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Hey you, the PR and Marketer! How have you been distributing your PRs? Emailing to News sites directly? Mailing to News Publisher? Or sending to that TV and radio stations? Nevertheless, you got to know that you don’t need to do so manually. All you need is a Press Release Distribution Service, and we got several best ones here for you!

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The world wide web is huge, and yet you had stumbled on my site looking for something. I hope you find it as we had taken huge efforts to create them. Best of all, its FREE! Hence, some of our content may include affiliate links (i.e. whenever you click on the links and purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra costs to you!). No worries! Some of these links may look like phishing, but I assure you they are not! Lastly, the affiliation does not affect my reviews towards them. Enjoy!

Not only that! These best Press Release distribution does the job for you effectively and with short turnaround time. What else do they provide? Let us present these Best Press Release Distribution Services to you in an easy-to-read manner as always. Not a sales pitch though! Our articles never push for sales. We only wish to introduce good WorkTech to the world! It will be a maximum of 15 minutes read, promise. After which, we hope you could share your comments in the activities section located at the bottom. Enjoy!

  1. 24-7 Press Release
  2. EIN Presswire
  3. Linking News
  4. Newswire
  5. NewswireJet

1. 24-7 Press Release

Best Press Release Distribution: 24-7 Press Release
Image Source: 24-7 Press Release

Launched in Seattle, US, in the early 2004. 24-7 Press Release has a rich database of network channels to support its global PR distribution. It has since distributed nearly half a million PRs across print and online medias, journalists, bloggers and also social media. That said, their client base of over 50,000 organisations includes some of the top brands in the world, such as Holiday Inn, NASA, Church’s Chicken (aka Texas Chicken) and Gatwick Airport. With their low pricing, they continue their march to achieve the mission of delivering measurable results for small to medium-sized businesses. Would 24-7 Press Release be the PR distribution service for you? Read on.

Key Features

  • Industry-Level Targeting
  • Attach Image
  • Share on Social Media Tools
  • Maximum of 2 Days Turnaround for Posting

Buy Factor

  • Whichever plan you choose, 24-7 Press Release allows for industry-level targeting. The higher the plan, the more industry categories you can choose, up to 10. This helps ensure a wide reach while keeping the PR only for the relevant audiences. Some of these categories include Business, Education, Government, Medical, Sports and Technology.
  • Regardless the plan, 24-7 Press Release allows for at least the attachment of 1 image. And, it is pretty useful. Actually, we cannot stress how important images are. They help with creating lasting impressions and boost social media sharing. So, always include images, or as Buzzsumo’s research suggests, 1 image every 75-100 words.
  • This is the age of Social Media. When you want to ride on the trend, you got to make it easy for your audiences. 24-7 Press Release just enable this by including some Social Media tools for easy sharing on your reader’s social media network. Its great, and only makes social media more fun. Good things are worth sharing afterall. Agree?
  • If you are dealing with PR and news, then you got to know how time and urgency is everything. Got a breaking news? Get it out to the world quickly. Again, 24-7 Press Release is just well-positioned for this with their quick 2-day turnaround. And, this is for the lower pricing plans. Take the higher plans for next day distribution if you ever need. Lesser headaches from all the department’s chasing is what we are saying!

Things to Note

  • The highest tier plan, Mass Media Visibility, surprisingly comes with a 375 word-limit which includes headline, and subheading. Other plans have no word limit.
  • 24-7 Press Release have strict Guidelines on content that they do not distribute. These may include content from publicly traded companies, content which include stock picks or recommendations, coupon sites, unaccredited online pharmacies, etc. Also, all PR should only be in English. Check their Editorial Guidelines carefully.
  • Not possible to target audiences by geographic region.

Pricing (per release)

  • Visibility Boost (US$ 49) – 5 Industry Categories, Search Engines Indexing, PR to News Partners, PR to 50+ Premium Sites, PR to Other Individual Broadcasters Such as Bloggers, Publish on Industry News Sites, Stats Reporting, with Possibility to Attach Images, Logo and Documents.
  • PR Network Plus (US$ 89) – Everything in Visibility Boost with Next Day Distribution, 8 Industry Categories, PR to 80+ Premium Sites, PR to Associated Press, and Possibility to Add 1 YouTube Video, Block Quote, and Facebook & Twitter Feed.
  • Integrated Media PRO (US$ 139) – Everything in PR Network Plus with 10 Industry Categories, PR to 125+ Premium Sites, and Posted to 24-7 Press Release Twitter.
  • Mass Media Visibility (US$ 389) – Everything in Integrated Media PRO with PR to 200+ Premium Sites, and PR to PR Newswire‘s 4500+ websites, databases and online services.

2. EIN Presswire

Best Press Release Distribution: EIN Presswire
Image Source: EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire is a US PR company with a deep foundation that stretches to 1995. Its trademark slogan is ‘Everyone’s Internet News Presswire’, and its little wonder why as they owned the World Media Directory. Having their own directory, which actually consists of all sorts of channels across countries, EIN Presswire is able to deduce the best rates at the most affordable price. Besides, they are the only PR distribution service in our list that accepts PR distribution in any language! Would this be what you are looking for? Read on for other features that EIN Presswire can do for you!

Key Features

  • PR Distribution via World Media Directory
  • Reach Bloggers and WordPress Site Owners via their Plugin
  • Accept PR in Any Languages
  • Geographic- and Industry-Level Targeting

Buy Factor

  • EIN’s World Media Directory is a top Online Media Directory in the world. It has a listing of TV stations, Radios, Newspapers and Blogs from all around the world to provide the global reach desired by a PR. Besides, major TV stations and radios such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News are in this directory. 
  • Owns a free plugin that allows bloggers and WordPress site owners to show newsfeeds from EIN Presswire on their site. This directly leverage on the popularity of these sites and further boost PR visibility. The plugin, called NewsPlugin, had been currently installed by over 1000 times! What’s more? It is basically one-click install to use. So, go try it!
  •  EIN Presswire provide global outreach and they certainly do, being able to accept PR in any languages. The only limitation here being that the language of the PR should match the audiences.
  • A huge plus to be able to target based on geographic and industry because what matters to reach audiences who are not keen on your PR? Or to reach them in an area where they are unable to effectively respond to your message? Nonetheless, if you want global reach to everyone, EIN Presswire can also do it for you! All you need is start an account and buy some credits!

Things to Note

  • Does not provide PR writing services at all. Read their editorial guidelines carefully before proceeding and do send in your PR at least 3 working days for their review.
  • There are word limits for the PR base on chosen plans; up to 700, 1,000, or 2,500.
  • The Basic Plan does not allow any image in the PR which might be less effective in delivering the message of the PR.


  • Basic (US$ 99.95) – 1 PR, Placement on EIN Newswire including its Publications, 1 Distribution Channel, Search Engine Indexing, Placement on News Sites, Placement on Partner Sites, Distributed via World Media Directory, 700-Word Limit, 1 Embedded Image, 1 Embedded Video and 3 Keyword Text Links.
  • Pro+ (US$ 399) – Everything in Basic with 10 + 2 PRs, 5 Industry Categories, Release Time Scheduling, Same Day Distribution, 1000-Word Limit, 3 Embedded Images, 1 Embedded Video, Embedded HTTPS Website, and RSS Syndication.
  • Corporate (US$ 999) Everything in Pro+ with 50 PRs, 2,500-Word Limit, and 5 Embedded Images.

3. Linking News

Best Press Release Distribution: Linking News
Image Source: Linking News

A relatively new company, Linking News is founded in 2017 in California, US. It boasts a network of over 330k publications, 900k journalists, and 90 million Social Media Influencers. In addition, Linking News prides themselves on their White Label Distribution. Besides, they are also capable of distributing PRs written in Chinese to their Chinese partner networks. We say, Linking News certainly caught our attention! Would they be worth your time? Read on and find out!

Key Features

  • White Label PR Distribution
  • Also Distribute PR in Chinese
  • Unlimited Video and Embeddable Content Per PR
  • No Word Limit Cap, Only Minimum of 320 Words

Buy Factor

  • White Label Distribution means that PRs submitted to Linking News will not carry any mention of Linking News. In particular, the source of PR. Instead, when the PR is published on other third-party sites, the PR carries the impression of that site being the source. In addition, white label distribution helps to prevent your competitors from knowing who you work with. Hence, ensuring business confidentiality and protecting business interests.
  • Linking News has a dedicated plan called ‘Chinese Distribution’ for PR distribution to over 200 Chinese sites. The PR can be written in Chinese for this case. Very useful for reaching out to the Chinese markets which are huge and always full of potential for good response. Although the pricing for this plan can be a hindering factor. See things to note.
  • We checked Linking News’s PR Guidelines and Acceptable Copy Guidelines. There was no mention on the limits of allowed images and embeddable content. Continue on next point.
  • Although there is a minimum of 320 words required, there are no maximum limit. This means that technical PR requiring more words, images, videos, or even document downloads, are possible. Of course, there is never good in greed. Look at how to best optimise the PR for readability, SEO, and engagement are perhaps best. Also, our quick search via Google tells us around 400 words for a good PR. Whatever it is, there are huge allowance for any kind of PRs with Linking News.

Things to Note

  • No Geographic and Industry-Level Targeting. Only good for PR campaigns with the goal of impressions, or to a smaller extent, improve your website’s SEO rankings.
  • Distribution of PR in Chinese is possible only via the ‘Chinese Distribution’ Plan which is a lot less value with lesser sites but at higher price.
  • Linking News does not seem to place any limits on the number of images and embeddable contents (i.e. videos, document downloads, audios etc.), nor cap the maximum number of words allowed. While this may give greater freedom in writing the PR, it might not pass the review stage. Best is to contact Linking News for clarifications prior to writing.

Pricing (per PR)

  • Basic (US$ 159) – Publishing on 100+ News and Media Sites, Including the ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS network.
  • Standard (US$ 369) – Publishing on 400+ News and Media Sites, Including those in Basic Plan, and MarketWatch.
  • Silver (US$ 669) – Publishing on 500+ News and Media Sites, Including those in Standard Plan, Associated Press, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Money, Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Sports, and 8 international Yahoo Finance sites.
  • Gold (US$ 1,580) – Publishing on 600+ News and Media Sites, Including those in Silver Plan, and Bloomberg, Benzinga, Street Insider, and Other International Sites, such as Asahi.
  • Chinese Distribution (US$ 880) – Publishing on 200+ Chinese News and Media Sites, Such as China.com, Sohu, Sina, Toutiao, China Daily, Phoenix (ifeng.com), and Netease (163.com). Does Not Include Writing and Translation. PR to be in Chinese Only.

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4. Newswire

Best Press Release Distribution: Newswire
Image Source: Newswire

Another US company with nearly a decade in the business. Newswire is founded in 2014 in New York. They deliver PR success to their clients based on an integrated approach mix comprising customer enablement, media database, media monitoring, campaign analytics, and a Content Management System (CMS). That said, users of Newswire can leverage on their ‘Best in Class’ technologies, while knowing that any support they need is just a phone call away. Besides, Newswire is the only PR distribution service in this list that provides for publicly traded companies. That has got to mean something! Join us and check it out!

Key Features

  • Regulatory Compliant for Publicly Traded Companies
  • US Domestic-Level and Geographic-Region Targeting
  • Huge Media Database with Filtering
  • Powerful Analytics

Buy Factor

  • Most other PR distribution services does not offer their services to publicly traded companies, but Newswire do. That’s because Newswire is SEC compliant. If you are in the finance industry, or your company is looking to announce an Initial Public Listing, Newswire is definitely ideal! Take note though, that there is a separate plan for this with different pricing. Nevertheless, keen users can take advantage to use Newswire to distribute their PRs to financial sites, portals, databases, major broker sites, and even finance publications.
  • Again, available separately via their US Domestic and International plans, Newswire empowers geographic targeting for their users down to state level (for US states only).
  • Most importantly, Newswire enables industry-level targeting with their media database of 1.8 million contacts! Set the parameters for the media you want, review, then decide if you want them include them in the distribution. Furthermore, you can create your own list with different objectives and import your own contacts in. Yes, you can export the contacts out as well for external work and sharing. There is just so much flexibility. Perfect for any PR agency!
  • Not just a PDF, but Newswire offers an analytics platform with various tools that collects and analyses your PR campaigns for data insights. The analytics platform is able to track performance data such as location of the readers, key campaign metrics, engagement, as well as those in Facebook and Twitter. On top of, you can also add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to the platform to integrate both systems for even greater accuracy of insights and richer data. The outcome is better reporting and future improvements. What a win-win!

Things to Note

  • Domestic-level targeting is possible with United States only.
  • Costs can add up quickly when targeting multiple geographic regions due to taking up various plans.
  • All PRs are in English only, except when taking the plan, Newswire Latin America, then the language can be in Spanish.

Pricing (per PR for International Distribution)

  • Newswire Asia (US$ 649) – Distribute to Hundreds of Newswire’s Network Based in Asia. 6 Hyperlinks, 1 Featured Image, 500-Words Limit, Analytics Report, and PR Newswire Visibility Report.
  • Newswire UK (US$ 649) – Distribute to Hundreds of Newswire’s Network Based in UK. Everything Else Same as Newswire Asia.
  • Newswire Canada (US$ 649) – Distribute to Hundreds of Newswire’s Network Based in Canada. Everything Else Same as Newswire Asia.
  • Newswire Latin America (US$ 949) – Distribute to Hundreds of Newswire’s Network Based in Latin America. Everything Else Same as Newswire Asia.
  • Newswire Global (US$ 1,649) – Distribute to All Newswire’s Network from Newswire Asia, Newswire UK, Newswire Canada, and Newswire Latin America. Based in Latin America. Everything Else Same as Newswire Asia.
  • *Domestic Placement, Placement on Finance Sites, and Bulk PRs (3s, 6s, 12s, & 24s) Available.

5. NewswireJet

Best Press Release Distribution: NewswireJet
Image Source: NewswireJet

Founded in Chicago, US, in 2016, NewswireJet is a PR company with a keen goal of helping small businesses in their media visibility. Explicitly, their pricing is competitive while they also provide professional PR writing separately. Users can rest assured that their purchase will certainly guarantee the number of placements according to their plans. Even so, if you are providing the PR, NewswireJet has some samples for references. With these in mind, NewswireJet had surely showed themselves to be approachable and supportive. Whether you are a small business or MNC, who wouldn’t benefit from such a partnership? But first, learn more about NewswireJet below.

Key Features

  • Professional PR Writing
  • Real-Time Distribution Report
  • Include Images
  • Embed Videos & URL Links Possible

Buy Factor

  • NewswireJet offers an unlimited revision PR writing service for their clients at US$ 100. If you require distribution as well, then consider their plan, Buzz Maker Plus. Having the PR distribution service to write the PR for you is a great way to save time while leveraging on the expertise of these PR agencies. For only a 3-digit sum, you save a lot of hassle that otherwise need to be juggled between your Communications, Product Development, Marketing and other Verticals and Support Departments! We say totally worth it!
  • Once the PR is distributed across the network, NewswireJet provides a Distribution report in PDF with all the links of the network distributed to. Then, you can check each link manually to see the results and determine your ROI!
  • NewswireJet does not charge additional to include images. So, try to include at least one image per PR for greater impression. Never try to include more images than required to effectively achieve your PR objective. That said, consider effective images that could help communicate your PR objective. Infographics, charts, maybe even a photo of a prominent public figure could do the trick. Regardless, you can be effective with NewswireJet.
  • Besides including images, you can also embed URL links and videos which will help in driving engagements. Afterall, videos help in retaining impressions; as much as 95% compared to 10% when reading text. You can embed links such as contact email addresses, reference sources, and even download links (which could serve as ‘lead magnets’). Be careful though, that including your email address could mean opening yourself to spam emails.

Things to Note

  • The lowest plan, News Power, offers very limited outreach without featuring on premium news channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX, CW and NBC. Although there are 250+ guaranteed placements, these are not targeted. Hence, each impression may carry less or no impact. Consider carefully before taking the News Power Plan.
  • No Geographic-Level targeting makes NewswireJet good for mass outreach campaigns and perhaps SEO only.
  • We did not find any indication that PR can be in another language other than English.

Pricing (One-Time PR)

  • News Power (US$ 59) – Guaranteed 250+ Placements Including Major Search Engines, and PDF File of All Links.
  • Buzz Maker (US$ 99) – Everything in News Power with 450+ Guaranteed Placements, Distribution to Premium News Network, and Feature on ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, NBC, and Their Affiliates.
  • Buzz Maker Plus (US$ 149) – Everything in Buzz Maker with PR Writing.
  • * Monthly 2 PRs, and Monthly 4 PRs Plan Available.

Final Comments

Organisations seeking for the branding or SEO advantage should make use of Press Release Distribution Services. The above mentioned are some of the best press release distribution services in the market. Of course, each of them offers differently and will cater to organisations in different business stage, industry and geography. When choosing a press release distribution service, consider their media databases/networks, and if you do indeed require targeting. Last but not least, not many Press Release distribution services are able to post in a language other than English. With these factors in mind, we hope this article serves as the stepping stone to using PR distribution for your next PR campaign. You never know! One of these best press release distribution services could be the missing piece to your future PR success!


How often does your organisation need to do a public PR? Would you consider a PR distribution service the next time? Share with us with a COMMENT below.

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