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Are you looking for ways to up your Pinterest Campaigns for your PRs and marketing? And how would you like to be introduced to some of the best ones?

This article shall present them to you!

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To get great significant results from Pinterest, you need to create pins several times a day. According to Tailwind, they found that their users pin approx. 28 times a day on average. These marketers are serious about building their own presence on Pinterest.

If you want to compete with these PRs and marketers at the same level, you should pin at a similar frequency; else, your pins will be lost among the many thousands of pins of these users.

Pinning several times might help get you more exposure, traffic, and of course, more followers.

And for these, may we suggest scheduling tools to make sure your pins go out at regular intervals. Of course, pinning regularly is useless without the thought of growing your followers’ base.

For this article, we discuss our top 5 Pinterest tool. Hopefully, these provide greater insights into how you could use them to more effectively utilise Pinterest for your marketing and PR needs!

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Top 5 Pinterest Tool

  1. Tailwind
  2. Viraltag
  3. MiloTree
  4. SocialPilot
  5. IFTTT

1. Tailwind

Image Source: Tailwind

Tailwind is undoubtedly the most comprehensive Pinterest scheduling tool. It also provides detailed analytics for the PRs and marketers to track their performance along with scheduling pins. They now offer Instagram scheduling as well, but it was initially made for Pinterest.

Key Features

One of my preferred Tailwind features is suggested pins, which highlights pins related to the one you’ve just added. You can start adding these suggestions with a single click, or in case you don’t find anything interesting to pin from here, just click the refresh button, and newer pins will appear.

The next excellent feature is Tailwind Tribes. It’s otherwise a ‘Triberr’ for Pinterest or Pinterest group boards where you can either create your own tribes and invite others or join tribes created by others. Despite its upsides, Tailwind currently works with Pinterest and Instagram at the moment.

Main Usage

  • Pinterest scheduling, analytics tracking, and resharing. Suitable if using to manage only one profile.


  • No time limit free trial. $9.99 per month on annual plan. 1 user and 1 profile.

2. Viraltag

Image Source: Viraltag

Viraltag is another excellent Pinterest scheduling tool, which is more of a visual marketing tool. You can use Viraltag to schedule other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Key Features

Viraltag makes it easy for you to add images to other social media platforms by integrating itself with platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Flickr. You can also transfer photos from social media like Facebook and Instagram. Most importantly, it has integration with Canva, allowing you to create images right from it to Pinterest.

So, if you’re looking for a whole suite of visual social media scheduling tools, Viraltag is the perfect option. Still, you might need to complement it with some extra tools like Buffer Publish or Hootsuite, enabling you to schedule text updates (without images) and links.

Main Usage

  • Pinterest scheduling, analytics tracking, and resharing. Great value for managing up to 10 profiles.


  • 14 days free trial followed by $24 per month on annual plan. 1 user and 10 profiles.

3. MiloTree

Pinterest Tool - MiloTree
Image Source: MiloTree

MiloTree is a WordPress plugin that converts traffic on your site to traffic and followers to your Pinterest Account.

Key Features

  • Timely pop-ups on your site pages.
  • Beautiful and mobile-friendly pop-up designs.
  • Various customization options on the pop-up to match marketer’s needs
  • Analytics tracks growth and engagement allowing for data-driven decision making.
  • Fast hassle-free setup with WordPress Plugin or one line of Javascript

Main Usage

  • Grow subscriber base via email and increase Pinterest followers.


  • 30-day free trial followed by $9 per month forever.

4. SocialPilot

Image Source: SocialPilot

SocialPilot is another convenient Pinterest scheduling, as well as an automation tool.

What makes Social Pilot valuable for your business? It helps you drive more traffic, grow your followers, and increase engagement on Pinterest.

Key Features

  • An ideal scheduling tool to share Pins on the Pinterest Boards.
  • Create images directly with the inbuilt app.
  • Possibility to schedule GIF and video Pins for greater engaging content.
  • Analytics and engagement tracking reveals insights into popular date and time for scheduling amongst others.

Main Usage

  • Pin scheduling, publishing, image creation, and analytics. A good all-in-one.


  • $30 per month, 25 profiles, 3 team members and Priority Support (below 4 hours) >> Where to find such deal elsewhere??


Pinterest Tool - IFTTT
Image Source: IFTTT

IFTTT is yet another powerful Pinterest tool for PRs and marketers. It has a collection of small and useful applets that let you complete your sharing tasks on Pinterest by accessing its website of app. What exactly are applets again and can what IFTTT can do for your business?

Applets are small programs embedded in IFTTT which IFTTT uses to help in the automatic sharing and backing up of pins, in turn prevent losing of ‘likes’ records of the pins. See full list of Applets HERE.

Key Features

  • Automatically pin new Instagram of a particular hashtag.
  • Automatically pin new WordPress post of a particular category.
  • Auto tweet when a new Pin is added to your Pinterest board.
  • Synced every new photo from Flickr to your Pinterest board.
  • Automatically share your YouTube videos to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook pages.
  • Back up all new Pins to Google Drive via file upload from URL.

Main Usage

  • Lightweight Pin sharing across channels with backup features.


  • Free forever to create 3 applets of your own and possibility to turn on unlimited number of applets.

Final Comments

You can easily add these tools to your routine at zero or low costs to up your Pinterest campaigns. With some tools offering the power of analytics, it will definitely help your campaigns as you move towards a culture of data-driven decision making. So, try these out and see your PR and Marketing efforts reach further then before with Pinterest!


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