Up to 2TB for Largest Plan

Pricing (iCloud)

  • Free Cloud Storage: 5GB
  • Plans fr: US$ 0.99/mth for 50GB

6. MediaFire

Top Free Cloud Storage: MediaFire

Year Founded: 2006

Country: USA

No. of Users: 150m+

Use Factor:

  • No Download or Bandwidth Limit
  • Password Protected Files
  • Stores Files from Website Directly via Pasting URL
  • Share Files via Link, No Expiry or One-Time (Pro & Above)
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps Available

Things to Note:

  • File Size Allowed for Storage is Up to 4GB for Free Plan
  • Free Plan shows Ads
  • No File Versioning or Restoration Features
  • No Info on Encryption or Other Security Features
  • There are monthly limits for One-Time Links, Either 100 or 5k
  • Largest Plan Provides As Much as 100TB!


  • Free Cloud Storage: 10GB
  • Plans fr: US$ 3.75/mth for 1TB

7. Mega

Top Free Cloud Storage: Mega

Year Founded: 2013

Country: Australia

No. of Users: 200m+

Use Factor:

  • In-Built Chat, Messaging & Audio/Video Call via MEGAchat
  • Real-Time File Sync with Online Access
  • Data Centres in Europe & Canada
  • Zero Knowledge Encryption (i.e. User-Controlled)
  • 2FA, File Versioning & Recovery Available
  • Desktop, Mobile & Browser Extension

Things to Note:

  • There are bandwidth quota included in each plan per month. This depends on Mega’s system usage for Free users.
  • 1GB max file size upload applies for Free users.
  • With data centres dominantly in the Europe and Canada region, countries further away may not enjoy the same transfer speed.
  • Requires login once every 6 months to prevent account deactivation.
  • Businesses going for the business plan can subscribe to as much as 1000TB of stroage.


  • Free Cloud Storage: 20GB + 5GB Per Bonuses Valid for 365 Days Only
  • Plans fr: EUR 4.99/mth for 400GB

8. OneDrive

Top Free Cloud Storage: OneDrive

Year Founded: 1975 (Microsoft Corporation)

Country: USA

No. of Users: est. 600m-1bn+

Use Factor:

  • Can Use Seamlessly with Microsoft365, a Top Workplace Suite
  • Stores Up to 3 Private Files in Personal Vault in Free Plan
  • Document Scanning with the App
  • File Sharing via Links
  • Device- and Folder-Level Backup
  • 30-Days File Versioning (with Microsoft365)
  • Available for iOS, Android, Windows, and PC

Things to Note:

  • Per File Size Limit is 100GB.
  • Subscribing to OneDrive for its storage features only is possible. That means, no other Microsoft suites included.
  • Business plan users can enjoy unlimited individual cloud storage.
  • Ransomware detection & recovery is available only with Microsoft365 subscription.


  • Free Cloud Storage: 5GB
  • Plans fr: US$ 1.99/mth for 100GB
Microsoft365 for Business


Top Free Cloud Storage: Sync

Year Founded: 2011

Country: USA

No. of Users: 1.7m+

Use Factor:

  • 99.9% or Better Uptime SLA (Paid Plans only)
  • Automatic Backup, Sync & Restore
  • 30-Days File History for Restoration
  • File Preview Possible (Paid Plans only)
  • Advanced Security Controls with 2FA, User Permissions, Passwords, & Expiry Dates
  • End-to-End Encryption Ensures Only Authorised Users Can Access The File
  • Desktop Excluding Linux & Mobile Apps Available

Things to Note:

  • There are transfer cap of 5GB for free users.
  • The Free plan also provide 3 links for sharing monthly, and 3 shared folders.
  • Data Centres are in Canada only. Hence, the further your location is away from Canada, you will not get the best possible transfer speed.
  • Business users on the Unlimited Team Plan can get unlimited Storage.


  • Free Cloud Storage: 5GB + 1GB/referred Up to 20GB
  • Plans fr: US$ 5/user/mth for 1TB - private cloud

10. Yandex Disk

Top Free Cloud Storage: Yandex Disk

Year Founded: 1997

Country: Russia

No. of Users: 85m+ (All Yandex Products)

Use Factor:

  • In-Built Document Editor Works for Docx, XLSX, & PPTX formats
  • All Files Scanned via NOD32 Antivirus
  • File Sharing via Links
  • 14-Days File History for Free Plan, & 90-Days for Paid
  • Windows-Compatible, & Mobile App

Things to Note:

  • 50GB File Size Limit
  • Free version shows Ads
  • When space runs out, users will not be able to generate new links, share files and folders, watch videos and earlier generated links become unavailable.
  • Largest plan provides 3 TB space.


  • Free Cloud Storage: 10GB + Bonuses Available
  • Plans fr: US$ 1.70/mth for 100GB

Our Advice

Choosing which Cloud Storage provider to trust with your files comes down to how much space you want and how much risk appetite you could digest in losing the files. Should you only wish to store old, unimportant files, it’s best to opt for the cloud storage that offer the most space for free or without costs. However, for back up of important files needing to keep secured, then opt for the safest providers, and pay a subscription fee to extend the storage space if required.

As I understand, many users opt for Cloud Storage to store temporary files, that is files they know they need to send to others in the next week or two, hence performing much like a Flash Drive. Then should Cloud Storage replace Flash Drive? I believe with Cloud Storage and the availability of access to internet everywhere, the need for Flash Drive had greatly diminished. Although good to have, but you might find it often in the pockets of your bag once you are used to Cloud Storage, especially free ones.


Read more about Cloud Data Platforms or VPN for your Internet Safety.

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