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We know what a top tool SEMrush is, and how it could be used free of fees. We also wrote our strategies that will bring your SEO efforts much more further with SEMrush free.

The world wide web is huge, and yet you had stumbled on my site looking for something. I hope you find it as we had taken huge efforts to create them. Best of all, its FREE! Hence, some of our content may include affiliate links (i.e. whenever you click on the links and purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra costs to you!). No worries! Some of these links may look like phishing, but I assure you they are not! Lastly, the affiliation does not affect my reviews towards them. Enjoy!

The SEO specialists loved SEMrush. Even ourselves. However, it is good to have competition. In any case that you need a SEMrush alternative, we present some of these top SEMrush alternative to you in by no order of preference or ranking. Read carefully and do further research on your own. We hope you enjoy SEO always!

  1. SpyFu
  2. Serpstat
  3. SE Ranking
  4. Mangools
  5. Long Tail Pro
  6. WebCEO
  7. Netpeak Spider

1. SpyFu

SEMrush Alternative: SpyFu
Image Source: SpyFu

SpyFu is a household SEO name and one that we frequently use. Read our review about SpyFu HERE. With SpyFu, users get a comprehensive and easy-to-use industry standard tool at a very decent price. Any features you need for SEO, such as SEO research, keyword research, or PPC research, you can do it with SpyFu. Apart from that, SpyFu approaches itself as a tool built for competitor analysis. Hence their name, SpyFu. It also offers a bunch of free-to-use, but with limitations, tools on its website. So, even if you are not a big game player, you could still benefit highly from this SEMrush alternative. Nonetheless, what features does SpyFu offer? Read on.

Key Features

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Research
  • PPC Research

Buy Factor:

  • The Competitor Analysis feature itself is a series of comprehensive tools built for a deep analysis of your competitor. Users can know their competitor’s search engine ranking keywords, ranking history, changes in content over time, competitor backlinks etc. Reveals full range of insights that otherwise not available. Users obtain the competitive edge!
  • Keyword Research reveals the keywords ranking difficulty, keyword search volume, cost for PPC campaign with the keywords etc. Users know the keywords that matter so that they could make use of it. Contrarily, drop keywords that are not popular; aka not useful for SEO!
  • Why some websites have higher domain authority is because more quality websites link to it. Want to know which are these? Then use SpyFu’s Backlink Research to find what websites are linking back to your competitors so you could also try obtaining a link back from them.
  • If you are running PPC campaigns, then you cannot go wrong with SpyFu’s PPC Research Tool. With 14 years of Google Ads, SpyFu will help you unravel the Google Ads history of your competitor. What works, and what not. You could learn from it for your next PPC campaign right away!

Things to Note:

  • Nonetheless, you could try their free use to know if your competitor’s records are monitored.
  • SpyFu’s data is based off from Google Search Engine in US and UK regions only. Although Google is the No.1 search engine in the world with about 90% of market share, insights from other search engines may reveal unique information otherwise. Especially those from Baidu and Yandex with user base dominantly from China and Russia respectively.
  • Free use has its limitations such as on the history of information you could see. If you sign up for a free account, you get even more information, although still not all. Hence, the amount of information for any new users may be overwhelming and represents a steep learning curve. On top of, it does not provide so much self-help resources compared to SEMrush with its SEMrush Academy, or Yoast’s very comprehensive SEO guide blog.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Basic (US$ 33/mth) – Unlimited search results, data exports and domain overview PDF. 250 contacts, 5k weekly keyword tracking, and 10k lists results.
  • Professional (US$ 58/mth) – Unlimited search results, data exports and domain overview PDF. 500 contacts, 15k weekly keyword tracking, and 50k lists results.
  • Team (US$ 199/mth) – Unlimited search results, data exports and domain overview PDF. 2000 contacts, 40k weekly keyword tracking, and 75k lists results. 5 Users.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

2. Serpstat

SEMrush Alternative: Serpstat
Image Source: Serpstat

Serpstat is another SEMrush alternative very similar to SpyFu but with a much steeper pricing model, and also more comprehensive database. It is all-in-one and performs pretty much everything as SpyFu does. It is used by over 500k users worldwide. How then is it different? Let’s find out!

Key Features

  • All-in-One SEO tool
  • Databases from Google and Yandex Search Engines
  • Global Databases
  • Browser Extension available

Buy Factor:

  • Site Audit, Keyword Research, PPC Research, Backlink Analysis, Competitor Research. Any features, you name it. Serpstat’s all-in-one tool is built for the SEO Specialist. On top of, it is freemium only that you need to sign up an account to use it. However, we trust the big game players to take up their paid plans that provides little/no limitations.
  • Unlike SpyFu, Serpstat’s databases include Google and Yandex. 230 Google databases and 9 Yandex databases. If your site audience is based off these two search engines, you will benefit greatly from using this SEMrush alternative.
  • Presently holding data of over 6.49 billion keywords from 1.3 billion domains, Serpstat users can expect richer and higher accuracy information. With databases from technically the whole world, you can perform your SEO analysis by the country and either Google or Yandex search engine. Plus, like all SEO tools, it will continue to expand and build on its databases. However, why wait when you could take advantage now?
  • Serpstat have its own browser extension version available to allow users to quickly perform their SEO analysis from their browser. It currently supports one of these; Chrome, Mozilla and Opera. A more than good to have feature, this will help greatly in productivity when you need SEO multiple times a day across different websites. Again, why we say Serpstat is built for the Specialist.

Things to Note:

  • Freemium use requires account sign-up which is kind of a turn-off.
  • Steeper starting price point making it less viable for SMB or freelancer take up.
  • Again, their self-help resources via Serpstat Academy are lacking and disappointing. This is very important even if it may be built for the non-beginner. Self-help resources goes a long way in times of challenges, you know?

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Lite (US$ 55/mth) – 1 user, 4k keyword queries per day, 500 backlink queries per day, 10 sites, and 150k site audit pages.
  • Standard (US$ 119/mth) – 3 users, 5k keyword queries per day, 1k backlink queries per day, 50 sites, and 400k site audit pages.
  • Advanced (US$ 239/mth) – 5 users, 8k keyword queries per day, 1.5k backlink queries per day, 75 sites, and 1.25m site audit pages. Phone Support.
  • Enterprise (US$ 339/mth) – 7 users, 12k keyword queries per day, 2k backlink queries per day, 100 sites, and 2.5m site audit pages. Phone Support.
  • Custom Plan available.

3. SE Ranking

SEMrush Alternative: SE Ranking
Image Source: SE Ranking

The third SEMrush alternative to introduce in our list is SE Ranking. SE Ranking is somewhat a SpyFu + Serpstat and more. Excited already? Besides SEO features such as keyword research, site audit etc., SE Ranking value-add to their users with additional features in Social Media management and marketing. As a SEMrush alternative, SE Ranking is certainly one to keep your eyes on.

Key Features

  • All-in-One SEO tool + Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Generator
  • Global Databases from Google and Yandex
  • Mobile App version available

Buy Factor:

  • We mentioned before SE Ranking is SEO plus marketing, which makes them stand out from the rest. With current SEO specialists also handling the marketing/digital marketing portfolio, it makes total sense to have a SEO tool with marketing features. In SE Ranking, its Online Marketing Plan feature provides a roadmap which outlines SEO and marketing tasks to do. The visually friendly roadmap helps users conceptualise their marketing strategy and see it to completion. In addition, this SEMrush alternative also have a built-in Social Media Management tool. Read the next point.
  • The Social Media Management tool from SE Ranking helps their users to schedule and post content across several social networks with a few clicks. On top of, the tool captures data insights for improvement and future campaigns. Currently, it only connects to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Actually, not only is SE Ranking involved in your SEO and marketing, but also sales too with their Lead Generator online form. The form collects contact information of website visitors keen to receive a SEO report and pass it to the users for further action. It works perfectly for the SEO agencies looking to showcase their expertise to their prospecting clients.
  • SE Ranking boasts a global database from Google and Yandex capable of analysing over 3 billion keywords. Their database is half of Serpstat but still in-depth and powerful.
  • Mobile app version supports work on-the-go and keeps your data within reach for anyone whom you need to service.

Things to Note:

  • Not a lot of self-help resources but their knowledge base is user-friendly with videos and graphics aid. This brings to the next point.
  • The huge number of features means it may be hard for new users to adapt to it quickly. All the more when self-help resources are lacking.
  • Very decent starting price point although it can get expensive quickly if more keyword to be tracked is required. Similarly, when rankings check frequency is increased to every 3 days or daily.

Pricing (annual subscription with weekly rank check)

  • Optimum (US$ 18.60/mth) – 250 keywords tracking (customizable option of 500 and 750 keywords). 10 websites, 25k site audit pages, and 5k backlinks monitoring.
  • Plus (US$ 42.50/mth) – 1k keywords tracking (customizable option of 1.75k keywords), Unlimited websites, 150k site audit pages, and 25k backlinks monitoring. SEO/PPC database expansion for 10k.
  • Enterprise (US$ 90/mth) – 2.5k keywords tracking (customizable option of 5k, 10k, 15k & 20k keywords), Unlimited websites, 250k site audit pages, and 75k backlinks monitoring. SEO/PPC database expansion for 25k.
  • The above options are customizable to the subscription period (i.e. monthly, quarterly etc.), frequency of rank check (i.e. daily, every 3 days or weekly) and number of ranking keywords.
  • 14-Day Free Trial available.

4. Mangools

SEMrush Alternative: Mangools
Image Source: Serpchecker

Upon entering Mangools website, you can easily see and understand what features you could do with Mangools’ 5 tools. This is important because good tools should be easily picked up for use. With Mangools, the one thing it stands out from the other SEMrush alternative here is its capability to zoom into local SERP results, compared to country. This will prove wonderful for the analysis of organisation with a strong presence in a certain location. Unlike if you were to perform this same analysis based on the country instead, the results would be much lesser accurate and with more pointless data.

Key Features

  • All SEO Tools without Ad history
  • Local SERP supported
  • Browser Extension available
  • Google SERP Simulator

Buy Factor:

  • You can use Mangools’ 5 tools to perform keyword research, SERP analysis (aka keyword analysis), rank tracking, backlink analysis and Site Audit. Although you could perform your competitor analysis by keying in your competitor’s domain in its Site Audit tool (SiteProfiler), you will not be able to see results of past Search Engine Ads.
  • Users of other SEO tools often need to find ways to use location-specific IP addresses in order to receive location-specific results. With Mangools, the work is so much easier. Just toggle it in the search bar filter. Different location will yield different results and might revel unique insights worth millions. Extremely useful feature!
  • Mangools browser extension supports Chrome and Firefox users. The extension speeds up SEO work by being able to perform SEO directly from your browser instead of logging into Mangools platform whenever you need to. Useful for the core-SEO professional.
  • Mangools’ Google SERP Simulator is a free feature without needing an account. We wish to highlight this as its new among the other tools in this list. Basically, it supports on-page SEO by helping users optimize their SERP snippets. The simulator previews how the snippet looks like in Google SERP as users write the title tag and meta description. It also checks on its number of characters to ensure that whatever need to be showed in SERP, is not hidden due to exceeding number of characters.

Things to Note:

  • Freemium users need to sign-up an account in order for results to show.
  • No historical records of Search Engine Ads from domains which undermine competitor research efforts.
  • No phone call support. Only Live Chat and Email.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Basic (US$ 29.90/mth) – 1 user, 100 keyword queries per day, 100 SERP queries per day, 100k backlink queries per month and 20 site analysis per day.
  • Premium (US$ 39.90/mth) – 3 users, 500 keyword queries per day, 500 SERP queries per day, 500k backlink queries per month and 70 site analysis per day.
  • Premium (US$ 79.90/mth) – 10 users, 1.2k keyword queries per day, 1.2k SERP queries per day, 1.2m backlink queries per month and 150 site analysis per day.
  • 10-Day Free Trial available

5. Long Tail Pro

SEMrush Alternative: Long Tail Pro
Image Source: Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a SEO tool built on the founder’s frustration over wasteful ineffective keyword research. As the name suggests, it is specially designed for keyword research and analysis. However, users can also perform competitor research and obtain a whole range of essential data for their competition efforts as well. This SEMrush alternative is suitable for users of any level although beginners will find it easier to adopt with its leaner features and quick start tutorials.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Quick start and advanced lessons video tutorials

Buy Factor:

  • Long Tail Pro’s Keyword Research Tool provides several filters and comprehensive details whenever a keyword is inserted. Up to 200 keywords can be entered at a time with a maximum of 400 keywords being generated from each keyword. With numerous filters, you can specify your keyword research based on your SEO requirements to obtain neat, easy for analysis colour-coded results.
  • After Keyword Research, conduct Competitor Analysis by keying in the Competitor’s domain to uncover keywords that they rank for and their backlinks. Then, think how to beat them at their own game!
  • In-built Rank Tracker tracks the keyword’s SERP ranking daily to help you understand if your strategy is working. Yes, it tracks daily, making it exceptionally useful for matured sites.
  • Long Tail Pro is thoughtful although they got to show it publicly more. Their quick start and advanced lessons video tutorials offered via Long Tail Bootcamp and Long Tail University respectively helps set users on their way. Regardless if you are an expert or a new grad in SEO, you cannot go wrong with Long Tail Pro’s carefully developed video tutorials for their subscribers.

Things to Note:

  • No basic SEO features such as Site Audit, On-Page SEO checker, and Ad history.
  • Severely lacking in self-help resources although Long Tail Pro provides its users with quick start and advanced learning materials from their own Long Tail Bootcamp and Long Tail University. Their ‘Quick Guide’ only contains 10 articles. ‘FAQ’ and ‘Troubleshooting’ page only have 28 articles. Most unacceptable of all, their various extensive SEO guides offered via LTP Academy need to be purchased separately each from US$ 397 and up. If Long Tail Pro wishes to be the tool for their users, they really need to enable them more with self-help resources, not just giving them a couple of ‘text-books’ and hope they become an expert!
  • Support via Chat (not live) and Email only. No phone.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Starter (US$ 25/mth) – 1 user, 800 keyword queries per day, 800 SERP queries per day, 30 tracked keywords, and Unlimited tracked domains.
  • Pro (US$ 45/mth) – 2 users, 2.5k keyword queries per day, 2.5k SERP queries per day, 200 tracked keywords, and Unlimited tracked domains.
  • Pro (US$ 45/mth) – 5 users, 6k keyword queries per day, 6k SERP queries per day, 1k tracked keywords, and Unlimited tracked domains.
  • 7-Day Free Trial available.

6. WebCEO

SEMrush Alternative: WebCEO
Image Source: WebCEO

We mentioned previously that SE Ranking is SpyFu + Serpstat and more. In WebCEO, it is SE Ranking and more! Arguably the best and most comprehensive SEMrush alternative in our list, WebCEO seeks to be the top in command in the SEO business. They have got all the features of any standard industry grade SEO tool powered on more than 10 third-party databases. Most important of all, they keep up-to-date in this Social Media age with their built-in Social Media Analytics. Bringing SEO to another new level! What else does WebCEO offer? You got to read on!

Key Features

  • All-in-One SEO tool
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Content Submission Tool

Buy Factor:

  • WebCEO is full suite and all-in-one SEO tool. Period. Although compared with SE Ranking, it does not have Social Media Management tools which are otherwise not constituents of a SEO tool.
  • Similar to SE Ranking, WebCEO’s Lead Generation tool helps collect the contact details of the user’s prospects by getting them to fill an online web form in exchange for a sample SEO audit report. The form only needs a one-time embedding in the webpage. Whatever happens after that are pure profits. Will there be abuse? Possible, but measures in the form’s field validation made it much less viable.
  • Connect to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Although WebCEO lacks the capability to schedule and posts in these social media channels, it is able to collect its analytics to help provide users a constant eye on their channels and their competitor’s. This might prove essential when a particular post becomes viral or more popular in some channels over others. It’s all about reacting fast to windows of opportunity. Get what I mean?
  • WebCEO’s Content Submission Tool is a unique feature. It basically supports backlink building efforts through a series of activities. Users can submit the site to over 90 search engines and directories. By doing so, they might get listings in local directories, backlinks from blogs and even photo and video sharing sites.  Useful for new sites while mature sites should tread carefully and know how to disavow SEO harming backlinks if required.

Things to Note:

  • Too many features within one platform may not be friendly to new users.
  • Quick Guide (23 pages PDF) is available. May be hard to digest with words and pictures instead of videos. Website 25-question FAQ page does not seem up to the mark.
  • Unfortunately, for WebCEO to become the top in the SEO business, they really need to be able to show results by location instead of country. They also need an App version or at least a browser extension.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Solo (US$ 29/mth) – 1 project (site), 50 keyword tracking, 1k pages site audit, and 1k backlink analysis.
  • Startup (US$ 74/mth) – 5 projects (site), 200 keyword tracking, 5k pages site audit, and 10k backlink analysis. Unlimited users.
  • Corporate (US$ 224/mth) – 30 projects (site), 600 keyword tracking, 150k pages site audit, and 150k backlink analysis. Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited Plan (US$ 74/mth + any scanning fees) – Infinite projects (site). Infinite keyword tracking. Unlimited pages site audit, and Infinite backlink analysis. Unlimited users.
  • 14-Day Free Trial available.


7. Netpeak Spider

SEMrush Alternative: Netpeak Spider
Image Source: Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider works on a desktop and crawls the website like the search engine robots. With effective crawling of links, it detects the issues and deeply understand the SEO of your website. Apart from it, this SEMrush alternative monitors inbound and outbound links with comprehensive reports on broken links. If there are any redirects link to your site, it notifies you about them. However, duplicate titles, tags, and metadata can be effectively observed with Netpeak Spider.

Key Features

  • SEO Site Audit via Netpeak Spider
  • SERP Analysis via Netpeak Checker
  • Advanced SERP Scraping parameters with Netpeak Checker
  • Global and Quality Database from 11 data providers

Buy Factor:

  • Netpeak Spider’s SEO Site Audit tool is able to identify over 100 issues for website optimization as well as over 70 on-page SEO issues. It is also possible to import data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Yandex.Metrica to get a fuller picture of the issues for resolving.
  • The Netpeak Checker analyses SERP base on keywords to provide a list of URL results and support link building efforts. Through this feature, competitor URLs can be located with essential information (e.g. authority, domain volume, and organic traffic etc.) about them that will be useful in competing.
  • Scraps SERP with advanced parameters such as custom geo-location, language, search operators, prefixes and type to provide only the data you need.
  • Netpeak Checker is powered by 11 databases; Serpstat, SimilarWeb, Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, Alexa, LinkPad, Google Safe Browsing, Core Web Vitals, and Yandex. The quality and accuracy are almost certain. However, analysis might take longer than usual, However, we know how important accurate SEO data are. Taking a bit longer is worth it!

Things to Note:

  • No Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Ad History, and PPC Research features make this tool fall way behind the pecking order.
  • Currently available for Windows only. Does not support Mac OS, or any other platforms. No App version or browser extension either.
  • Price doubles if both Netpeak Spider and Checker are purchased together although 3-year plans are available. It might be worthwhile to consider Premium Plan which comes with both tools.


(annual subscription for Netpeak Spider)

  • Freemium (US$ 0/mth) – SEO Site Audit, Page Rank Checker, Google Analytics and Console Integrations, Online Chat and Email Support.
  • Standard (US$ 15.20/mth) – Everything in Freemium plus Data Segmentation, Project Saving, Quick Data Export to PDF.
  • Pro (US$ 31.20/mth) – Everything in Standard plus Multi-Domain Crawling, White Label Reports, and Priority Support.
  • Premium (US$ 119.20/mth) – Everything in Pro plus Access to Netpeak Checker Pro (SERP scraping & larger database access), Support by Phone, and Dedicated Account Manager.
  • 3-year subscription available with 40% discount from monthly plan.

(annual subscription for Netpeak Checker)

  • Freemium (US$ 0/mth) – Batch Databases, Basic On-page SEO Checker, Custom Data View and Support Via Chat and Email.
  • Standard (US$ 15.20/mth) – Everything in Freemium plus Quick Data Export, and Project Sharing.
  • Pro (US$ 31.20/mth) – Everything in Standard plus Custom SERP Scraping, Web Traffic Estimation Data, Report Export to Google Drive and Sheets, and Priority Support.
  • Premium (US$ 119.20/mth) – Everything in Pro plus Access to Netpeak Spider Pro (SEO Site Audit and Full On-page SEO Checker features), Support by Phone, and Dedicated Account Manager.
  • 3-year subscription available with 40% discount from monthly plan.

Our Advice

There are lots of SEO tools in the market. Finding a SEMrush alternative that suits your needs is not just a matter of reading it on its website, nor reading a review somewhere. You got to take up a trial and immerse yourself with the use experience. Nonetheless, our list is carefully researched to only bring you the quality ones. The world of SEO is huge and will continually evolve with Search Engines’ advancement. Which SEMrush alternative will work well with the everyday SEO tasks? That’s for you to find out!


Share your experience of an alternative SEO tool beside SEMrush with a COMMENT below.

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