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Science and technology have revolutionized the entire world over the past few decades. Even as you read this article, numerous new technologies come into existence, and many others get even bigger and better. Amongst many blessings of technology, the advent of cloud storage is a top contender! Cloud storage is an efficient computing model whereby data is stored on the internet powered by a cloud computing host or service provider who operates and manages the venture. Today, about 85 percent of businesses worldwide are using some form of cloud storage in their ventures. Of course, the highly popular SaaS, PaaS and IaaS that many of us are using now are all powered by Cloud.

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In our article today, we are going to look at one PaaS called Publitio. At first glance, it looks like any storage services. But look closer, and we unravel what else it does and why it could be so beneficial for many users today.

Media Asset Management Software: Publitio
Image Source: Publitio

What is Publitio?

Publitio is a startup software company providing digital and media asset management solutions, with a Mission to be the next layer of cloud storage in the digital hemisphere. Publitio is a solution for any business or firm looking to up their file management and organization efforts. It allows its users to host, upload, convert, edit, and perform many other useful tasks with images, videos, audios, etc. Its major services include:

1. Media Asset Management

Amongst Publitio’s numerous offerings, their Media Asset Management service is a tool that allow users to keep their website’s rich images, videos, and multimedia files in one reliable secure place. Say goodbye to mismanagement of website files and being all over in your content marketing. Whether you operate in the film and broadcast industry or any other businesses, your website files are assets you definitely don’t want and cannot afford to lose! Why? Because contemporary media-driven marketing campaigns including digital marketing are powered with data analytics. Think about your Facebook Advertising. Or LinkedIn, where your campaign goal is website traffic. If you have difficulty locating past media assets from your campaigns, you cannot re-analyse it to decide if to run similar campaign again. You would not know what works and what is worth focusing!

2. Digital Asset Management

Through this function, users get file and folder security, permission-setting on who can view or edit, real-time asset syncing across devices, file history tracking and even watermark automation! All these improves accuracy and productivity which means costs savings and better objective meeting.

3. Video, Image and Audio Management

This function of Publitio is truly what defines it from other Cloud Storage Solutions. Because it does not only provide file storage for a rich variety of media assets, but also in the active management of it. In Video Management, Publitio have an in-built video player. It allows users to quickly upload videos to be hosted on Publitio, change its format across 10+ video formats, add watermarking and even optimize it for direct embedding in the website. Any changes made will be synced. If you host explainer videos on your site which are updated frequently, then this function is exceptionally useful!

Not into video content marketing? How about images or audio? Similarly, users could convert the files across formats, add useful file details such as description, tags and titles, resize and optimize it according to requirements and add watermarks. Then, users have the choice to share it publicly with URL links or add other users. All these done within Publitio itself!

4. WordPress Media Offloading:

Yes, Publitio have its own WordPress Plugin called WP Offload Media Plugin. With WordPress powering 35% of the internet, this Plugin is well positioned to support many WordPress sites and with good reasons! The plugin allows users to offload their website media files to Publitio’s CDN (Content Delivery Network), which speeds up their website loading and creates backup of the files automatically. With faster website speed, this means greater chance of SERP and potentially more website visitors and engagements!

Digital & Media Asset Management: Interface of Publitio
Image Source: Publitio

How is Publitio Different from Cloud Storage Providers?

Several Cloud Storage providers ranging from Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox exist in the market. The main question is how Publitio value-add as not only a cloud-based storage system, but a digital and media asset management tool. As we mentioned previously, Publitio contains a suite of video, image and audio management features which allows users to add in important file details, resize and optimize for their use, change the formats and add watermarks etc. all within its platform.

It also has its WordPress Plugin version which is optimized for WordPress sites. Meaning greater compatibility, lesser bugs, and in-built user-friendly interface.

Last but not least, Publitio is actively rolling out new features to support its users in media management. These include analytics for file usage, download links that don’t expire, a Shopify Plugin, intergrations with Zapier, more CDN data centres among many others. The idea is greater usability and continual development. Isn’t it great? View their Product Development Road Map HERE.

Who is Publitio For?

Well, Publitio is definitely a useful tool. But who exactly benefit most from it? Let’s take a look below.

1. Everyday Office Workers Working From Home

For office workers that are working from home, managing all the files in one place is a huge concern especially when there are multiple owners of the files. Users of Publitio can make use of the Digital Asset Management features to set permissions for who can edit directly or view. Hence, there is no need to generate URL links for every folder or files which saves time.

Users can also use the Video, Image and Audio features to quickly make some edits like re-sizing and conversion within the platform without having to download them and performing the task externally. Once it is ready, notify the other owners. That is all it takes. Again, this saves time for the users and help juggle the workloads from working at home.  

2. Designers and Marketers Designing Creatives for Marketing and Advertising

For Designers and Marketers developing Creatives, Publitio provides a good deal. It allows users to efficiently manage their digital files by increasing the organization, security, accessibility, and searchability of their digital files with all but a few clicks. The ease of adding watermarks support ownership protection of their creatives in draft. The hosting of website files in Publitio helps support campaign improvement as the files are never deleted and can be replaced anytime without major inconveniences. With Publitio looking to implement file analytics tracking, creative developers and marketers can look to rejoice on the announcement.

3. Video Streaming Websites

With a built-in HTML5 video player capable of self-hosting, Publitio is suitable for video streaming websites. Videos are easily uploaded, stored, could be optimized for fast viewing, and converted to the desired format. On top of, there is a certain guarantee of loading speed for the videos due to Publitio’s CDN.

The question to ask here is: Why not host on YouTube or Vimeo instead? Due to YouTube and Vimeo’s terms of use, it is not recommended to host your videos on their platforms if you wish to retain full ownership and distributor rights. The very reason is that YouTube and Vimeo users will never be able to exert full control. Unlike use in Publitio, users still retain ownership and control and have full legal rights in situations of ownership.

4. Audio Streaming Websites

Similar to above, websites who stream audios even in large quantities will find Publitio ideal. Ease of management, fast loading speed and ownership. You name it.

5. Any Website Hosted with WordPress

If you are operating a WordPress website, then you surely are concern of website loading speed due to SERP. In speeding websites, there are a few things that users can do with Publitio. First is in optimizing all their files via resizing and converting to the right formats. Second is via CDN which helps deliver the file data from a data centre closest to the website visitors to him. By the way, a CDN also supports website security and backup. Third is that Third, Publitio have a specialized WordPress Plugin. WordPress sites can work easily with this plugin from the comforts of their site, with any changes made synced with their account in Publitio directly. It is just convenient!

Quick Introduction of Publitio (Video Source: Publitio)


Great news! Publitio is a Freemium software! Check out the screenshot (Jan 2021) below:

Media Asset Management: Publitio;s Pricing
Image Source: Publitio

Final Comments

Publitio is a Digital & Media Asset Management platform that not only allow users to store and manage their images, videos and audios but also allows them to format, manipulate, resize, add watermarks, optimize, and convert between different formats. It also allows users to share the content with their team and automatically backs up every change made. It seamlessly integrates with website especially WordPress sites. With its 3 data centres in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Publitio ensures an optimal website loading experience for any visitors in the world. So, rest assured and try Publitio! More functions to come but start now and start generating the benefits!


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