Chalkboard: JavaScript Developer / Node.js / React Engineer


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Headquarters: UK

URL: https://usechalkboard.com

45-55k GBP / 60-70k USD

We’re looking for an experienced JavaScript developer to join our remote team. Here’s all you need to know:

🖥️ STACK: Swift and Kotlin for our mobile apps. GraphQL between our apps and the backend. Backend is Node.js, TypeScript, and PostgreSQL. We host with Heroku.

🤬 APIs YOU’LL SWEAR AT: Facebook and Google (for our reviews feature), Twilio (for telephony), Postmark (for sending emails that don’t end up in SPAM).

📱 PRODUCT: iOS and Android native mobile apps that allow anyone to instantly add a second work number to any phone. Keep work separate, your personal number private, and share calls and texts with your team. Check out usechalkboard.com to learn more.

👨‍💻 THE JOB: Software engineer either specialising in front-end development (React), back-end development (Node.js), or working across the full-stack.

🏡 REMOTE?: Yes, fully remote working (UK & Europe). If you’d like to work from a local co-working space, we offer a 250 GBP (350 USD) a month allowance.

💷 FOR YOU: Great salary (45-55k GBP / 60-70k USD depending on your experience level), 25 days off + public holidays, MacBook Pro or BYOD allowance.

🍕 TEAM: Small but mighty experienced, there’s 14 of us (and growing fast!).

🚀 FUTURE GOALS: We see a world with thousands of teams around the world using Chalkboard to communicate with customers and each other. On the move, in retail locations, out in the real world.

👋 FOUNDER: We’re headed up by John Jackson, who has already built and sold 2 tech businesses. We are funded directly by John’s investments so we’re in full financial control.

👌 TECH PRINCIPLES: We have a mature test suite and endeavour to maintain it as part of our development process. All code changes are peer reviewed. We think the best features are a result of tight collaboration between product and engineering. We use the best tools for the job, but they need to be proven.

🚧 DEV PROCESS: Each feature moves through product design, architecture, development, testing, and release, in a Kanban-style workflow that we manage in a tool called Shortcut.

🖤 PRODUCT PRINCIPLES: Focus on user experience, convention over configuration, accessible to everyone, low touch high volume, no jargon.

✅ MUST HAVES: Commercial experience as software engineer (5+ years), Node.js and/or React (competent, 3+ years), TypeScript (competent), PostgreSQL, or other relational database (proficient).

✅ IDEALLY: GraphQL (proficient), automated testing (proficient), Twilio APIs (proficient), ORMs (proficient), devops (proficient).

🙋 HOW WE HIRE: With respect for your time, and transparency. First some simple technical questions, then a first interview, next a short own-time challenge that takes no more than a few hours, and then a final interview.

🥇 TO SUM UP: Join a financially secure start up, with a grand plan, a small but experienced team, quality tech, sound technical principles, and a well-written codebase. Help millions of small and local businesses to operate, grow, and thrive.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, we can’t wait to hear from you!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/chalkboard-javascript-developer-node-js-react-engineer-1

Source: We Work Remotely: Back-End Programming Jobs

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