Cloudkite: Cloud / Infrastructure Engineer (Preferred Central and South America)


via We Work Remotely

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

URL: https://cloudkite.io

Job Responsibilities(What you will do):
You’ll be working with our clients to ensure their cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes clusters are kept up to date and well-maintained. You’ll help migrate applications into Docker and Kubernetes.  You’ll help developers with building and troubleshooting CI/CD pipelines. You’ll send PRs to make applications more “cloud native” by reading environment variables and emitting well-formed logs and metrics.
We help with deployments, troubleshoot infra issues, help debug applications, upgrade clusters, and more. You’ll be working with:
  • AWS and GCP
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • ArgoCD and Helm
  • Grafana / Prometheus
  • Python and Golang (preferred)
We’ll provide all the training necessary to do well and obtain certifications in GCP, AWS, and CKA.


AWS GCP Kubernetes terraform docker cd ci Linux git bash DNS golang python
We currently have folks in the US, Mexico, Turkey, Nigeria, Kenya, & Philippines), and we need at least 6 hours of overlap from 9 am-5 pm US Central Time (UTC-5).

*REQUIRED* state in your email how you say “kubectl” and what your favorite editor is.  Emails without these details will automatically be discarded.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/cloudkite-cloud-infrastructure-engineer-preferred-central-and-south-america

Source: We Work Remotely: DevOps and Sysadmin Jobs

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