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Hello, the business professional in you! Looking to build a website, personal page, blog, or even start an e-commerce? Then, you need a web host!

Web host will provide a bunch of features required for your website building. They can include site builder tools, a content management system, storage, domain, email addresses, databases, antivirus, SSL certificates, dedicated IP address and many more. Some may be included in a packaged plans while others may offer them as add-ons.

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The world wide web is huge, and yet you had stumbled on my site looking for something. I hope you find it as we had taken huge efforts to create them. Best of all, its FREE! Hence, some of our content may include affiliate links (i.e. whenever you click on the links and purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra costs to you!). No worries! Some of these links may look like phishing, but I assure you they are not! Lastly, the affiliation does not affect my reviews towards them. Enjoy!

Thus, what are some features provided by current industry-leading web hosts such as GoDaddy hosting? Besides GoDaddy hosting, which other web hosts offers competitively in terms of reliability, quality and price? What are some things to note while considering these web hosts? Read on, as we present them to you in readable point forms and short paragraphs. Lots of our experience input with explanations! Not just another review! Here goes!

  1. A2
  2. Bluehost
  3. Exabytes
  4. GoDaddy Hosting
  5. HostGator
  6. Hostinger
  7. SiteGround
  8. Vodien

1. A2

Image Source: A2 Hosting

A company with nearly two decades in the business. A2 hosting is founded in 2003, in USA. It has been considered one of the household name in the web host industry, having won several rewards and accolades over the years. A2 boasts a turbo server for their premium clients that speeds loading up to 20 times, and a uptime guarantee of 99.9%! Are you in the market for quality and reliability? Then, A2 is probably what you need!

Key Features

  • Drag-and-Drop Sitebuilder
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Choice of Server Location
  • Turbo Server Option (Turbo Boost Plan & Above)

Buy Factor

  • For whatever reason you want to build a website easily but not use WordPress’s huge numbers of drag-and-drop builders, you can use A2 Hosting. They work basically the same and there are a certain number of templates available to you from each plan. If you only want a simple presence, we say, go ahead. But, if you are going all e-Commerce, with blog, a resource page, and even a community forum with members, we say these No-Code Builders might still be most viable.
  • SSL certificate means business and should be taken seriously. Websites with SSL certificates will begin their URL with https instead of http. Having one basically means any communications between visitors and the website is encrypted. Nonetheless, SSL certificates are not expensive but essential. With A2, they provide for free! Although if you need more domains, you only need to pay for the domain charges.
  • Your domain ‘branded’ email addresses. How good is that to be included in all the plans! You get costs savings with this packaged pricing. And we are sure you definitely need it for all the professional reasons!
  • Users get to choose from 4 server locations, namely USA-Michigan, USA-Arizona, Europe-Amsterdam, and Asia-Singapore. For this, ask yourself where your site visitors come from. Then, choose the closest related region. Your choice will affect the site loading speed of your visitors. Although you could always use a content delivery network (CDN) for this purpose, having this option is a plus!
  • A2 Hosting’s higher tier plans provide Turbo servers that can boost their website’s speed by up to 20x! Why need faster speed? Well, site speed has been proven to affect visitor experience. In fact, 1 in 4 visitors would close a site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load! Hence, will your site be resource-heavy?

Things to Note

  • Choice of A2 Hosting’s templates in their sitebuilder are limited. You can only choose from their library’s. Unlike using WordPress which you can always purchase theme in Envato made by professionals. Or if you are using e-Commerce builders, they have a continually fast-growing list made by end users or the company themselves. The possibilities in terms of customisation and features (i.e. promotion popups, seo, page analysis etc.) are so much more.
  • Users get to create unlimited domain email addresses; however, the size limit of inbox and overall storage may be subjected to the space provided by the plans or settings. Check with A2.

Pricing (annual basis for shared hosting)

  • Startup (US$ 6.99/mth) – 1 Website, 100 GB Storage, 700 MB Physical Memory, Free SSL Certificates, Unlimited Email Addresses, Virus Scanner, 2FA, Firewall, & 24/7/365 Support.
  • Drive (US$ 8.99/mth) – Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Storage, 1 GB Physical Memory, & Everything in Startup.
  • Turbo Boost (US$ 14.99/mth) –Everything in Drive with Turbo Servers & 2 GB Physical Memory.
  • Turbo Max (US$ 19.99/mth) –Everything in Turbo Boost 4 GB Physical Memory.
  • Free Site Migration.
  • 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee.

2. Bluehost

Image Source: Bluehost

Another US company with history dating back to 2003. Bluehost is highly recognised for their expertise and reliability with WordPress recommending it since 2005. It has so far empowered over 2 million websites worldwide, with new ones totally over thousands joining daily. Besides, Bluehost also provide professional website design, marketing, management and consultation services. A total newbie looking for a balance of quality and budget? One word: Bluehost!

Key Features

  • One of the Cheapest Starting Rates
  • Servers Located Globally
  • Domain Included for 1-Year
  • Free ICANN Privacy (Choice Plus & Above)
  • Optimised CPU (Pro Plan only)

Buy Factor

  • If you are a starter, and just trying things out, Bluehost’s super competitive rates prove to be more than ideal. Its not hard to compare around with other web host providers, even GoDaddy Hosting’s plans. Then again, their features are quite neat too! As per our experience, their speed in the Asia region is not the fastest, however sufficient enough. See next point.
  • According to this site, Bluehost have 6 servers located globally in USA, India, UK, Hong Kong, and China. Upon choosing a plan, a server location is allocated automatically. In addition, they provide free CDN via Cloudflare. So, if you ever find site speed lacking, get a boost with just 1-click to activate it.
  • Before you begin with Bluehost, know the Domain name you want. Then, use their domain checker to check the fees. Know that Bluehost only provide free for the first one year. Thereafter, you have to renew the domain at the original price. Thus, you save for the first year and may cut on spending if you plan carefully.
  • With the higher tier plan of Choice Plus, users get their details including email, name, and home address masked in ICANN’s directory. This ensures privacy and prevents unwanted spams etc. By the way, ICANN privacy only costs US$ 15 more per year if you choose to purchase this separately as add-on. But you get it cheaper having it packaged in the plan.
  • The optimised CPU works like A2’s Turbo Servers. So, users needing more site speed and processing power may opt for this option. Helps with visitor experience, and actually even SEO too as Search Engines such as Google actually ranks site with better speed higher.

Things to Note

  • Bluehost’s pricing plans renews at regular rate instead. Do your cost-benefit analysis before committing. Since once committed, it will be a hassle to change web host.
  • There are limitations for number of email addresses and inbox size in the Basic Plan. That is, only up to 5 domain email addresses with 100 MB inbox size each are provided. The other plans are however unlimited.

Pricing (annual basis for shared hosting)

  • Basic (US$ 5.95/mth) – 1 Website, 50 GB Storage, 1-Year Domain, Free CDN, SSL Certificate, & 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Plus (US$ 7.95/mth) – Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Storage, and Everything in Basic.
  • Choice Plus (US$ 8.95/mth) – Everything in Plus, Plus Domain Privacy & 1-Year Automated Backup.
  • Pro (US$ 19.95/mth) – Everything in Choice Plus, With Optimised CPU, Unlimited Backup, & Dedicated IP.
  • 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee.

3. Exabytes

GoDaddy Hosting Alternative: Exabytes
Image Source: Exabytes

A Singapore company servicing global clients, Exabytes has been around since 2001. In Exabytes, they continually look to support SMBs in their digitalisation efforts, while helping their business succeed online. Using only top infrastructures, their 99.9 network uptime, and 99.5% server uptime makes them a trusted web host provider for brands of any levels. Some of which totalling more than 160,000 brands includes 3M, KPMG, Abbott, Hyundai, Sharp and many others. Are you a SMB drawn to their mission? Then, check out Exabytes.

Key Features

  • Daily or Weekly Backups
  • Imunify360 Included
  • Unlimited Email Inbox Size
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Data Centres in 3 Southeast Asia Countries & USA

Buy Factor

  • We have not talked about backups yet, and in fact, many web hosts, including GoDaddy hosting, provides some sort of backup feature. Nonetheless, Exabytes allows daily backup with 14-day retention of data or weekly backups (Beginner Plan). This flexibility supports your update and website maintenance routine. In instances of bug and failure, you will have to restore to a backup point. Simple as that.
  • Exabytes uses a security suite, Imunify360, to provide security to their hosted websites. The software is next-gen AI-powered and supported by 150 employees worldwide. With over 20 million files cleaned monthly, the suite provides top-notch security and ease of mind for all websites hosted in Exabytes.
  • To have unlimited email inbox size is handy, although users should take note to have their archiving on too, for security and ease of retrieval in instances of computer failure. Nevertheless, it saves time from not having to archive every month, and money too, from not having to purchase mailbox spaces from elsewhere.
  • Exabytes provides free SSL certificates in their plans. That again, means you do not need to spend money purchasing when you need, provided that the domains are purchased in Exabytes.
  • With data centres in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Exabytes have strong Southeast Asia (SEA) connectivity. Though they also have centres in USA. This strong presence makes websites with majority SEA visitors ideal to be hosted in Exabytes. If this describes your website, keep Exabytes in your view.

Things to Note

  • Although there are no size limits for mailbox, there are still limits in the number of allowed email addresses per plans, and the max email message size; capped at 50 MB each.
  • There is no unlimited storage regardless of plans. The highest package, Max Plan, provides 240 GB of storage which could take decades or centuries to fill up, depending on usage. Then again, if you find yourself in this position, it will be possible to go for the pricier high-end hosting options such as on dedicated servers, or Cloud.

Pricing (annual basis for web hosting))

  • Beginner (US$ 4.99/mth) – 30 Websites, 30 Email Accounts, 30 GB Storage, Weekly Backup, & Free SSL.
  • Plus (US$ 9.99/mth) – 60 Websites, 60 Email Accounts, 60 GB Storage, Daily Backup, Free SSL, & Free Domain.
  • Pro (US$ 16.99/mth) – Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Email Accounts, 120 GB Storage, Plus Everything in Plus, Support Most CMS, & Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Max (US$ 48.99/mth) – Everything in Pro, With 240 GB Storage, Support Woocommerce & Magento, US$ 100 Website Design Credits, and US$ 100 Marketing Services Credtis.
  • 100-Days Moneyback for annual plans only, and not applicable for cPanel 12 Beginner.

4. GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy Hosting
Image Source: GoDaddy

A giant of a web host, and a popular domain registrar. GoDaddy Hosting is founded in 1997, in USA. It listed in the NYSE on 2015 after a failed filing the year before. Till date, it has more than 80 million domains registered with them, serviced by their 9,000 employees worldwide. Their firm believe and drive to empower entrepreneurs to grow online has seen them build a global community of 20 million customers. If you are those into big brand, or always loved to be a part of an international community, GoDaddy Hosting is the perfect choice! Read on and learn about them!

Key Features

  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Global Data Centres
  • On-Demand Resources
  • Website & Email Security Included
  • Installs Over 150 Apps in 1-Click

Buy Factor

  • Unmetered here means GoDaddy Hosting does not charge you for how much bandwidth your site uses. However, it does not mean unlimited bandwidth. That said, there are bandwidth caps to how much GoDaddy Hosting provides although we could not find any numbers online. Regardless, this offering is useful and support websites, especially start-ups’ and SMBs’, to scale if they ever need to without incurring extra costs, as long as it stays within GoDaddy’s set limit.
  • As a global domain registrar, GoDaddy Hosting boasts over 30,000+ servers in strategic locations worldwide. Their current data centres in North America, Europe, and Asia are joined by potentially more with expansion plans in place. Using GoDaddy Hosting is a guarantee of page loading experience well-suited for visitors everywhere.
  • We mentioned about scaling with GoDaddy hosting, and indeed they do! As and when you think your business is ready, and your website is required to support, purchase additional CPU, Input/Output or storage! No need to upgrade your plan to get additional features you do not need. In simple words, you only pay for what you need!
  • Once again, the global domain registrar remains at the forefront of the internet industry with their IT security features. Whether be it fraud, spam, virus, or email protection, their built-in firewall, malware scanner, and encryption provides the essential protection every website needs. Take note that SSL certificates, and automatic backups are not included in any plans. Since these are good add-ons, not essential for protection.
  • Building a blog, a content management system (CMS), education site, or e-Commerce? Whatever, you can easily do so with GoDaddy‘s huge list of 150+ apps. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MySQL, Python, php, Moodle etc. Above all, they could all be installed in 1-click! Saves tremendous time while empowering you to get right to the essentials.

Things to Note

  • SSL Certificate have to be purchased separately for lower tier plans such as Economy and Deluxe which can add an additional cost of US$ 63.99 per year. Renewal at standard non-discounted rates.
  • Only 1 Email address is provided for each plan. Additionals are purchasable at an annual basis subscription of US$ 1.99 per user per month for 10 GB mailbox. Likewise, renewal will be at non-discounted rates.

Pricing (annual basis for web hosting)

  • Economy (US$ 6.99/mth) – 1 Website, 100 GB Storage, 10 Databases, Free Domain, & Standard Processing & Speed.
  • Deluxe (US$ 9.99/mth) – Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Storage, 25 Databases, & Everything in Economy.
  • Ultimate (US$ 14.99/mth) – Everything in Deluxe With Unlimited Databases, Plus Free SSL Certificate, & Enhanced Processing.
  • Maximum (US$ 22.99/mth) – Everything in Ultimate, With Enhanced Processing & Speed, and Free SSL Certificates for All Websites.

Get Hosting for $1.00*/mo with GoDaddy!

5. HostGator

Image Source: HostGator

Another US company, yet founded in 2002. HostGator is the web hosting company focused on speciality and expertise. Like others in this list, HostGator boast an uptime reliability of 99.9%. Till date, they had enabled over 2 million websites and continue to do so. Notwithstanding, their commitment towards excellence has consistently been met with good reviews and awards. Exciting? Convinced? Or meh? We say HostGator is a must-read!

Key Features

  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unmetered Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP Address (Business Plan only)
  • US$ 150 Google Ads Match Spent & US$ 100 Microsoft Ads Credits

Buy Factor

  • Unlike GoDaddy hosting, HostGator equip users with unlimited business emails! You can set each mailbox to have unlimited space as well. However, is it really unlimited? Only you can find out as a user!
  • Providing unmetered disk space is useful because it helps their users to scale if they need without charging them more. Then again, what is the limit? HostGator will inform you to upgrade if it nears the limit. So, no worries on this. Most importantly, use it and watch your business grow. HostGator stands ready to support!
  • Similar to above, unmetered bandwidth can be costs-saving while supporting business growth. The good thing is probably that HostGator hopes that you grow, so that they can grow with you! Hence, giving you the headstart advantage! Use, but not abuse. Check our notes below on what to know about ‘unmetered’.
  • Providing a dedicated IP? This can be more useful than you think especially for IP reputation management. As shared hosting means users within a shared host get to use similar IP for their sites, there is the tendency to damage its reputation when their sites got hacked, is a phishing site, or had been used for spam email marketing. Dangerous, but possible. Any other advantages? Dedicated IP have often been linked to faster page speeds, and even better SERP rankings. True or not? For your research.
  • A web host that supports your early-stage website marketing via search engine. How thoughtful! The credits are not much, but use them both together in Google and Microsoft and you get a really good boost. Now, don’t forget to do your SEO, keyword research and put content marketing strategies in place to maximise this competitive edge!

Things to Note

  • Unmetered does not mean unlimited. There are still use policies concerning usage of disk space and bandwidth in HostGator. One term we spotted was that files not used for the website cannot be stored in their disk. Failure to comply constitutes a breach and HostGator reserves the right to discontinue providing further services or take suitable actions to remedy the non-compliance. Check their Terms of Service to learn more.
  • The Google and Microsoft Ads credits vouchers are useful, but are they for new advertisers of their platforms only? Something to check with HostGator before you commit. Then again, terms and conditions are always subject to change. Research thoroughly if you need this.

Pricing (annual basis for Shared Hosting)

  • Hatchling (US$ 2.68/mth) – 1 Website, 1 Domain, SSL Certificate, Unmetered Disk & Bandwidth, Unlimited Emails, US$ 150 Google Ads Match Spent Credit, and US$ 100 Microsoft Ads Credits.
  • Baby (US$ 3.58/mth) – Unlimited Websites, and Everything Else in Hatchling.
  • Business (US$ 5.08/mth) – Everything in Baby, Plus Free Dedicated IP, and SSL Upgrade.
  • 45-Days Moneyback.

6. Hostinger

GoDaddy Hosting Alternative: Hostinger
Image Source: Hostinger

Using Hostinger’s words, the company was ‘bootstrapped in 2004’. Currently headquartered in Lithuania with offices in Brazil, Cyprus, Ukraine and Indonesia, the customer-centric company serves over 29 million users in 178 countries! That is, an average of 15,000 new users every day, equating to 1 signup every 5 seconds! Its vision to enable the world to the power of internet is served by their fast, reliable, and simple web hosting solutions that are available at a competitively low price! As a user of Hostinger ourselves, we are living testament to this! Hence, whether you are new to web hosting, or need a new solution with responsive customer support, you are in the right place! Read what we got to say, then hit us up if you ever want to hear more from our experience!

Key Features

  • Feature-Packed hPanel
  • Comprehensive Self-Help Resources Backed by 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Data Centres in 7 Countries
  • Multi-Layer Security via Third-Party
  • Server-Level Caching

Buy Factor

  • hPanel is Hostinger’s very own cPanel. It has all the features you need for your web hosting management. Domains, website, emails, SSL, billing, account settings etc. Best of all, it is super friendly to use! Where you encounter any problem, check their self-help resources section in knowledgebase and tutorials. This brings us to the next point.
  • Hostinger is never in the business of self-service, but rather user empowerment. It has a solid resource base that provide step-by-step instructions and even videos. If ever you need further assistance, just use their live chat. From our experience, the replies have never been more than 2 hours! What more? You are notified by email once you receive a reply, so no worries if you need to close off chat. Support is guaranteed!
  • With data centres in US, UK, Brazil, Lithuania, Netherlands, Singapore and Indonesia, the lowest latency and maximal uptime is almost assured! Although website visitors located in these countries directly will enjoy the fastest speed compared to those not, such a well-spread network makes serving a global audience possible.
  • That’s not all! Each data centre is equipped with a host of security suites to provide multi-layer protection. Do your business need some serious protection in this regard? Then, you will be pleased to hear these names! Wanguard for firewall and DDoS protection, Bitninja or Imunify360 for web application firewall, and an optional Cloudflare CDN. Coupled with weekly or daily backups functionalities, all these forms a strong cast over any mode of cyber-attacks!
  • What is server-level caching? So, Hostinger utilises LiteSpeed, a top cache management plugin, to handle its cache at the server-level. There are recommended settings, but users more familiar can customise to fit their usage. Henceforth, the results are greater website performance, and website health.

Things to Note

  • Eligibility to use Google Ads Credit is subject to Google’s terms and conditions. Check with Hostinger’s friendly customer support.
  • Size per email inbox is 500 MB only per domain. If you need a larger size mailbox, Hostinger offers them through their partners, Google Workspace and Titan Email Hosting. Prices varies.

Pricing (annual basis for web hosting)

  • Single (US$ 2.99/mth) – 1 Website, 30 GB Storage, 1 Email, 1 SSL Certificate, 100 GB Bandwidth, 2 Databases, 2 Subdomains, and Weekly Backups.
  • Premium (US$ 5.99/mth) – 100 Websites, 100 GB Storage, 100 Emails, 1 SSL Certificate, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Databases, 100 Subdomains, Weekly Backups, 1 Domain, and Google Ads Credit.
  • Business (US$ 6.99/mth) – Everything in Premium Plan, With 200 GB Storage, Daily Backups, and Free CDN.
  • 30-Day Moneyback.

7. SiteGround

Image Source: SiteGround

Another officially recommended web host by WordPress, SiteGround is founded in 2004 and based in Bulgaria. With data centres in 6 countries, serviced by their 4 offices (others being in US, UK, and Spain), the 600-employee strong company hosted over 2 million domains and still growing. The company is a firm believer in staff empowerment, technology, and in delivering fast-loading websites. That said, do you share these values as well? Because we certainly do! And we would really like the chance to see things in action! Nonetheless, read about SiteGround below, then decide!

Key Features

  • Built on Google Cloud
  • Ultrafast PHP (GrowBig & GoGeek Plans only)
  • Site Testing via Staging Tool (GrowBig & GoGeek Plans only)
  • Add Collaborators & White-Label (GrowBig & GoGeek Plans only)
  • Security-First Approach

Buy Factor

  • SiteGround is built using Google Cloud. That means top-notch infrastructures which are always updated with the latest technologies. The outcome are super-fast networks and extremely tough storage that will never falter. Your visitors will enjoy the browsing experience while your SEO efforts will also enjoy a boost!
  • Talking about speed, SiteGround also provide users of their GrowBig and GoGeek Plans with the ultrafast PHP. No worries about this as no action is required from the users. It is basically a software implementation that boost page-loading by 30% (on average)!
  • Developers will recall this feature as ‘sandbox’, but SiteGround calls it a staging tool. This tool is extremely useful as it provides users a testing environment that do not affect their actual site. This means that website visitors will not get to see any changes happening, much less error ones. So, once the testing is done, the current environment can be used directly as the website instead. Neat, isn’t it?
  • Running a website management company? Regardless, if your website has various webmasters, you can add them as collaborators so that they do not see the account information, but are able to manage the website. Additionally, if you are managing a client’s website, you can make use of the white-label feature so that they do not see SiteGround’s branding.
  • Monitoring, Firewall, and an AI-powered system administered by their 24/7 team. Like many in this list including GoDaddy Hosting, SiteGround adopts a security-first approach to ensure their hosted websites function without concern of hackings and breaches. The monitoring occurs every half a second while the AI anti-bot blocks between 500,000 to 2 million forced attempts daily. With each paid plan offering SSL and daily backups, security at SiteGround are more than well taken care of!

Things to Note

  • Each email addresses have a mailbox size of 10 GB, and max email sending size of 50 MB. These are pretty decent caps for usage.
  • The features in StartUp Plan are sufficient for small website and blogs. However, users looking to scale would find that they need to upgrade their plan pretty quickly since only 10 GB storage are included. All the more for resource-heavy sites such as blogs, or sites that utilises blogs or user-generated content. That said, it is always a good idea to have a website maintenance and archiving plan which will ensure at tip-top performance and health.

Pricing (annual basis for web hosting)

  • StartUp (US$ 4.99/mth) – 1 Website, 10 GB Storage, Unmetered Traffic, Free SSL, Daily Backup, Free CDN, Unlimited Emails, and Unlimited Databases.
  • GrowBig (US$ 7.99/mth) – Everything in StartUp, With Unlimited Websites, 20 GB Storage, Plus Instant Backup, Ultrafast PHP, and Add Collaborators.
  • GoGeek (US$ 14.99/mth) – Everything in GrowBig, With 40 GB Storage, White-Label Access, Enhanced Server Resources, and Priority Support.
  • 30-Days Moneyback.

8. Vodien

GoDaddy Hosting Alternative: Vodien
Image Source: Vodien

Vodien is another Singapore company we wish to introduce. It began operations in 2002 and has been trusted by over 1.5 million businesses and individuals. It has a well-distributed cloud network comprising data centres in Singapore, US, UK and Australia, as well as servers in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Australia. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it serves both local and global firms such as Singtel, A*Star, Great Eastern, Hilton Hotels, Sony Pictures and many others across all sectors. Whether you are starting an e-commerce in Singapore or not, as long as it is in the region, we say you got to shortlist Vodien. The reasons are simple. Read on and find out!

Key Features

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Instantly Installs 400+ Apps
  • Weekly Backups
  • Free Migration to Vodien
  • 24/7 Support with Remote Help

Buy Factor

  • Host unlimited domains and create unlimited websites only limited by the disk space! Useful for your client list of bloggers, or if you are just starting out. If you need to scale, just upgrade plan!
  • Like many web hosts in this list including GoDaddy hosting, Vodien uses the industry-standard cPanel. Installs a huge number of useful apps for your website creation in just 1-click!
  • Vodien offers weekly backups with any of their paid plans. This is usually good enough with minor inconveniences to schedule update strategically. Nevertheless, if you ever need automated daily backup, this comes at an additional SG$ 5/mth. A small price to pay for huge inconveniences in instances of corrupted or hacked websites.
  • If you have a current site and looking to change, site migration is required so that you get the exact site copied over to your new web host. Site migration is not hard to do, but with professional hand in this, you can rest assured. Vodien provides this free when you take up a plan with them. As they said, 24/7 SuperSupport. This brings us to the next point!
  • Email, phone, livechat, and remote help. Wait, again? Remote help? It simply means you lending Vodien access to your computer while they troubleshoot through the issue till resolution for you. While they work, you can watch the going-ons. Thereafter, close the application to close Vodien’s access. We say, panic no more with Vodien’s 24/7 SuperSupport!

Things to Note

  • Like GoDaddy Hosting, SSL are available via add-on only (i.e. at SG$ 2/mth). Domains too at separate charges.
  • You can only choose to be hosted on data centres in Singapore. Nonetheless, you could always make use of CDN. Then again, if your website visitors are from Singapore, or even the region, Vodien is more than feasible. Since Singapore have superb network and communication facilities.

Pricing (annual basis for web hosting)

  • webValue (SG$ 11/mth) – 15 GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 5 Databases, Unlimited Subdomains, 10 Emails, and Weekly Backups.
  • webPlus (SG$ 23/mth) – Everything in webValue, With 30 GB Storage, 10 Databases, and 20 Emails.
  • webExpert (SG$ 34/mth) – Everything in webPlus, With 50 GB Storage, 15 Databases, and 30 Emails.
  • webElite (SG$ 68/mth) – Everything in webExpert, With 100 GB Storage, 30 Databases, and 60 Emails.
  • webUltimate (SG$ 104/mth) – Everything in webElite, With 150 GB Storage, 45 Databases, and 90 Emails.
  • 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee.

Final Comments

The web hosts introduced here such as GoDaddy Hosting offers competitively at all levels. For ease of comparison, we had only stated their pricing for shared hosting and for subscription paid on an annual basis. Some plans may offer up to 3-year subscription, while some could be 4-years. The price will differ accordingly. Likewise for plans that may not include SSL, emails, or have limitations on the number of email addresses. Alternatively, you may not be looking for shared hosting which are often considered the most basic packages in the market. Other types of web hosting you may look for are dedicated hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, and many others.

Hence, weigh your decisions carefully. There are no trials offered, not even for a global registrar like GoDaddy Hosting. However, there are moneyback guarantee. More often than not, domains and other add-ons do not include moneyback. Thus, read the terms and conditions of sale. Just for domains, if you had purchased from one web host, you can transfer it to another web host albeit at fees set by the new host. Doing so retains your right and use to that domain name. With that, we hope this article goes a long way to your web host needs!

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GoDaddy Hosting may be one of the top domain registrar. However, what criterias do you look for in your web host? Share with a COMMENT below.

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