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Headquarters: Reno, NV

URL: https://www.holtworks.com/

We are seeking a no-nonsense “manager of one” Javascript developer to work on a front-end and back-end JavaScript project. We’re happy to pay well for top-quality work from someone who can navigate solutions to minor problems and decisions on their own. Here is a brief description of the project:
Our research team has received a US Patent for a new code generation method. We believe this method has great potential in the burgeoning no-code/low-code industry. We’ve created a sub-par demo site to allow potential licensees to experiment with the method. However, we would to improve the demo as well as place the new library code on public repositories such as Github.
Demo Site: https://www.hyperpiler.com/ (particularly the “Visualizer”)
The Visualizer on the demo site is currently a vanilla JS front-end and a PHP back-end that generates the code. We’d like you to make the following improvements.
1. Convert the backend PHP to JS library that could be executed on the front-end or back-end. Typically for demonstrations it will execute in the browser. For real-world implementations it will typically be executed on the back end. We don’t need a full back-end implementation right now, just a library file that could be called on the back-end if needed.
2. Develop the JS library to allow for future generation of code for multiple types of programs in multiple languages. At present, for the demo, we generate using code snippets in one “domain” in one programming language. In the future we will develop more snippets for more program domains and languages. We’d like the JS library to easily allow for two fields which would allow the user to select to generate X type of program in Y language, which then reads the appropriate code snippets during generation.
3. The present UI on the Visualizer is weak, we’d like you to improve it. Better screen layout. Responsive design. If you have a UI designer you’d like to work with we can accommodate that.
4. We want vanilla JS only on the front-end, no front-end frameworks.
If you are interested, please send us projects you’ve created and code samples.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/holtworks-javascript-fullstack-developer-contract

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